Romanian Fireball
The crash and burn of a meteorite into the Earth atmosphere may have been seen and captured on different recordings in Romania last night at 3 AM, according to Romanian media. Many Romanians noticed a bright light, similar to day light, which lasted for several seconds during the night, and the unusual phenomena was captured on surveillance cameras, including on the Otopeni airport in Bucharest - videos below.

Internet users and bloggers reported they have seen something that may have been a meteorite disintegrating into the atmosphere, which resulted into the bright light. Some people who happened to be driving in Bucharest at the time of the incident reported the same phenomena.

It is yet uncertain where the meteorite may have fallen, but, according to ProTv, this could have happened somewhere around the counties of Buzau or Vrancea, where the intensity of the light, as seen on local surveillance cameras, was also the highest.

According to specialized websites, several meteorites will pass Earth in January, so meteorite showers are expected; six of them have already been discovered, and scientists expect 10 or so to be discovered by the end of January. Most of these however will pass within very big distance from the Earth - at least some 10 Lunar Distances, or 3.8 million kilometers. Every month a high number of meteorites and asteroids pass by Earth.

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