Much trumpeted legislation aimed at stamping out smoking in Greece, Europe's most tobacco addicted nation, has been declared a failure by health campaigners.

A lack of enforcement and widespread public defiance is being blamed for the Greeks' inability to conform to European standards.

As the BBC's Malcolm Brabant reports, Greek rebelliousness is one of the biggest obstacles.

Comment: Very interesting choice of words from this BBC reporter:
"This story tells you that there is a rich and dynamic scene of resistance running through the Greek national psyche. Many Greeks take an almost willful delight in defying authority. As it is this invisible, yet enormously powerful, rebellious force that the Greek government has to contend with as it tries to convince the population to accept its austerity programme."
Whether he realised it or not, this is exactly what it all boils down to with smoking. You have to wonder to what extent the Powers That Be are aware that economic austerity, shock doctrines and false-flag terrorist attacks are far more difficult to foist on populations that smoke!

For the control example, witness Ireland, whose population just rolled over when it was told that it would be piloting the fascist anti-smoking ban shortly after 9/11. When it came time for its economic shock therapy in late 2010, barely a whimper was raised in defiance.

The Greeks are right - smoking IS a HUMAN RIGHT!