Gaza girl
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January 2009 will go down in human history as the month when the leaders of the state of Israel showed their true colors. If anyone doubted that Israeli politicians deserved a place next to the likes of Stalin, Hitler or Pol Pot, their storm troopers put those doubts to rest by displaying a brutality and callousness to shock even the most apathetic. To add insult to injury, the Zionist PR machine went into top gear, using all the tricks in the big book of government propaganda. Lies through mass media and lies through their paid 'Hasbara' trolls on the Internet.

But for once a considerable number of the world population - including some in Israel itself - actually saw the genocide for what it was and demonstrated against it. This brought shame on Western governments and on the US in particular as it highlighted Obama's timidity and ultimate compliance, and the Bush administration's grotesque submission to the Zionist agenda.

First they came for the Gazans

You see, the comparison of Israelis and the Nazis is not hyperbolic. The only difference between the Warsaw Ghetto and Gaza is the names of the groups involved. The world knows this story; Shouldn't we try to play our individual roles in the drama a little different this time? Shouldn't we start raising the alarm and spreading information in intelligent ways before the tide of madness engulfs more innocent people and no one remains to speak up? But to do that, we must first understand with as much clarity as possible what is really going on and we can harbor no illusions about things going back to 'normal', because there have been no normal conditions in Palestine since 1948 when the Pathocrats began their campaign of ethnic cleansing and land theft in Palestine.

Jews Palestinians Nazis
In its latest blood sacrifice for Yahweh, Israel killed more than 1,300 Palestinians, including 400 women and children, wounded at least 5,300 and left tens of thousands homeless. Only 95 of those killed were actual resistance fighters. In contrast, 13 Israelis died in the conflict - 3 of them civilians - and most of them died as a result of friendly fire.

Gazan civilians and civilian infrastructure were systematically and intentionally targeted. According to a report, Israeli troops kidnapped about 300 Palestinian civilians, executing some by gunfire or tank shells. A number were used as human shields (surely you heard the Israeli lie that they could not help harming civilians because Hamas was using human shields?), while eyewitnesses reported that the Israeli troops executed children and women individually when asking them to come out one by one from their homes. Children also described how their parents were executed in front of them in spite of surrendering to the troops, and in one horrendous case Israeli soldiers played 'Sophie's Choice' by forcing a Palestinian mother to choose five of her ten children to be killed.

Phosphorus bombs in Gaza
© AFPIsraeli forces deliberately targeted this UN-run school with white phosphorous, after having been told there were women and children taking refuge inside. Verdict: No conscience.
Not content with its inhuman treatment of Palestinian civilians, the Israeli army chose to send a message to the whole world by attacking the UN Relief and Works Agency headquarters in Gaza with white phosphorus shells - a chemical agent which burns when in contact with oxygen and that the Israeli army unashamedly used during the offensive against civilians. (Remember a few years ago how much we were asked to support the invasion of Iraq based on the claim, among others, that Saddam was a threat to the world because he had used chemical weapons against the Kurds?) To that we must add the reports of people with wounds that match those inflicted by Dense Inert Metal Explosives, which not only cause massive damage to internal organs but may also kill slowly by producing cancer in the survivors. Likewise, some of the Palestinian victims had traces of depleted uranium in their bodies.

In the attack of the UNRWA compound at least 15 people were killed and thousands of tons of UN food destined for starving Gazans were incinerated. Three hospitals sheltering 500 people were also attacked with phosphorus. Israel also intentionally blocked the work of the Red Cross/Red Crescent and even targeted ambulances with the ludicrous excuse that they were suspected of carrying 'terrorists'.

In short, Israel has managed to push Gaza into a sort of existential state of Horror and Terror; Hell on Earth, if you will. And what does the Israeli government have to say about this? That their war criminals cannot be prosecuted and that it will look into the claim about the 'improper' use of white phosphorus - as if all of it were just a misunderstanding or an accident; as if there remained any doubt whatsoever about the intention, illegality and immorality of targeting civilians with a banned chemical weapon. May we suggest that they start their investigations by looking at this news clip dealing with the attack of a school (apparently another 'terrorist target' by Israeli standards):

But psychopaths know no bounds, no humanity. They feel no remorse about their crimes. On the contrary, they carry them out methodically. So the Israeli Pathocrats had a PR plan too. We have already noted in previous articles the build up of lies in the context of the Gaza siege and the excuse for the invasion; during the offensive we witnessed the continuation of the Israeli information war. Who could miss Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni or Israeli spokesman Mark Regev on TV dodging every question, lying pathologically and stretching credibility well beyond the breaking point. But perhaps you were unaware that Israel also sent its 'troops' on the Internet too by hiring an army of bloggers to fight for its image. Have you ever heard of the Hasbara brigade, composed of an army of pro-Israel "volunteers" to spread lies and disinfo across the web?

