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A huge fireball was seen over the skies of Puerto Rico early last night.

Fireball over Puerto Rico - April 3, 2015
The Astronomical Society of the Caribbean (SAC) reported that it was a space rock that disintegrated over our skies around 7:42 pm last Friday.

"We received reports from one end to another throughout the island, as many observers were able to see it from towns like Rincon, Ponce, San Juan, and even Vieques," said SAC.

The educational agency said the huge meteor showed colors between blue and green, but curiously then changed its color to a shade between orange and yellow. Eddie Irizarry, vice president of the SAC, said that the colors of a meteor allow us to know more about the content of the space rock.

"The blue-green that many noted at the beginning of the sightings suggest that the rock had magnesium, while the color which then later was seen between orange and yellow, is indicative that the meteor also contained sodium, similar to the impressive meteor which entered the skies of Russia in February 2013", Irizarry said.

SAC said the meteor moved from the zenith (highest point in the sky) to the northeast.

"We continue to investigate the sighting of this colorful meteor and are comparing images that we obtained from different parts of the island," said the organization.