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Casey Anthony arrives at Friday's hearing.
Babies and children are killed by their parents and caregivers every day. So what's the big deal about Casey Anthony's case?

Forbes Magazine's women's writer, Kiri Blakeley, points to the number of African American babies and children murdered this winter and spring as ample reason why the Casey Anthony murder trials deserves little attention.

In Blakeley's mind, all children murdered by their caregivers and parents deserve national media attention. Children like Caylee Anthony and Jon Benet Ramsey get far too much attention, Blakely argues.

And while most people are long past their grief for the murdered daughter in the Caylee Anthony murder trial, Casey Anthony's denial and her inability or refusal to admit guilt (or relay any information at all) about her daughter's death, brings people from all over the nation into the Florida courtroom to witness this trial.

When the nation is shocked or fascinated with a person and an incident, they are also shocked by the complete disconnect and lack of empathy that the accused displays while proclaiming innocence.

Scott Peterson, to date, is the strongest example of presumed and declared innocence in such murder trials. For as long as he could, Peterson ran a baton race with the basic and fundamental right of any US citizen---he was innocent until proven guilty.

Casey Anthony is Peterson's strong second, if Scott Peterson is not OJ Simpson's second. Casey Anthony doesn't have a thing to say about what happened to her daughter, not in conversations with her parents or anyone else that may be privy to judge her. Casey Anthony has denied, to the fullest extent of her being, any wrongdoing. She has, without exception, demonstrated the fundamental of American law: innocent until proven guilty. Clearly Peterson and Anthony are people who believe in the American criminal justice system. They do not believe they are criminals and they live in a society that reaffirms that belief.

People wait and wait for a confession that never comes. It is this seemingly brazen disrespect by the accused for American consciousness and American critical thinking that draws outrage and disbelief by the millions. Yet, the accused person's resounding faith and belief in an often flawed judicial system, a system that has indeed sent innocent people to prison and that cannot always convict accused criminals, equally fascinates humans and draws them in.

The human uninterested in the Casey Anthony trial may sincerely be anguished each time a child is murdered in their city or hometown. Or displaying a simple refusal to be disrespected by brazenly disrespectful people. But the human sincerely uninterested in the Casey Anthony trial is also a person uninterested in delving the truth. Who are these citizens who would brazenly disrespect an entire American psyche by pleading with us, via constitutional right, to believe in their innocence when all signs point the other way?

Blakeley refers to three black children murdered in New York this winter and spring. The children murdered in New York, who just so happen to be African American, those children's murderers are not protecting themselves under the cloak of American law. They're going straight to jail. And that's because they likely have little or no belief that this system was meant to work for them. It is likely they had no intention of bucking the system when they murdered. Hence, this group has no reason to proclaim their innocence to the world. It is unlikely the world would believe them anyway.

Blakeley's admission that she's refused to pay attention to the Casey Anthony trial because the media and society has a fascination with the murders of white female children is okay. It's a good liberal step and honest release about the inability of mass media, society, and culture overall to separate its passion for this country's laws from its passion for those people who are accused of breaking this country's laws when the accused adamantly declares innocence.

The Casey Anthony trial overshadows child murders and more importantly the situations and stress that triggers when people murder children. The Casey Anthony trial has moved far beyond a murdered little girl, but into the psyche of a killer. And, hey, not everyone is into crime drama and that too is okay.