So as the bloodbath progressed, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni remained undisturbed by the consequences of their actions and the protests around the world. It seems it was not world opinion that made them declare a cease-fire on the 17th of January, rather the timing suggests that it was only a break to allow Obama to get everybody's attention for his own show. It was probably also a time-out useful to figure out a new strategy that would make a better PR case in favour of the invasion. But one thing was clear: like an attack dog that has trapped somebody's arm in its jaws, Israel's intention was never to let go. This explains the 3000 ton shipment of weapons 'with compliments' from the US and the anti-Iran propaganda effort during Obama's inauguration.

Therefore, it was inevitable that ten days later the truce would be broken again. It happened in classical fashion: a roadside bomb attack which killed an Israeli soldier was claimed by "a group using an uncommon name not previously linked with the ruling Hamas Islamist movement". Ah yes, again we see the mysterious 'terrorist/militant' group trotted out to provide a convenient excuse when most needed. Tzipi Livni drooled as she barked "I don't care who fired... Hamas controls Gaza and is responsible for everything that happens. Whenever they fire at me from Gaza, set off a bomb or launch a missile or smuggle (weapons), Israel will respond." And respond it did, with an air-strike and by sending tanks, troops and helicopters back into Gaza. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert threatened further strikes, saying the incursion was merely an initial reaction and that Israel's full response was still to come, so God knows what will follow or the horror that will once again be visited on the Palestinian population. Indeed, everything indicates that the violence will escalate yet again, and soon.

Never mind that the borders of Gaza were still largely blockaded and that there were reports during those ten days that indicated that it was Israel - yet again - committing the aggressions.

No comment

It has been - and still is - embarrassing to contemplate the disgraceful reaction of the United States to the Gaza offensive. Naturally we couldn't really expect any less from Dubya than to have a last, bloody hurrah before he slipped, snake like, out of office. Do you recall the UN resolutions condemning Israel that were blocked by his administration? They culminated with a spectacular humiliation when Israeli Prime Minister Olmert called Bush who then called Condi, ordering her not to vote in favour of the ceasefire... which she herself had proposed.
"Early Friday morning the secretary of state [Condoleeza Rice] was considering bringing the cease-fire resolution to a UNSC vote and we didn't want her to vote for it." Olmert said. "I said 'get President Bush on the phone.' They tried and told me he was in the middle of a lecture in Philadelphia. I said 'I'm not interested, I need to speak to him now.' He got down from the podium, went out and took the phone call."

"Let me see if I understand this," wrote a friend in response to news reports that Israeli Prime Minister Olmert ordered President Bush from the podium where he was giving a speech to receive Israel's instructions about how the United States had to vote on the UN resolution. "On September 11th, President Bush is interrupted while reading a story to school children and told the World Trade Center had been hit--and he went on reading. Now, Olmert calls about a UN resolution when Bush is giving a speech and Bush leaves the stage to take the call. There exists no greater example of a master-servant relationship."
Israel lobby? What Israel lobby? Israel doesn't control the US, or so they would have us believe.

Everybody's hero of the day Barack Obama hasn't done very well either unfortunately. While women and children were dying by the hundreds and the whole world had something to say about it, Mr. President Elect was hiding in Hawaii and doing the 'No comment' routine. The most that journalists could get out of him was that he was "concerned" and that he would have much to say after his inauguration. So we waited. While we still haven't heard much from the man himself, we had to reach for the sick bag when the new cease-fire was broken and Israel attacked Gaza again,
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the US supported "Israel's right to self-defence".

"The rocket barrages which are getting closer and closer to populated areas (in Israel) cannot go unanswered," she said in her first news conference at the State Department.
Hillary was probably over-sleeping after the inauguration ball when the Israeli Navy shelled Gaza five days after the cease-fire was declared, injuring seven, including five fishermen. What about Palestine's right to self-defence, or the Palestinian people's basic human rights?

But don't worry, Obama fans, Barack has just sent his Middle East envoy to talk to Israel (but not Hamas of course) and surely he will bring justice and peace to the region in a heartbeat... or maybe not:
"President Obama has said the United States is committed to Israel's security and to its right to defend itself against legitimate threats," Mitchell said.
That, dear readers, is the Obama change in a nutshell. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. According to Obama, Hamas is a legitimate threat not worth talking to, Israel has a right to bomb Gaza as and when it likes and Bush is committed to Israel. We mean Obama - sorry.

