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Another week, another string of police crimes being justified. This incident is truly disturbing, what was a simple instance of parents disciplining their daughter resulted in the death of the father who had committed no crime.
The incident, which was caught on video, began when Mrs. Nair Rodriguez got into an altercation with her 19-year-old daughter outside the Moore Warren Theatre in the early hours of February 15 and slapped her. A bystander who witnessed the incident reported the event to police. The mother-daughter disagreement had upset Mrs. Rodriguez so much that she had bolted for the family car. Her husband, Luis followed her to calm her down when he was intercepted by five police who arrived on the scene. However instead of confronting Nair, five cops took down her innocent husband Luis Rodriguez, beating, pepper spraying and pinning him on the road.
Important to note, this anonymous bystander, who merely thought they were doing the right thing, bears some responsibility for the death of this innocent man. We should all consider that the next time we ponder calling the cops, for any reason.
Police say their actions were protocol, though three have been suspended with pay while the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation continues to investigate.
Not only was everything done 'according to protocol' but Luis' murderers get a paid vacation during the investigation, which can be anywhere from months to years when compared with historically similar accounts.

Next up, we have a story from Los Angeles, where within 13 seconds of exiting their vehicle, cops tackled and shot an unarmed, mentally ill man resulting in his death. No probable cause, eyewitness testimony suggests the cops were lying, and yet the Police Chief claimed that his officers were justified in their actions. Anyone familiar with our coverage of police crimes should realize that this pattern is consistent all across the USA.

As if that story was incredible enough, these officers are now suing the city for 'racial discrimination.'
After Ford's parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the LAPD for racially profiling their son, Wampler and Villegas filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the city on Wednesday. Described in the lawsuit as Caucasian, Wampler is listed as an Asian American within department records. Villegas is Latino.

According to their lawsuit, both officers claim they have unfairly been assigned to desk duty since the shooting and cannot be promoted to the rank of sergeant because of their non-field status. But according to the Board's findings, neither officer deserves a promotion due to their incompetence and ignorance of the law.
Unfair? Could someone pass the sick bag? Not only do these psychos get away with murdering an innocent man, they somehow think that being prohibited from patrolling the streets, potentially murdering more innocent people, is somehow unjust? If justice applied here these men would be behind bars, not desks.

Not only do the police routinely off citizens innocent of any crimes, they'll raid our homes and kill our pets looking for 'dangerous' plant matter.

Buffalo, New York, has one of the highest rates of police shooting dogs anywhere in the US. Recently, during two days of drug raids, they invaded the homes of innocent families and killed their beloved dogs, literally for no reason.
On Friday morning, Buffalo cops, in their search for a 170 lb 5'11" black male, raided the home of Michael Urban — a 5'11" 210 lb white male. While police were ramming the innocent man's face into his kitchen floor, Urban pleaded with them not to kill his dog. But it was to no avail.

Police took aim at the helpless dog who, according to Urban was simply standing there in a non-threatening manner. 'Boom,' one officer fired, but the bullet only injured Urban's 18-month-old pit bull named Gotham, sending him running away frightened and crying. As the dog is wailing in agony, another officer fires a round directly into the dog's skull, exploding the innocent animal's head. But, it gets worse.

Urban lives on the second floor of an apartment. When the second officer shot, that bullet went through the floor and almost killed the tenant downstairs.
To add insult to injury, the police decided to raid the apartment downstairs as well.
As Gotham's blood drips from the bullet hole in Urban's floor and out of the hole of Jami Krafchak's ceiling in the apartment below, cops decided to go after her too. After they nearly killed her, cops raided Krafchak's home. She was manhandled, searched with no warrant, and humiliated as she stood there in her nightgown.

Neither Urban nor Krafchak were charged with a crime.
This wasn't the only pup that was murdered by these 'heroic' cops:
The night before the heroic cops of the Buffalo Narcotics Division killed an innocent man's beloved pet, they raided the home of Cory and Cindy Meer. According to Meer's lawyer, Matthew Albert, Meer and his two-year-old son watched helplessly as jackboots murdered their beloved family dog, Damian, a six-year-old Pit Bull.

Meer tells Artvoice that his dog was not a threat to officers. "He is the most family friendly dog I've ever had... he's never hurt anyone," said Meer. "He would have licked the cops."

Just like Urban, Meer lied face down as he begged the cops not to shoot Damian. Again, this was to no avail.

As Meer's 2-year-old watched in horror, a cop blasted the family dog to death.

"My son lost his best friend right in front of him," Meer said.

Also like Urban, Meer was not arrested. However, a friend at his house allegedly had a small amount of marijuana on him, so the raid was justified, according to police.
A small amount of marijuana justifies home invasion, murdering a beloved pet, and traumatizing a 2 year-old. Mind-boggling.

