Photographer Markus Kiili was lucky enough to capture this stunning photo
The incredible images show a bright white line hurtling through the green and blue sky, in a rare moment which was visible for just a few seconds.

Photographer Markus Kiili was fortunate enough to not only witness the beautiful event - but also capture it on TWO cameras.

The 40-year-old cameraman was shooting a time-lapse video in Lapland, Finland, with two cameras last night when he witnessed the stunning sky.

He told "I was actually looking through my phone when it happened. I just heard from another photographer that there was a fireball, which he missed.

"When I went back home at 3am I checked my other camera photos and found the fireball.

"Today, when I started to make a raw video from the photos I noticed that there was one fireball photo in the other camera too. I was very pleased."

Mr Kiili lives in Äkäslompolo, Lapland, and has been photographing the Northern Lights for three seasons.

He also organises Northern Lights photo safaris and photography lessons.