Power to the people

© Murad Sezer/APTurkish demonstrators chant Islamic slogans as they set fire to an Israeli flag outside the Beyazit mosque in Istanbul on Jan. 9.
The leaders of the US, who are presumably among the few people on the planet in a position to do something about the Middle East situation, have failed the world miserably by ignoring the most basic principles of humanity and morality. In stark contrast, many people raised their voices as they naturally should. We are talking about large popular demonstrations around the globe (e.g. London, Naples, Pakistan, Washington, Moscow, Paris); a number of politicians of countries from all the corners of the world; many journalists here and there, whether in mainstream media or in cyberspace; non-governmental organizations; and UN staff, including the current president of the UN General Assembly (though not the secretary-general, mind you).

Given that those of us who dare to criticize Israel are often called 'anti-semitic', lets make a point of the fact that many Jews and Israelis with healthy consciences joined the condemnation of the offensive in Gaza. Ehud Barak had to cancel his visit to a university in Tel Aviv after quite rightly being called a murderer by the students. Apparently the Israeli Pathocracy takes these things personally, so 700 Israelis have been arrested for protesting against war. Another lesson from the Beacon of Democracy in the Middle East.

Outside of Israel, prominent Jews have protested too - even from the parliament of their countries. A former captain of the Israeli Air Force had enough decency to step forward and call a war crime a war crime in an interview with the BBC; while a coalition of American rabbis and other religious, cultural and community leaders bought a full-page ad in the New York Times urging Obama to push for a cease-fire.

On the darker side, pathological individuals are also to be found among Jews. We've had quite a few examples of them this month. Compare and contrast the US rabbis mentioned above to an IDF rabbinate publication which asked to show no mercy to Israel's enemies. Do take your time to watch this video of a pro-Israel demonstration in New York so that you see that when we say "pathological", we mean it. Pay attention to their reactions when their fantasies and double-standards are faced with the most obvious facts and arguments.

Although most of the Western mainstream media remains reluctant to condemn Israel as it deserves, there were a couple of honourable exceptions from journalists who for once did their jobs and asked what they should of Israeli spokesmen (although unfortunately it had to take such a blatant war crime as the bombing of a UN building for them to do so), e.g. UK Channel 4's Alex Thomson and Jon Snow; and the CBS's 60 Minutes dealing with the Israeli Apartheid.

On the other hand, the BBC deserves to lose all of its audience after refusing to broadcast a charity appeal for Gaza aid with the excuse that it would compromise its 'impartiality' (as if it ever had any). You can bet that something is seriously wrong with society if people start to believe that helping those in dire need means a loss of objectivity - which cannot be further from the truth! But in the case of the BBC it's most likely a case of fear of 'Those-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named', i.e. the Zionist elite that pulls the strings of power in the US and the UK.

Is it too much for us to ask that the media focus closely on the fact that international attorneys have filed war crimes charges against 15 Israeli officials - including Olmert, Livni and Barak - worthy of at least as much attention as was granted to the cases of, say, Slobodan Milosevic or Saddam Hussein?

So anti-Semitic we are not. The real anti-Semites are to be found among the rabid Zionists in the Israeli government and beyond. After all, other than the Palestinians, who is threatened the most by the Israeli government's psychopathic actions? The answer is Israeli Jews. An anti-Semite used to be someone that didn't like Jews, today it is anyone that the Zionist government of Israel and it's associated agencies doesn't like, or anyone who tells the truth about what is going on in Palestine and the greater Middle East.

A note of caution

Laura Knight-Jadczyk recently wrote on the Sott Forum:
Hitler [appealed to the sexual energy of his audience to fuel their "radicalism"]. He appealed to a society that was as psychologically wounded as any could be, and the bedrock of this wounding was the effect of German Christianity. No surprise there.

There are a number of books about the psychopathology of Adolf Hitler and how he manipulated the sexual frustrations and inhibitions of people - calling forth their hidden desires and suggesting to them that following him would give satisfaction to the ache in their hearts and the unfulfilled needs in their bodies.
Indeed, sexual energy - understood in a psychic sense; not necessarily what we usually think of as sex - can fuel the hysteria of the masses in seemingly unrelated topics, such as political or social issues. This, in combination with different degrees of pathology, is what we witness in the pro-Israel demonstrators who want to see every Palestinian killed and who think there is something terribly wrong with Muslims because of their ritual practices but who think that circumcision is fine (you did watch the video of the New York demonstrators, didn't you?). Again, in the mentality and attitudes of these people and large segments of the Israeli population we can detect objective parallels with Nazi Germany - whether for their disturbing fanaticism or their unwillingness to see reality as it is.

But there is something else. So far, the world has protested against Israel in righteous and justified anger for its terrorist activities. But there is a real danger that the masses will yet again be manipulated by spell-binder psychopaths in power and the anger turned against Jews in general. We have not reached that point yet, but if we have learned anything from history it is a possibility we cannot discard and against which we have to remain vigilant.

