WA Museum curators will investigate claims a meteorite crashed into a home of a north-eastern suburb in Perth.

A museum spokesman said a woman had claimed a meteorite hit her Beechboro home last night.

"All we know is a house has been hit by a suspected meteorite but we have not had a chance to verify this," a museum spokesman said.

"We are trying to get it over to the museum for one of our scientists to have a look at but at this stage we do not know if it's a rock or a meteorite."

Perth Observatory said it had received a "couple of reports" last night from people phoning to say they had seen a light in the sky.

"At this stage no one seems to be able to put it all together, but if it was a meteor it belongs to the WA Government, observatory astronomer Ralph Martyn said.

"The reports at this stage are very sketchy."

He said the observatory was waiting to inspect a photograph of the object.

"A lot of people find slag out of glass furnaces and think they are meteorites as well, they kind of look the same."