Aiyirah al-Sabah, daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US, cried before a Congressional committee in the run-up to the First Gulf War, telling Senators about Saddam Hussein's troops taking babies out of incubators and throwing them on hospital floors. It was a lie. But hey, it worked the first time; why not repeat the propaganda technique again and again until it stops working?
From soup to nuts?

We're back to Syria. The veto stopped NATO nations from gaining legitimacy, so they continue on with their illegitimate tactics.

I promise at some point in time there will be other topics here. Honest!

But for now.... it is, what it is.

You may have seen two interesting news stories yesterday. They're both as bogus as a "wooden nickel" or a three dollar bill.

First one: "Premature babies in incubators in Homs"

How many incubator stories do you have to hear or read before you "get it"?

How many incubator stories does the media have to give you before you "awaken" to the lies?

During the uprising in Egypt there was an incubator baby story (I covered that one somewhere on this blog). Were their incubator babies in Libya? Or was it just the Viagra tale?

Of course the most infamous was Iraq and the Kuwaiti princess and that version of the incubator story. I am hoping everyone is familiar with that one?

If not, read When contemplating war beware of babies& incubators

The other story, which is pure spin, claims Iran was sending 15,00 troops to Syria

This fabrication comes from the "Syrian National Council", which has nothing to do with the country of Syria. I have covered them previously, they were formed in Turkey and are chock full of NATO ninnies.

Anything that comes out of the Syrian National Council's mouth should be considered highly suspicious until proven otherwise.

The intent of this tall tale is to demonize Iran, along with Syria. It is no surprise that this story appeared to emanate from the Israeli press and plays right into their agenda. An attack on Syria and then Iran.

Speaking of NATO ninnies..... the NATO regime in Libya has "expelled" Syrian diplomats.

No surprise whatsoever. As the puppets of Libya, some time ago, "recognized" their puppeted pals in the Syrian National Council. Which isn't difficult, when the same masters are pulling the strings!
Libya has given Syria's charge d'affaires and his staff in Tripoli 72 hours to leave the country, the foreign ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC) officially recognised the Syrian opposition council in October as the legitimate authority in Syria after months of unrest against President Bashar al Assad.
The entire charade would be laughable, if it wasn't so dam deadly for the majority of Syrians.

Staying with Libya as they continue to fulfill their NATO given role. We are supposed to "believe" that Libya simply cannot stop the flow of "fighters" from Libya to Syria.
"Libya's foreign minister says the interim government cannot stop Libyans from joining the Syrian uprising, as Tripoli takes the hardest line in the Arab world against the regime of Bashar al-Assad."
I'm starting to get a bad taste in my own mouth! Bile. To much exposure to bullshit!

Previously I had posted on a so called humanitarian from Lebanon in Libya making deals for guns and fighters to flow into Syria. Libya to Syria: Guns for human rights

Check the date on that and you will know that the fighters have been flowing in from Libya for months now. And these ain't Libyans! Not all of them.

So this claim (can't stop the fighters) is so preposterous, so ridiculous there is no way it can be taken seriously. Libya's foreign official is spinning a bogus narrative; "We just can't prevent these brave individuals from going to Syria to fight a brutal regime" blah, blah, blah.
Meanwhile the war lovin' whoring media delivers the goods!

What's up with the UN? Or as I like to call them - Useless Nations. A moniker that better reflects the reality of that organization.

Ban-Ki Moon and the Arab League are suggesting a joint UN/Arab "observer mission"

Which means delivering arms, aiding destabilizers and generally assisting in destroying Syria. If you read my post on the Arab mission you would be aware it was full of spies.

Meanwhile Turkey, a nation that has a so called "good neighbour" policy is proposing sending aid to Homs. Of course this aid will surely be guns, cash, bullet proof vest, medical supplies etc. You know, more of the same! Turkey is amenable to creating a buffer zone, in Syria!
"Asked whether the escalating violence was nearing the point where Turkey would consider establishing a buffer zone inside Syria, or enforcing a humanitarian corridor, Davutoglu said: "Yes, we are very very worried... Now, it is hundreds of people are being killed daily."
As for the average people in Syria, the ones who are not privy to or benefitting from the NATO agenda. They are just trying to stay alive. I imagine they are pretty damn frightened.

I think the veto from Russia and China may have helped their spirits a little. You did see the turn out for the Russian Foreign Ministers visit? If not, go here.

It seems in other parts of Syria there were cheers as well; Aleppo along with Damascus.


In Aleppo’s Sadullah bin Jabri Square, not far from the headquarters of the ruling Baath Party in Syria's second-largest city, some men and women waved Russian, Chinese and Syrian flags Tuesday. Others danced the dabke, a traditional Arab dance, to patriotic music.
Also here

Early on in the destabilization campaign of Syria, Aleppo was a city that had an "uprising" sometime around June 2011. And then it was not really heard of again. Coincidentally so did Latakia. And it all started in Daara. But we never hear those places anymore. It was almost as if the armed terrorists were on tour of Syria. Along the borders. But the one in Homs, near the Turkish borders and those refugee camps has been the one with the most outside, shall we say, 'assistance'. Now it seems Turkey is ready to go the distance and invade Syria to create a buffer zone.