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It was captured at Sandia National Laboratories' Facility for Acceptance, Calibration and Testing site and officials say it's the brightest thing recorded at Sandia in the last two to three years.Sandia media relations said the white spot in the video (below) is the moon.

Around 5 a.m., viewers who saw the sky light up began calling KRQE News 13 and sent emails describing what they saw. APD also had similar reports according to the dispatcher at 242-COPS.

One viewer who was driving to the gym early Monday on Unser and McMahon said there was a bright flashing light west of him. The viewer said it was like someone took a picture in front of him with the flash on.

Another viewer, Izzy Garcia sent in an email saying she saw the sky light up and "virtually the whole city."

"I thought it was a meteor but wasn't sure," Garcia wrote. "I arrived at work and immediately checked the exterior cameras. And sure enough, at 4:43 the camera facing west, you can see the entire parking lot light up. The actual light source was not seen on camera, but you can tell that something very, very bright flew over the city."

Mary Saavedra also sent an email to KRQE News 13 saying while she walked her dogs Monday morning,she "saw a bright rocket-like light come down to earth. I've seen shooting stars around the same time before, but this was not a shooting star. It fell just as quickly coming from the southeast going west, a bullet-shape yellow in the middle with a blue tail."