NUFORC has received a number of telephone calls, as well as written reports, of a dramatic fireball that was seen at approximately 21:44 hrs. (EDT) on Sunday night, March 29, 2009.

One witness in South Hill, Virginia, reported having been witness to a large fireball, its apparent size larger than the apparent size of the full Moon, in the eastern sky, which lasted for a few seconds.

The object generated a visible tail, according to this witness.

Other reports from Indianapolis, Indiana; White Lake, North Carolina; Virginia Beach, Virgina; and Annapolis, Maryland. I suspect that more reports

My first guess would be that the object may have been a dramatic meteor, but that is pure surmise, at this point. No "terminal burst" has been reported for the object, yet, which is somewhat unusual for a meteor that was as dramatic as reported, based on my experience.