BRICS Summit in GOA
Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski from the original at PolitRussia

A few days ago in faraway Goa, India, the leaders of the BRICS countries took another step towards reforming world order. Despite the claims of Western and even some Russian media and experts that BRICS is facing a crisis and that the organization is no longer needed even by its own members, it has suddenly become clear that this union, consolidating the largest developing economy on the plant, is fully capable.

If we call things by their names, then it must be recognized that BRICS is more alive than all the living and will visit the funerals of those who are claiming that it is dead.

I want to draw your attention to one fact that has caused a very painful sensation in the US, specifically in the State Department and CIA. If you recall, they recently made titanic efforts to organize the impeachment of now already ex-Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. The operation was long, dirty, and American ears stuck out from behind the scenes so much that in the end it became indecent. After power was sized by the Americans' protege, Michel Temer, many expected that the end of BRICS was on its way. In practice, it turns out that the Americans were blatantly cheated.

Temer arrived in Goa with a whole cohort of Brazilian businessmen and stated that he welcomes needed investments in the country. There was not a word about leaving BRICS or the collapse of BRICS. All conversations were only about money.

The Americans should be offended. It turns out that Brazil did not find its Poroshenko. This is a striking failure of US foreign policy.

In this context, practically unnoticed went the news that the New Development Bank (BRICS Bank) created by joint efforts will already, starting next year, begin to invest in specific infrastructural projects, including in Russia, and will likely start issuing bonds in the BRICS' countries currencies, including rubles. Thus, the domination of the global financial system by the IMF and World Bank is coming to an end right before our very eyes.

The icing on the cake is the statement of the leaders of the BRICS countries that the organization should play a greater role in influencing the international agenda. This was especially brightly and firmly expressed by Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Let me translate his statement from diplomatic language into simple English: influencing the global agenda is a zero-sum game. When someone influences more, then the rest influence less. And it is the US , which has caught everyone up in its influence, that should influence less.

The efforts of American (and some European) diplomats taken to protect terrorists and American military specialists held up in Aleppo look frankly grotesque in this context. They are threatening Russia with new sanctions, which Angela Merkel's entourage has already agreed to and this, apparently, is supposed to scare Vladimir Putin.

The plan didn't work out. And now it has suddenly become clear that the plan not only didn't work out, but failed miserably. Look what the leader of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, has said: "Sanctions are being actively discussed in the media, but not at our meetings. Not a single country at any of our meetings has proposed this." Uh oh!

Is this what happens when they want to take us on a bluff? The Americans led a psychological and information attack in the media against us, but now it turns out that, in fact, no one even proposed new sanctions. This is not only a disgrace, but a sign of desperation.

What can the Americans do to slow down the process of losing global hegemony? They can busy themselves with disinformation campaigns with the help of controlled media. And they are doing this. They can also busy themselves with diplomatic trolling. And they're doing this. They can impose sanctions. And they are doing this. And, unfortunately, they also have the opportunity to busy themselves with terrorism via proxies. And they have also started doing this.

I believe that Motorola was the victim of the geopolitical ambitions of our overseas opponents. I'll emphasize that this assessment does not depend on who exactly planted the explosive or to what group the killers belonged or what nationality they are. No matter what, this crime traces back to the US. This crime must be responded to calmly, cleverly, asymmetrically, and, of course, without claiming responsibility.

The hysteria of the American hawks once again shows that Russia's calm and consistent tactic yields the best results. There's no need to change it. This tactic must continue to be used to gradually squeeze the Americans, while paying special attention to those points on the globe where the most pain can be done.

Losing Aleppo is an entirely tangible disaster for the Americans. For us, I'll repeat, there is only one option: to continue slowly and steadily to put pressure everywhere. And he who will endure to the end will be the winner in this geopolitical conflict. The cracks in the foundation of American hegemony are already visible to the naked eye, and American hysteria is already deafeningly loud.

It is already impossible to stop the creation of a multipolar world.