Another recent event caught my interest which demonstrates a lot of interesting data points coming together. This is the story of Korryn Gaines, a 23 year-old mother who was murdered by police defending her home against their invasion. Her crime? Not showing up to court for traffic tickets.

Gaines was initially pulled over for having a cardboard placard in place of where a license plate should have been on a Toyota Camry she was driving. She was charged with several traffic violations, including operating an unregistered motor vehicle, driving without current tags, driving an uninsured vehicle, failure to display registration card on demand and driving a vehicle on a highway with a suspended registration. She was also charged with resisting/interfering with arrest, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and littering, all misdemeanors.

Police said the officer reported that the cardboard on the back of the car said, "Any government official who compromises this pursuit to happiness and right to travel, will be held criminally responsible and fined, as this is a natural right and freedom." The piece of cardboard on the front of Gaines' car had "Free traveler" written on it, police said.

Much of her argument revolved on the fact that anything she was alleged to be engaging in "illegally" would be a victimless crime and that she had a right to travel unimpeded without government interference. Both signs on her car give hints that she had a strong libertarian perspective of individualism and self-ownership, with some likening her verbiage to that of a Sovereign Citizen, or someone who believes that all local, state and federal laws, are illegitimate - especially regarding the right to travel without interference from the government.
Perhaps, she invited disaster by proclaiming herself sovereign and defending that proclamation with her life. Naturally, that's the argument most police apologists will use. Some of the comments on her Instagram posts reveal this exact 'she deserved it' mentality. The reality of the situation is that any crimes she was charged with are bureaucratic extortion schemes with no victim. Heck, she wasn't even pulled over for speeding or doing anything dangerous. Even the UN has acknowledged freedom to travel unimpeded is a universal human right, but naturally we can't have people asserting those rights.
Friends claimed on social media that she had been the target of repeated law enforcement harassment and Gaines claimed that she had a lawsuit pending against the department. The police did not comment on either allegation.
When the police showed up at Korryn's apartment, she was found with a shotgun and a stand-off ensued. During which, she uploaded several videos to her Instagram account to maintain a record of the incident. Eerily, Facebook shut down her account and blocked her instagram which prevented any independent record of what followed from being leaked to the public. Before being blocked and murdered, she uploaded several videos including this one, to demonstrate that her son was not a hostage.

Facebook has thus far refused to comment on their shutdown of Gaines' social media accounts - but the fact that an individual can lose the ability to transmit an accurate record of what is transpiring to the world so easily during a rapidly escalating situation is dangerous for transparency and accountability. It inevitably leads to situations whereby the public is forced to rely on those that have killed someone to give a proper accounting of the events leading up to their death - an almost certain exercise in futility.
The police also claimed they did not have any body cameras during the raid and thus no objective record of what happened. Ergo, any story they make up will be accepted as the factual chain of events, regardless of it's veracity. In another lawsuit she had against landlords in the Baltimore area, doctors found high levels of lead in Korryn's blood, which may explain her relatively extreme behavior and beliefs in regard to individual rights.
In fact, this isn't some isolated case, as there are thousands of young adults, mostly black and poor, who also have lead poisoning in the city of Baltimore, according to a Washington Post investigative report.

According to that report from the Washington Post:
Decades ago, city health officials tested for blood lead levels that were higher than 20 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood. Now, it is believed that anything higher than 5 micrograms can cripple a child's cognitive development.

"In 1993, we found that 13,000 kids in Baltimore had been poisoned with lead, but we weren't collecting at the levels that we are today," said Ruth Ann Norton, the executive director of the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning. "If we had, we would have found 30,000 poisoned kids."

Overall, more than 93,000 children with lead poisoning have been added to the state's Department of the Environment lead registries over the past two decades.
Not only are heavy metals naturally disruptive and toxic to your general health, but they can lead to all sorts of cognitive and behavioral problems. This is why those of us at Sott.net have been researching this topic and trying to share as much information as possible for anyone willing to do the work of detoxing. "Yikes Brently! This is insane. Please tell me that's all you've got right now..."

Unfortunately, dear reader, there's more. This video is quick and self explanatory, but for those short on time, a woman was recently held in jail for three days and denied pants as well as feminine hygiene products for missing a rehab class she was assigned for shoplifting. Thankfully, the judge in this case realized how crazy the situation was and allowed her off with $100 fine and time served.

An officer with the NYPD took to Facebook to spread transphobic and racist rants and was caught on video grinding on a woman during a 2011 parade.
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Also in NYC, a multi-day protest began Monday to defund the NYPD and fire Bill Bratton (the police commissioner).

The hashtag #ShutDownCityHallNYC is still trending on Twitter and the protest is on-going as I type.

I'll stop there, but leave a few more headlines and links to demonstrate that the above is merely a sample of the on-going criminality by police forces and that more of these stories crop up every single day.