Deerfield, New York - The murder-suicide that took place Friday in Deerfield may have been a premeditated, planned shooting by 27-year-old Thomas M. Anderson as a result of the break-up with his girlfriend and mother of his daughter, 23-year-old Kylie Turczyn, according to New York State Police.

State Police also say the couple's four-year-old daughter was in the home at the time of the murder and witnessed the events. Authorities say they interviewed the girl and were impressed at her composure after witnessing the shooting, describing her as "brave."

New York State Police Captain Mark Lincoln said the four-year-old's interview was key into establishing a timeline of events. Police said that the girl spent some time Friday at the Child Advocacy Center but were not sure where she was staying Friday night.

Authorities say that Anderson and Turczyn were formerly involved romantically and broke up around November of 2011, to the best of their knowledge.

Police also confirmed that previous domestic incidents took place at the home, but did not have details on those events. There was no evidence of a restraining order, according to Captain Lincoln.

On Friday, Turczyn was at the home she lives in with her parents and daughter. Turczyn's sister and niece were in the home, but her parents were not.

Just after 1:30 p.m., Anderson made his way into the home at 101 Carver Street in Deerfield, at the intersection of Trenton Road.

Police say that Turczyn locked herself in a bathroom and made a call to New York State Police in Marcy.

Tuczyn's sister and niece safely exited the home, but the four-year-old daughter was not willing to leave her parents and would end up witnessing the events, according to authorities. The sister made another call to 911 from outside the home when she heard screaming inside, according to NYSP.

Anderson reportedly was moving in and out of the home, before returning inside with a 9mm carbine rifle. He allegedly made his way into the bathroom and fired several shots, killing Turczyn.

Police say that is when he fatally turned the gun on himself.

New York State Police responded to find Anderson dead and Turczyn suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to her torso and head. She was transported to St. Elizabeth Medical Center where she died soon after.

An autopsy on Turczyn's body is scheduled for Sunday.

New York State Police will continue to investigate on the possibility that the shooting was planned and the history of the possible domestic situations between Turczyn and Anderson.