A very frequently used question designed to confuse and distort the fact of the Palestinian Israeli conflict; to which the so obvious answer is: Israel does not have the right to ethnically cleanse 750,000 Palestinian and steal 78% of Palestine (Known to the Palestinian as an Nakba) so it can have a place to exist. Israel does not have the right to imprison 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza after she made them refugees. Israel does not have the right to inflict horror and atrocities against the Palestinian people on a daily bases so it can have a place to exist. Israel does not have the right to terrorize, to dispossess, to torture people in order to have a place "to exist". Israel does not have the right to take away other people's rights. The answer is as simple as that.

Everyone and for that matter everything have "the right to exist". If one reviews the relevant universally accepted rights, one should not miss the very first point which is the right of the Palestinian people to keep their own country, if this is an accepted right for the Palestinians!! Then when Israel is stealing Palestinian land on a daily basis and creating an apartheid system in Palestine; it is Israel who started the hostilities, not the other way around. Sequencing the Palestinians as the aggressors and the Zionists as the victims is a very vicious perversion of the facts. But who perpetrated this odious shift? Who benefited from that monumental fraud by breaking the simplest laws of logic and human decency?

What happened to the Jewish people in Europe was an absolute evil, and all humanity - especially the Jewish people - should work hard to insure that these kind of crimes and atrocities never happen to any one again. It is very sad and wrong for the victims to become the oppressors. What Israel and its Zionist elite are doing to the Palestinian people is an absolute evil. What happened (and is still happening right now) to the Palestinian people and to Palestine is an absolute wrong; two wrongs never make a right. Or is there a very special class of people who enjoy very special "rights", which annihilates other people's most basic rights? Is this a horrible human cost that the Palestinian ends up having to pay in order to ensure that Israel has a special right to exist?

The only way that "that right of Israel to exist" could be special is if it implies the right to exist in someone else's country, and in order to do so the right to wipe Palestine off the map and the right to do all other necessary horrors to Palestinians who don't want to be dispossessed of their country, of their lives, of their most basic human rights. Of course, these issues are far away from being addressed and always denied for the benefit of Israel to have the right to exist. If the Palestinians do not have the same rights, then this situation is one of the most repugnant cases of double standards. What's more, Israel's core argumentation is an insult to our collective intelligence. But again, there is nothing to stop the reaping of its benefits. Will you be for or against the RIGHT of Israel to exist at your place in your own country? And when they are forced to, they'll condescend to negotiate with you some leftovers of what they stole from you in the first place. This obviously rhetorical question was just to make one think about how one of the millions of Palestinians could feel

And by the way are you a Palestinian Nakba denier?