Hatred, resentment and distrust against Israel have been increasing because of its crimes against its neighbours and its utter contempt for the rest of the world. A time may come when a number of world leaders decide that it's time to reconfigure the (im)balance of power and act accordingly, and in order to mobilize their people they could find ways of harnessing the 'sexual' energy of the masses. Both sides in hysteria can only lead to a major and tragic confrontation.

It is a sad irony that the Israelis could actually end up becoming the victims that they fantasize they already are because of their lack of critical thinking and objectivity towards their leaders, their myths and the very foundations of their country. Indeed, since the establishment of the state of Israel, it hasn't taken a genius to realize that the project has always been a deadly formula, a time-bomb and a trap for both Arabs and Jews, who find themselves corralled in a tiny piece of land awaiting their destruction. Besides, if the Zionists are now following the path of the Nazis, we should bear in mind exactly how the Nazis era ended.


Did you notice the colour of Michelle Obama's dress during the inauguration ball? It was hard not to, given the US media's tendency to focus on the forms and ignore the substance. We, on the other hand, are more worried about what sort of change Obama will bring, if any.

We have been getting mixed signals from Obama since his election campaign, and now the signals are becoming even more conflicting. On the light side, as soon as he took office he signed an order to close Guantanamo and the secret CIA prisons in a year. He ordered the CIA to stop torturing suspects, and he is seeking a space weapons ban. His administration also released an executive order that will make it difficult for the previous one to shield White House records from public scrutiny by invoking the doctrine of executive privilege.

Unfortunately, the devil is usually to be found in the details. Guantanamo gets closed in a year, but lots of things can happen in the meantime, and if they are bad enough, Obama can change his mind. Torture is not to be used, but as the Bush administration showed, it all depends on how you define torture. There is a desire to ban space weapons, but lots of harm can still be done without them. And the executive order may not make much difference in the end because the Attorney General and the White House Counsel still get to decide what gets withheld and what doesn't. Plus, bear in mind that it is a typical move for a politician to start his term with spectacular or cosmetic measures in order to solidify its popularity; things that may not necessarily last.

Now to the darker side.

We have already noted above that Obama does not have the will or the capability to make a stand against Israel's crimes. He has already pledged loyalty to AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobbying group. Given AIPAC's hard-line fanaticism and intolerance, Obama's position contrasts with his own liberal and tolerant views on religion. So why would he do that? Obviously, because he is not really in charge. Those who paid for his campaign, those who own the media and the large corporations, his staff and perhaps those with the ability to blackmail politicians, are in charge. Who knows, maybe Obama himself is a nice guy. But if that's the case, given the circumstances, he is playing the role of the 'useful idiot' for the benefit of the system, which badly needed a make-over after the horrible Cowboy Bush years.

© Unknown
Obama has also promised he would send troops into Pakistan to hunt down terrorists - even without permission from that country's government. True to his word, US Predator drones struck alleged 'al-Qaeda' targets in Pakistan just four days after assuming the presidency, killing 18 people. Can someone please email him on his Blackberry and explain that the war on terror is a hoax before he kills more innocent people? Please hurry because his administration has already announced that US forces will step up operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, presaging a likely rise in casualties.

Pushing countries over the edge
"You see, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!"

- The Joker in The Dark Knight
For some months now we have been following the covert and open attempts by the US and its allies to destabilize Pakistan. Now we fear that in the not so distant future Mexico may find itself in the hit list too. Don't ask us why; ask the Joint Forces Command, which has issued a report with the following warning:
"In terms of worst-case scenarios for the Joint Force and indeed the world, two large and important states bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse: Pakistan and Mexico," the report says.
This is one of those reports that, more than offering an objective view of reality seems to be intended to push things into a desired reality by promoting hysteria and calling for media focus on the topic. It's a bit like Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. The reports of the 'possibility' of their existence did not prove anything but they did eventually provide the excuse for an invasion. (We are not suggesting that Mexico will get Iraq's luck; although Pakistan may, as we have seen above!)

In the case of Mexico it is true that corruption, violence and drug cartels are a problem, as the report states. Drug-trafficking deaths increased by more than 117 percent in 2008 for a total of more than 5,000. Gruesome reports reach the local media on a daily basis, contributing to an increasingly hysterical climate. (Notice, however, that the US report does not mention the obvious: that drug cartels prosper in Mexico thanks to the CIA and their American dealers and customers.)

