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Violence at the Chicago Trump rally, incited by DNC operatives.
First, if readers haven't seen the Project Veritas expose, check it out here: 'Conflict engagement': How Democrat Strategists Plotted to Incite Violence at Trump Rallies.

Trump mentioned the revelations at the third presidential debate. The look on Clinton's face is priceless:

Then she has the chutzpah to criticize the violence at Trump rallies that her own operatives incited. Trump may be wrong about almost everything else, but he's right here.

Trump spoke of the scandal at a rally in Ohio:

It's a bit hard to stomach what he goes on to say: "This is criminal behavior that violates centuries of tradition of peaceful, democratic elections." But really, the Clinton campaign handed that one to him on a silver platter, and at least Trump is now signalling his support for peaceful behavior, unlike his previous language. Again, the Clinton campaign just gave Trump the moral high ground.

He continued: "A campaign like Clinton's that will incite violence is truly a campaign that will do anything to win. And a candidate like crooked Hillary Clinton who will lie to Congress, lie to the FBI, destroy 33,000 emails, put her office up for sale, and put our confidential information in the react of our enemies is a candidate who is truly capable of anything ... including voter fraud."

But the Clinton campaign has that one wrapped up too. If and when they rig the vote, they have a fall-back: they claim Russians hackers will leak fake documents alleging to prove voter fraud. In other words, any evidence of voter fraud will be written off as a Russian fake.

Clinton was again confronted with the expose. Her non-response is almost ludicrously evasive and transparent. Notice the grins on her team, including Podesta, as she shuts down Trump's "conspiracy theories":

John Earnest's tortuous response is even more entertaining. Watch him squirm:

"These videos [i.e. past Project Veritas videos] have not often revealed the truth." Sidestepping the issue - the reporter asked about these videos, and these specific allegations. He doesn't even deny the birddogging - just says it is "inconsistent" with the "president's view". He says, "We shouldn't have to resort to violence", but never denies that the DNC did resort to violence. Essentially: "Project Veritas is untrustworthy, therefore you shouldn't believe what the people we fired who resigned from the campaign clearly and explicitly said they do, on film.

A Project Veritas member confronted Voces Milwaukee, looking for Scott Foval and Cesar Vargas. The response is revealing: