Caladesi Island beach, Florida
The mass oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico hits the shores of Florida in less than 24 hours, threatening the "entire economy" of the sunshine state.

The outcome has been predicted to be "catastrophic" as the state has almost 12 hundred kilometers of coastline.

Bill Jones of the Executive Intelligence Review in Washington told Press TV in a interview on Thursday that the result of the spill reaching the golden coast "will be a catastrophe for them" declaring however, that "it was expected after a certain point."

Jones expressed his concern stating that it will "affect the entire economy of Florida" including "fishing and tourism," with the "the long term effects ... yet to see."

Bill described the Obama Administrations reaction to the disaster as "much too slow" adding that the "people are very angry, they have been angry for some time. They are angry at the administration but they are angrier at their Congressmen who have gone along legislation and avoided some of the key problems that were facing them."

The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is believed to be the worse environmental disaster in US history.

Despite a $69 billion dollar bill from Washington, BP has yet to contain the oil spill and is facing calls to take over its operations in the gulf.

"This catastrophe will lead to some serous changes," Jones believes, as citizens from Florida warn BP that they will take matters in their own hands if it fails to contain the spill.