On top of that, at the beginning of November of last year the Mexican Interior Minister Juan Camilo Mourino died in an air crash in Mexico City. A former assistant attorney general, Jose Luis Santiago, and other senior advisers were also killed. It turns out that those who died were largely responsible for combating the drug gangs, so the public suspected a sabotage.

However, no evidence has yet emerged pointing to sabotage. The recordings of the voices of the pilots suggest human error. It is also unlikely that the drug gangs alone would have managed to murder the second most important government official of the country without leaving any traces. So if it was a sabotage, then it had to be an organization powerful enough to carry out sophisticated covert operations.

Which reminds us of that US military report. Perhaps the air crash was one of those convenient one-in-a-million coincidences that happens so often lately; perhaps the US report was opportunistic and merely sought to extract some benefit out of the tense atmosphere in the southern neighbour's house. But one thing is clear. In spite of Mexico's or Pakistan's problems, they are not Iraq, DR Congo or Gaza. And if they ever find themselves in similar situations, you can bet that - as in the cases of Iraq, DR Congo and Gaza - it was not an accident, nor the fault of their own people. There is always someone more powerful messing in your affairs.

Pass the gas

As regular readers know, we have tracked the signs of a possible incoming ice age, perhaps as a result of the decrease in sunspot activity. So we haven't been surprised by the fact that this winter has been particularly harsh.

Anyone living in northern Eurasia or the Americas knows how important it is to go through winter with a warm house. It becomes painfully clear how much we depend on technology for survival if for any reason we arrive home one winter day to discover that the heating system is not working or fuel deliveries have stopped. So it is not a stretch to say that those who provide the heating hold a considerable amount of power over those who so desperately need it.

This winter we have witnessed such a power game. Russia's gas giant Gazprom decided to shut off all gas supplies to Ukraine over unpaid bills and a disagreement over the new price for 2009. The problem is that Gazprom supplies a quarter of the European Union's gas needs and 42% of its imports, most of which is transported via Ukraine. So by cutting off Ukrainian pipelines, the whole of Europe was affected too.

Quite apart from the question of whether the dispute was resolved in a just and fair way in the end, two things should be noted in here. First, that this is one of those nasty side effects of the global economic crisis, as Ukraine is semi-bankrupt and being bailed out by the IMF and EU, which is one reason for it to reject the increase in prices, even when they were still substantially below what is charged in European markets. Second, gas has effectively been used as a weapon. In fact, this may be yet another episode of the New Cold War, as Russia implied by complaining that the US was behind Ukraine's position:
"We believed yesterday that the door for Russian gas was open but again it's been blocked by the Ukrainians," said Gazprom's deputy chairman, Alexander Medvedev. "It looks like ... they are dancing to the music which is being orchestrated not in Kiev but outside the country."

The state department dismissed the accusation. Medvedev later explained he was referring to Ukraine's strategic partnership deal with the US, which was signed in Washington last month by the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice. That pact enhances co-operation on defence, energy and trade, including the delivery of gas. The agreement will also see the US set up a diplomatic mission in the Crimean regional capital of Simferopol - a move likely to infuriate the Kremlin. The ethnic Russian region has been at the centre of claims that Moscow is trying to fuel separatist sentiments in order to undermine Ukraine's pro-western leadership.
Like Georgia, the Czech Republic and Poland, Ukraine is now another pawn in the global chessboard.

The prophet of the NWO

Henry Kissinger is all fired up with the idea of a New World Order. Apparently the man has been assigned with the task to proselytize about it in order to soften up the masses. Kissinger published an article in the International Herald Tribune and appeared on TV. Not that this is unusual for him, really, as he has been preaching for some time now.

Gordon Brown is also a well known member of the bizarre cult and is warning that the NWO must be implemented or "all our prosperities" would be imperiled. We are not sure which or whose "prosperities" he is talking about, housing 'prosperity' maybe?

It's so clear where all of this is going that it would be funny if it didn't involve saying goodbye to our liberties. Like Simon Davies and Donald Hunt's recently explained:
What is important is that we understand that we are in a controlled Phase Transition. It may seem chaotic to us but there is an underlying order to it. We are being taken to a new economic phase or Economic Order. The separation between the state and big business is long gone, we find ourselves with increasingly narrow options as our environment changes around us in ways increasingly unfamiliar. We have to apply ourselves in seeking to understand as exactly as possible the new economic environment so as to be better able to navigate our way through it.

