Miriam's family and friends are demanding answers
The best compilation yet of the most controversial footage, proof that we are being lied to. This woman was murdered in cold blood. Will her family ever find justice? This footage shows that there was a second adult in the car. It also shows that her car had no front or rear damage which is odd considering she supposedly drove into concrete barriers by the White House. Why did the cops kill her when they could have just tased her? A witness came out on CNN and said that she saw the cops pull the child out of the car right before they opened fire. How can ANYONE justify this? Some could say that she broke the law but since when was the death penalty proper justice? We hope you can manage to rest in peace Miriam Carey. We're going to do our best to help you try!

Click here to see the other video that was posted the other day, revealing MANY oddities about the incident including a claim by someone close suggesting that she may have been a victim of "radio waves" and the fact that she was on TWO different type of psychotropic drugs, which are known to have side effects such as murder and suicide. Nearly all mass-shooters are on these same types of prescribed drugs.