Us troops
US troups are present in 156 countries
The evidence is all around that our current global society has reached its nadir. Today, the rampant corruption and psychopathy that define state and global 'leadership' has filtered down to sully all levels of society. From the new phony religion of myopic and obtuse 'science' and the old phony religion of made-up gods and saviors promising eternal bliss in 'heaven' or eternal damnation in 'hell', to sweat shops for the poor and dead-end mind-numbing jobs for the 'rich'.

Our chronically polluted environment is ignored in favor of endless wars on brown-skinned people that provides the rationale for police state measures in the affluent 'West'. Meanwhile, large numbers of the (otherwise) normal human population have responded to such chaos and disconnection with apathy and dissociation into increasingly toxic and pathological 'past times'. Yes indeed, things certainly could be better on our planet. But what can we do to help set things straight?

This week on Behind the Headlines, Joe Quinn and Pierre Lescaudron will be discussing some ideas about how a postimperial global society might be structured and why it is a very good idea that we all begin to seriously consider a future where building society from the 'ground up' is necessary.

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