We are moving, without doubt, towards totalitarian government first on a national, then regional and ultimately global scale. [...]
Losing the compass

In looking for answers to our planet's climate change we have looked into cosmic influences, such as the sunspots cycle. Now we would like to add to the equation the role of the earth's magnetic field as one possible link between its weather and the weather of the cosmos. Indeed, a Danish study has found that the earth's magnetic field has an impact on its climate, while another study has found a relationship between cosmic rays and earthly weather:
Published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters and led by scientists from the UK's National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), this remarkable study shows how the number of high-energy cosmic-rays reaching a detector deep underground, closely matches temperature measurements in the upper atmosphere (known as the stratosphere). For the first time, scientists have shown how this relationship can be used to identify weather events that occur very suddenly in the stratosphere during the Northern Hemisphere winter.
Earth's Magnetic Field Model
© Jimmy Raeder/UNHA computer model of solar wind flowing around Earth's magnetic field on June 3, 2007. Background colors represent solar wind density; red is high density, blue is low. Solid black lines trace the outer boundaries of Earth's magnetic field. Note the layer of relatively dense material beneath the tips of the white arrows; that is solar wind entering Earth's magnetic field through the breach.
There is another study that indicates that the sun's magnetic field may impact weather and climate; the sun cycle can actually predict rainfall fluctuations. Now put that together with a previous report about the existence of magnetic portals connecting the sun and earth, known as 'flux transfer events'; and consider this under the light of last month's news about the solar wind making a breach on the earth's magnetic field.

All of the above may help explain why the earth's core and its magnetic field are changing fast.

But it's not just about the earth and the sun. May the reader add to the magnetic mysteries the recent findings of a NASA balloon mission which found a screen of extra-loud radio noise permeating the cosmos:
"The universe really threw us a curve," Kogut says. "Instead of the faint signal we hoped to find, here was this booming noise six times louder than anyone had predicted." Detailed analysis ruled out an origin from primordial stars or from known radio sources, including gas in the outermost halo of our own galaxy. The source of this cosmic radio background remains a mystery.
Don't expect to hear about the possible link between magnetic fields and climate change from Al Gore!

Global warming cools off

January continued the trend of the global warming alarmists finding it more difficult to support their assertions in the face of facts. Evidence contradicting so much of what has been forced fed to the public keeps streaming in.

Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth was once again exposed for its misrepresentations and lies.

The sea ice extent which is supposed to be disappearing has rebounded dramatically this past year and is now at the same level as 1979. The loss of sea ice and its resulting melting is supposed to lead to a worldwide raising of the oceans' sea level but it appears now that the normal low rate of sea level rise has slowed by 20%. Which in itself may be evidence of global ocean cooling.

Despite the fact that few if any of the global warming adherents will even discuss that Antarctica is and has been getting colder for decades, the one thing they have clung to is data that Western Antarctica has shown a slight but detectable warming. Members of the British Antarctic Survey have recently found evidence that volcanic activity and a layer of volcanic ash may well be the reason for the discrepancy between Eastern Antarctica's continued cooling and Western Antarctica's measurable warming.

Stalactite stalgmite caves
© unknownNew Zealand Climate Centre research into calcite deposits shows Medieval Warm Period was a worldwide phenomenon.
The global warming alarmists are quickly using up all their life lines. One tactic used by many within the global warming community is the denial or minimalization of the historical record of the Medieval Warm Period. They propose that it either did not happen or that it was merely a regional phenomenon experienced by the land masses surrounding the North Atlantic. Research at the New Zealand Climate Centre has found more evidence supporting the fact that the Medieval Warm Period was indeed a worldwide phenomenon. The research focused on oxygen and carbon isotope ratios found in calcite deposits of stlactite and stalagmite formations around New Zealand which have a direct correlation to climatic warming and cooling cycles. The data spans the past 4000 years and shows an unmistakable climate warming matching the AD 900-1100 time period, the Medieval Warm Period.

This month we also find the Science and Public Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. handing the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC, another resounding condemnation on their proven and apparently deliberate manipulation of data to support the political agenda of global warming. The SPPI's paper, Temperature Change and CO2 Change - A Scientific Briefing, brings in to question the fact that not one of the IPCC's computer climate models reflects the actual data that global temperatures have been cooling for eight straight years.

The facts are becoming more clear as people begin to look into things for themselves and look at the evidence from scientists and experts who are not in the global warming camp. More often than not, the data is manipulated for a political agenda and a vast amount of data and information that is available is hidden from us. In that respect more scientists, more journalists and more people in general are speaking up.

