Defense attorney Steve Taylor recently compared an unidentified 11-year-old gang-rape victim to a "spider" who lured 20 men into her "web."

Taylor is defending 20-year-old Jared Cruse (pictured), one of 20 men who allegedly gang-raped the child, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Cruse was identified as a suspect after the father of the girl was sent sexually explicit pictures of his daughter on his cell phone in November of 2010.

Cruse is already serving an eight-year sentence for aggravated robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Police say the 11 year old was raped repeatedly between September 15, 2010 and December 3, 2010 by a gang of 20 boys aged between 14 and 27 in an abandoned cabin and trailer in Cleveland, Texas, reports the Daily Mail.

Taylor asked former Cleveland Police Department Sgt. Chad Langdon during the trial:
"Like the spider and the fly. Wasn't she saying, 'Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly?'"

Sgt. Langdon replied: "I wouldn't call her a spider. I'd say she was just an 11-year-old girl."

Taylor fired back: "I hope nothing like this ever happens to your two teenage sons."
Taylor says the 11-year-old victim lied about her age, claiming that she was 17.

The victim has admitted to consenting to sex and only claimed rape after she was questioned by police once the sex tapes surfaced.

Prosecutors say that an 11 year old cannot consent to sex in the state of Texas.

The New York Times reports that the victim had been climbing out of her bedroom window at night, coming home as late as midnight.

One night, she came home at 3 a.m. shaking and crying, but told her parents she had been visiting "friends."