An Arizona State University professor's campaign against dirty restaurant playgrounds got her banned from several McDonald's in the Valley.

Dr. Erin Carr-Jordan, a mother of four, started recording and posting videos of trashy playgrounds, and quickly built an international following. Her lab tests, which revealed dangerous bacteria on the equipment, have been featured on network broadcasts and in major national newspapers.

This week, Carr-Jordan was notified by an East Valley franchisee's attorney that she is no longer allowed in any of his McDonald's restaurants that have playgrounds.

"Rather than have someone come into the playgrounds and do the right thing and make them clean and safe, they told me not to come in anymore," Carr-Jordan said.

In a statement, a McDonald's spokesman said the corporation had been working with the doctor to address her concerns, but said she's become "disruptive" to employees and customers in the restaurants owned by the franchisee. The entire statement is below.

Carr-Jordan says even though she's banned, other volunteers are coming forward.

"I've had emails from all over from parents saying they'll go in to swab [the equipment]," she said.

Carr-Jordan shares her findings on her website,

Statement from McDonald's spokesman
"We take feedback about our restaurants extremely seriously. Over the past several months we have engaged in open and honest dialogue with Dr. Carr-Jordan in an effort to address her concerns and review her findings.

"We are still committed to doing this. It appears that recent actions by Dr. Carr-Jordan have become disruptive to the employees and customers within our franchisee's restaurants, which prompted the letter from his attorney.

"We remain committed to working with an internal team on ensuring that our PlayPlaces are clean and safe for all customers."

Danya Proud, Spokesperson
McDonald's USA