Some of the voices speaking up this month:

A climate change reality check

Astronaut Jack Schmitt Joins Climate Skeptics

James Hansen's Former NASA Supervisor Says Hansen "Embarrassed NASA"

The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam

© Richard FirestoneEmbedded iron particles surrounded by carbonized rings in the outer layer of a mammoth tusk from Alaska. Inset photo shows how an object ripped through the tusk.
This month is also seeing more evidence coming forth that is in line with SOTT's own research into the cometary origins of catastrophism. This latest piece of evidence comes from a group of researchers, that include James P. Kennett of UC Santa Barbara and Douglas J. Kennett of the University of Oregon. Their research had earlier discovered a thin layer of black soil a few feet down covering much of North America that contained iridium and other debris that dated to 13,000 years ago. This is the time when the Earth underwent a violent geological and climatic change ending the most recent ice age and sending many species to extinction. The researchers thought the iridium found in this layer indicated a cometary impact as the origin of this catastrophe. Critics needed more evidence. The new research shows widespread evidence of nano-diamonds in this layer which is additional and much stronger evidence for an explosive impact theory.

Another piece of evidence re-emerging this month in support of the cosmic origin hypothesis for many of our planetary catastrophes comes from researcher Richard Firestone. His latest research has uncovered microscopic meteorite fragments within ivory and bone fossil remains of the now extinct great mammoths.

Chillin' with Mother Nature

January and February normally bring us our coldest weather in the northern hemisphere. December started things off a little early this season and January continued the trend with major cold and weather events in both Europe and North America.

Germany Freezes 2009
© Deutsche Presse-AgenturThick sheets of ice covered parts of the Elbe River at Dresden.
In Europe the month began with some wild weather in Spain. What came next though was much harsher. Arctic air moved over much of the continent, closing the Eiffel Tower and plunging many regions to record lows. In Bavaria, Germany the temperature hit minus 34.6 degrees Celsius. The frigid temperatures were widespread and caused many deaths. But the extreme conditions and severe cold were celebrated by some as the Dutch canals froze over for the first time in 12 years and ice-skating, a favorite national past-time was enjoyed by thousands.

The extreme cold diminished a little toward the end of the month as a major storm hit Spain and France packing 193km/h (120mph) winds and torrential rains. Power was lost to 1.7 million homes in France alone and at least 21 deaths were reported.

Across the Atlantic in North America, welcoming the new year was accompanied by record cold. In Alaska, a region that is familiar with severely cold temperatures the ante was upped in early January. Parts of Alasksa began the month at 50 below zero (-50 degrees F). Planes could not fly and cars became totally disabled as the deep freeze persisted. Some areas endured temperatures of 60 below zero F for up to two weeks. In the Canadian heartland, the city of Saskatoon set a record of 24 days in a row of -25 C or lower. In the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. January began with major flooding in Oregon and Washington as the region broke out of the previous month's record snowfall.

By the middle of the month cold temperatures moved into the U.S. Midwest over to the Eastern seaboard. Temperatures plunged to -37 degrees F in some areas.

Ice Storm South US jan 2009
© Tim Rand / Associated PressA yard is covered with branches in Paragould, Arkansas, January 28, 2009. The ice storm that came through the area downed trees, poles and powerlines. Most of the city was without power.
The end of the month brought more deadly weather to the U.S. in the form of ice. Arkansas experienced some of the worst damage with much of the state being covered with up to 3 inches of the glaze. At least 21 deaths were attributed to the storm and over 900,000 homes were left in the dark across several states.

February's outlook is already looking bleak for the Eastern third of the United States as a new Monster Storm is brewing and due to begin causing havoc on February 1st. Forecasters are comparing the storm's potential to a devastating winter storm that occurred in 1993. The eventual track of the storm will determine whether it becomes mainly a drenching rain and flooding event or if it turns into a snow event with between one and two feet of accumulation possible.

A symbol of what this winter has so far become for those in North America may be represented by the unusually heavy ice packs that have returned to the St. Lawrence river. The ice pack is being reported as up to 15 meters (50 feet) thick in some areas and ships are being rescued by ice breakers.

Other notable winter events for January come from China, where Shanghai is having its coldest winter in the last 18 years and a mountain in the Middle East experienced it first ever full cover of snow.

Freak surfing

Also for the consideration of the inquisitive minds of our kind readers, in May of last year a sudden giant wave killed around a dozen people in South Korea. In September we learned that Australia has been increasingly hit by so-called 'extreme waves', apparently as a result of climate change. And then, in December, a series of freak waves destroyed a fun fair in Cannes, southern France:
"It is as though a war had been fought. Trucks were knocked over, the games damaged. Nothing is left. The whirligigs are not even broken. They exploded. It looks as if the place had been bombed", declared to the AFP Jean-Philippe Boubier, one of the fairground men.

Public officials in the town of Cannes confirmed the extent of the destruction: "It is a catastrophe, something never experienced before", said Iris Perben, the town hall's spokesman.
Any ideas of what is up with the sea?

Witching hour

While you figure that one out, let us remark that UFO and paranormal sightings have become increasingly bizarre lately. The following are just a sample.

