Rescued: This horse was eventually able to get out of a sinkhole on Tuesday
Fire officials worked together to help a horse get out of a sinkhole it fell into near Arroyo Grande, California on Tuesday.

Cal Fire San Luis Obispo's Twitter account posted multiple updates on the horse's rescue Tuesday.

The fire department first tweeted at 11:34am on a report of a 'horse stuck in hole' on Sunray Place.

The department quickly updated at 11:53am, writing 'Horse is trapped in a sink hole. The incident is off of Noyes Rd. USAR [Urban Search and Rescue] team is responding. Veterinarian has been contacted.'

Images from the fire department's Twitter account showed USAR team members on hand to help the horse, as well as fire officials from both San Luis Obispo County Fire Department and Cal Fire.

Cal Fire San Luis Obispo later tweeted at 1:36pm 'Update on horse rescue: The horse has been successfully extricated from the sink hole.'

Battalion Chief Paul Lee told KCBX he thinks the hole actually was manmade, saying 'In and around that hole was a lot of lumber.'

Lee also said that the horse was stuck between two-by-fours and plywood.

Lee told KCBX there were 22 responders and approximately three hours were needed in total to get the horse out. He also said that sheriff's department officials were also present as responders.

The affiliate station reported that a neighbor had a backhoe and volunteered, and that a veterinarian managed to help soothe the distraught horse.

'We were able to dig enough of the dirt away from where the horse was trapped to be able to act as a ramp for the horse to walk out under his own power,' Lee told KCBX.