© Manchester Evening NewsConman: Jeffrey Edwards offered modelling work to 18 women over three years in a bid to seduce them
A tax consultant posed as a modelling agent for Harrods in a bid to trick women into bizarre sex acts.

Jeffrey Edwards scoured small ads and customers' details on his work database to identify victims. He told them he was a fashion industry insider called Brett Raphael.

The 47-year-old, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, offered modelling work to 18 women over three years, using home-made documents and cash to convince them he was a talent scout for top stores, including the famous Harrods store in London.

In fact, he had no connection with Harrods or any other shops.

But, once women had given him their phone number, Edwards, of Romiley, would 'relentlessly' text them asking for intimate details or making obscene suggestions.

He turned up on the doorstep of a young mum he met in the street even though she hadn't given him her address. Once inside Edwards demanded to see 'cleavage' and tried to coax her into posing topless for a photo-shoot.

The woman left the room when her baby cried. She returned with the tot to find him naked and performing a sex act in the kitchen. He fled when she screamed.

Another victim was hounded until she agreed to take part in what the pervert claimed was market research for Marks and Spencer.

She stripped and allowed him to measure and fondle her believing it was for a T-shirt design project.

Alex Leach, prosecuting, told Manchester Crown Court that Edwards then asked her to measure him nude.

Edwards prowled the streets of Stockport looking for victims. He would scour the small ads looking for women selling items like Ugg Boots - believing they were young and desperate for cash.

Others were approached after he got their contact details from his work database.

Edwards carried on even after being chased and pinned down by the boyfriend of one of his victims. He ignored warnings from police and bosses who found an inappropriate letter to a client.

His obsession continued after he was arrested and bailed when he pursued two women. .

Edwards admitted sexual assault, exposure, and sending obscene text messages.

Mr Leach said: 'He developed a back-story, supported it with props he had created himself, and executed his scheme with some professionalism.'

He was sacked from his job at Personal Taxation Services in Stockport when he was charged last year.

David Toal, defending, said Edwards's behaviour 'doesn't add up with the rest of his life. 'When his sexual fantasies are aroused they override all his rational thoughts.'

Judge Martin Rudland sentenced Edwards to a three-year community order with supervision and ordered him to attend a sex offenders' treatment programme.

He said: 'It's clear that for the greater part of your life you have behaved in a normal way but lately, a bizarre sexual fantasy has entered your life. My main objective is to protect women from your unwanted attention.'