Analysts have voiced their concerns over British government's miscarriage of justice, sentencing a boy for stealing a bottle of water to six months imprisonment, but gave away an EDL thug attacking a mosque with £ 200.

British government has taken one more step in favor of Zionist funded English Defence League (EDL) by passing very light sentences on its members who overtly shouted "we'll burn your mosques."

During last week's massive unrests across England, thousands of people were arrested and appeared in courts and received harsh sentences even on minor crimes, since the cabinet ministers reportedly violated the judiciary's independence.

Following the widespread unrests in England, two men were sentenced to four years in prison for inciting riots on Facebook and one man was sentenced to 18 months for having a stolen TV in his car.

Claiming to be independent, UK Judiciary system has been imposing tough sentences against protesters to prevent them from further anti-government demonstrations in the country.

Frank Fernie, a 20-year-old student at York College, has been given a 12-month sentence for throwing two placard sticks at police in Piccadilly on the anti-cuts strikes on March 26.

Charlie Gilmour, son of the Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, recieved 16 months for hanging off a flag at the cenotaph, sitting on a car and throwing a bin at a convoy of cars taking Prince Charles to the theatre during a student protest last year.

However, Andrew Ossit, the supporter of the extreme right-wing group, appeared at Calderdale Magistrates' Court for an act of religious aggravation and got away with a £100 fine along with £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Several British unions and activists have many times expressed their surprise over the support government is giving to the anti-Islam group, and urged Prime Minister to ban the EDL rallies across Britain because violence erupted in their protests.

Analysts also insisted that David Cameron has obviously failed to notice that Norway terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, who caused deaths and injuries to many Norwegian people, confirmed having links with EDL leaders.

Since the formation of racist group EDL in 2009, UK leading unions have accused the government of failing to clamp down on extreme, right wing, and fundamentalist group that staged several anti-Muslim demonstrations shouting against spread of Islam and Muslim communities in Britain.