Two headed snake
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A two headed snake was hatched in Australia.
Snakes are creepy enough, but a python that hatched with two heads is taking the Internet by storm.

The baby snake is only a week old, born last Saturday.

Owner John McNamara, who is an Australian snake breeder, thought he just had twins, but it was more.

From the tail to the neck, the little coastal carpet python looks like any other snake, but from the neck up, that's when you see four eyes, two mouths and two heads.

As The Border Mail described it, the snake looks like the mythological hydra.

"There would have been two yolks and they just haven't split properly ... and I ended up with this," McNamara said.

The breeder's daughter has already become attached to the little baby, calling it the Twin Destroyers.

McNamara said he is talking to media to get publicity just to get some veterinary help.

"Just to see which head is the dominant head and which goes down to the stomach and what organs and other things are joined or can cause complications," McNamara said.