It's been described as one of the largest disciplinary actions in the history of the Transportation Security Administration. After a two-month investigation, the TSA fired five workers and suspended more than three dozen others at Southwest Florida International Airport. Now, two of the fired supervisors are fighting back.

The two-month TSA investigation found dozens of security agents at Southwest Florida International Airport were not following security procedures.

While all bags were screened, the random screenings weren't done.

Roy Foxall represents two of the five TSA supervisors facing discipline.

"I can't discuss the particular procedures that weren't followed," he said. "But my clients can't be everywhere at once. These were at the end of the shift and it appears that just some of the screeners were slacking off."

But the Security Screeners Union says it was the supervisor's fault - adding they were just doing what they were told.

"These supervisors were there. They knew what was going on and they did not observe. They did not perceive this to be a problem," said Chad Harris, with the American Federation of Government Employees.

"That position makes no sense, why would the supervisors tell them to shirk their own orders?" Foxall asked.

Foxall says his clients were 10 year employees of the TSA and that once they learned of the sloppy screening, they instructed the screeners to follow the proper procedures.

The TSA's review of the matter is expected to take at least another two weeks.