Recommended for your reading: Are Global Warmists Pulling a Cool Fast One? by Marc Sheppard. This article is published online in the American Thinker, one of the best blogs in existence.


Marc Sheppard's article points out how those who believe in the religion of man-created global warming have a teeny tiny problem on their hands...we're heading into a period of global cooling, probably for the next 20-30 years. As best as we can understand - and this stuff IS complicated - natural cooling cycles, likely a result of the sun's natural energy cycles, will result in a cool down for a while. What do the true global warming believers say? The cool down will only "mask" rising temperatures from greenhouse gases, and in a few years temps will skyrocket again. Honestly folks, when you step back and look at this objectively, is it not pathetic? Even when faced with solid, REAL scientific evidence, these people continue to cling to their man-made global warming mythology.

Candidates Obama, Clinton and McCain (all three global warming kool-aid drinkers) would do well to read the article.

The real problem with global warming alarmists? They're going to destroy your personal freedoms in the name of "saving humanity." Don't let them.