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Zach Ford
The fight between basic biology that most little kids learned in elementary school versus the bizarre progressive politically correct agenda that would see anyone using any public bathroom for any reason and no such thing as distinction between a man and a woman has just taken a train to crazy land.

It's one thing to "gender identify" with a specific gender (although many would argue that it is actually gender dysphoria, defined as "the condition of feeling one's emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one's biological sex").

But this is just going way too far.

After Sean Davis put out an article on The Federalist about how men can't get pregnant...

Zach Ford, the LGBT editor over at Think Progress, decided to argue that the science on that actually wasn't settled...

Apparently, according to Ford, men do menstruate and can in fact get pregnant.

The Internet, by the way, does not agree with Zach's assertion which says we should believe science when it comes to climate change but ignore biology altogether because it isn't properly progressive enough.

Good point. Yes they do.

But Zach over there decided to double down:

Oh. Okay. Transgender boys menstruate and get pregnant. Try keep all of this straight now. Wait, not straight. That's offensive.

Can you imagine where society is headed if the politically correct progressive left is driving the car?

But one thing is for certain: