deir ez-zor bombing

The site of the US bombing is here denoted by 'Tal Thardah'
With just two days left before the planned creation of a Russian-U.S. joint implementation group in the war on Daesh and Nusra in Syria, the Americans have done the unthinkable. Not only did they break the ceasefire they had allegedly agreed to last Friday; they targeted positions of the Syrian Army in Daesh-besieged Deir ez-Zor. The troops defending the city there were not even involved in the war against the U.S.'s "moderate" jihadis in other areas of the country. Now, 62 Syrian soldiers are dead, 100 are wounded, and the future of the ceasefire - and the war as a whole - does not look good. The U.S. has not even taken full responsibility, passing with ease between subtly blaming Russia, explicitly blaming Assad, and pretending it was an accident.

On this episode of Behind the Headlines, we discuss the massacre, its context, and what it means in relation to the ceasefire and the dirty war on Syria in general. Brent also joins us for a Police State Roundup.

Running Time: 02:04:15

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