WELLINGTON -- At least three children were taken to a hospital Saturday after a microburst of wind ripped up an inflatable bounce house from its metal stakes. Authorities said it was a "significant wind event" and it managed to push the play structure up a hill 200 feet before it slammed it into a flagpole.

The wind ejected several children from the play structure and rolled over several others. As many as six children were said to be injured.

The incident happened just before 2 p.m. at the North Poudre Reservoir 6 near County Road 58.

The area is leased private land. Eyewitnesses said the North Poudre Reservoir boating community is a close one and declined comment out of respect for the children and their families.

Many did tell us there were about 200 onlookers and the scene was both disturbing and chaotic.

Two children were taken to Medical Center of the Rockies. Hospital officials did not release their condition. Officials did not release their names or ages.

One child was treated and released at Poudre Valley Hospital.