Montana 2009 April May snow storm
© Roy FolsomEast Glacier Park

Temperatures warmed up on Friday and the winter storm system finally moved out of Montana, but not without leaving mounds of record-setting snow behind.

Many small towns and schools even closed due to severe driving conditions and road closures over the past few days.

The community of Fairfield was one of the hardest hit by the spring snow; business was back to normal in Fairfield today after over two feet of snow caused the town to shut down Wednesday.

Mayor Lillian Alfson said, "It was drifting so bad it was dangerous to come in and out and they had closed the highway, from Vaughn this direction anyway, so coming into town was dangerous so we just wanted people not to unless it was an emergency."

Now that the snow has finally stopped, crews have been hard at work clearing 4 to 6-foot drifts and moving snow out of town in dump trucks.

Some homes had drifts so high, residents couldn't get out the door; one man lamented that it was the first time in 25 years that he couldn't leave the house to go to work.

The Fairfield School District was closed Wednesday and Thursday.

Les Meyer, principal of the Junior & Senior High School, explained, "We couldn't have had school; our parking lot, our street, everything was full of would have been hectic."

Sunshine and warmer temperatures are helping the snow melt, but it looks like spring sports may be on hold for awhile.