© CNNThe Sun tabloid newspaper's UFO splash.
- A UFO destroyed a wind mill in the UK. The object was described as "tentacled". Remarkably, the case was largely covered in the UK mainstream media.

- It looks like the little green men have not yet learned to drive on the left side of the road, as another UFO reportedly crashed in a school yard, again in the UK. It was described as a "strange-looking rocket-type machine" which made a big noise as it hit the ground. It then took off and disappeared within seconds, leaving a trail of debris and footprints. The police cordoned off the area.

- Five people in Venezuela reported seeing a "luminous feline creature" running over the waters of the sea. It was brilliant white, transparent like a hologram and when it was gone "fish began jumping all along the water's edge, as though they had been electrocuted."

© La Depeche du MidiAn image of the fireball seen over the Toulouse area skies Saturday 17th Jan 2009
- A strange UFO or meteor was seen over Toulouse, France. According to a witness: "suddenly, I saw a kind of red square shining like fire. The object formed an arc in the sky. It was really, really big."

- Pennsylvanians have been baffled by mysterious creatures and UFOs. There is talk of a UFO wave over there. An eye witness described an object which "hovered like an octopus."

We suspect that cases like these will not be easily dismissed by your usual 'Chinese lanterns' explanation.

A few lessons

The idea that the human race as a whole is somehow more civilized or evolved is nonsense. The same ruthless and gratuitous massacres that took place in ancient times or the middle ages happen today; the only difference is that instead of axes and catapults the empires of the present use Apache helicopters and white phosphorus. Instead of affirming the righteousness of their gods through rituals in temples for the purpose of brainwashing the masses, they have PR campaigns through the media and send their clappers to flood Internet forums.

Likewise, the contrast between the people of conscience who raised their voices against the genocide, and the immoral, cold and predatory words and actions of the leaders of Israel and the timid criticisms of most of the other public figures of the world destroys the notion that we are all essentially the same. We are not. As we have incessantly argued at, humanity is divided into those who are capable of empathy and conscience and those who are not. While the latter are the minority, their lack of principles, their ambition and their ability to recognize each other allow them to naturally rise up the social ladder and cluster into elites.

So this is the real conflict. People with fairly normal inner emotional functions want to have peaceful lives and be as happy as they can. People without the ability to suffer for others seek power and abuse it. We know how much damage they can do and we have been tracking their methods. But what about the masses of people? Is there anything they can do? Have their voices had any effect on the psychopaths' plans?

Perhaps to some extent. But we would be wrong to assume that the battle has been won if we protest and the Pathocrats seem to back off for a while. Simply stated, it is not in their nature to quit. Pathocrats, or psychopaths in positions of power, know that in the future that normal human beings dream and hope for, there is no place for them and their deviant desires. It is a matter of life and death for them to continue their war against humanity, trapped in their eternal 'us Vs them' mindset. They have also proved to be quite capable at playing games of strategy, deception and social manipulation. They have a vast amount of resources at their disposal and we do not. They have the monopoly of violence and own our economic system.

So what to do? We are the majority. We are capable of creativity in ways that they are not. We are capable of sacrifice for the sake or others or of a principle. What we are lacking is understanding and education. Most people are naive and easily forget about the crimes committed a month ago. We are always tempted to relax and forget about stressful situations and so we lose sight of the ball. But if we learned how they think and what they are up to, perhaps we may still prevent the fall of all humanity into chaos and injustice.

So imagine, what could happen if a group of people with conscience and empathy shared as a common aim the defense of the Truth. A life without an aim is a journey without destination, isn't it? What if we marked a point on the map and made it our life's goal to arrive there - even if we never do - even with the storms and hardships that surely await those how attempt such an endeavor? What if we were so determined to get there, despite of the improbability of success, that we would go on regardless of what we must sacrifice or what may be taken away from us?

Perhaps Pablo Neruda had a similar idea when he wrote this poem:
If suddenly you do not exist,

if suddenly you no longer live,

I shall live on.

I do not dare,

I do not dare to write it,

if you die.

I shall live on.

For where a man has no voice,

there, my voice.

Where blacks are beaten,

I cannot be dead.

When my brothers go to prison

I shall go with them.

When victory,

not my victory,

but the great victory comes,

even though I am mute I must speak;

I shall see it come even

though I am blind.

No, forgive me.

If you no longer live,

if you, beloved, my love,

if you have died,

all the leaves will fall in my breast,

it will rain on my soul night and day,

the snow will burn my heart,

I shall walk with frost and fire and death and snow,

my feet will want to walk to where you are sleeping, but

I shall stay alive,

because above all things

you wanted me indomitable,

and, my love, because you know that I am not only a man

but all mankind.
Horizons painting
© Milton Maasur MD"Horizons"