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Russia: Gadgets blamed as lightning strikes dozens

MOSCOW -- Lightning has killed and injured more than a dozen people in Russia in the past two weeks, officials say, blaming widespread use of electronic gadgets such as cell phones for an increase in deadly strikes.

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Lightning kills three, injures five in Russia's Volga republic

Three people, including two teenagers, were killed and five injured, when they were struck by lightning in the Russian Volga Republic of Bashkortostan, a local emergencies spokesman said on Thursday.

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US: Lightning strikes at Blue Angels air show

Four people were injured by lightning at a Blue Angels air show at Pensacola Beach on Saturday afternoon, authorities said.

Gulf Breeze Hospital spokeswoman Candy McGuyre said 10 people were taken to the hospital from the show with various injuries, including four people injured by lightning. None of those injuries were considered life-threatening.

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Lightning claims 5 young lives in a week

Five young lives have been ended by lightning in less than a week, a deadly reminder of one of summer's leading hazards.

"Typically, July marks the peak in lightning activity. It's also the time when people are vacationing, so they are outside and they are vulnerable to lightning," said John Jensenius, a lightning safety expert at the National Weather Service.

But why so many young people in a few days? "I don't have an answer for that," Jensenius said, "It's all very sad."


Massachusetts, US: Storms, Lightning Trigger House Fire

Crews rushed to a home on School Street in Belmont Monday night after it was struck by lightning. The strike sparked a fire on the roof. Fire crews quickly put the flames out and no one was hurt.

Cool and unsettled weather will continue through the rest of this work week. Temperatures will slowly moderate by this weekend but there will be a continued threat for showers and thunderstorms into early next week.


US: Lightning hits house in Virginia Beach, causing fire

Lightning hit a house and sparked a fire that badly damaged the home on Chesopeian Trail early Tuesday. The fire raced through the attic and tore apart most of the roof.

The owners of the house are away, but a friend who was house sitting was inside when the lightning hit.

Neighbors told 13 News they heard the lightning hit, but didn't realize it had caused a fire until the woman staying at the house started knocking on doors yelling for help. Though she wasn't hurt, the woman was shaken up.

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US: Three struck by lightning in Rocky Mountain National Park

Shortly after noon today, dispatch received a cell phone call reporting three people had been struck by lightning near Mills Lake in the Glacier Gorge area of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Mills Lake is approximately 2.8 miles from the Glacier Gorge Trailhead. Park rangers responded and contacted three people who were reportedly struck by lighting. Initial reports indicate three males and one female were struck. After investigating, park officials confirmed there was not a fourth victim, according to e-mails from Kyle Patterson, Public Information Officer for Rocky Mountain National Park.

Two males and one female were walking down the trail when they were contacted.

Eight people were standing near Mills Lake when the lightning strike occurred, Patterson wrote.

Three out of this group were apparently struck by lightning. The Park Service hopes to have ages and hometowns confirmed later today.


US: Lightning starts fires near Okanogan, Washington

Okanogan fire 1
©Chronicle photo by Dee Camp
Fire erupts near Okanogan after lightning storm passes through at 7 p.m.

A brief, fierce lightning storm touched off a fast-moving fire that is threatening structures, the Okanogan County Sheriff's Office's communications system and crops in the Cameron Lake Road area near Okanogan.

The fire began around 7 p.m. July 1 as a lightning storm moved through the valley. It brought scattered rain showers to the mid-valley area and hail to the south end of the county.


US: Lightning May Have Triggered Fire At St. Patrick's Church in Tampa, Florida

A fire in the social hall attic of St. Patrick's Catholic Church forced the congregation outside just before 9 a.m. Mass on Sunday. A lightning strike on the roof overnight may have ignited a small fire, which smoldered until church member Paul Mumford saw flames about 8:45 a.m.

"I smelled smoke. When I first started looking I couldn't see it. Later I could see flames," Mumford said.

Those attending the Mass were moved outside and an abbreviated service was said as about 50 members stood or sat in folding chairs.

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US: Lightning Strike At Hammonassett Beach Kills 1, Injures 4

Connecticut, US - The pavilion must have seemed safe to Mauricio Bugatti when a thunderstorm suddenly raced over Hammonasset beach last weekend. But he stood too close to a wooden pillar, and that's most likely what killed him.

Bugatti, 23, of West Haven, died when lightning struck the pavilion Sunday at West Beach in Hammonasset Beach State Park. Four others who stood near the same pillar - including a 12-year-old - were injured. Those seeking shelter from the storm probably did not realize it, but the pavilion was one of the worst places to be, according to Richard Kithil, founder and chief executive officer of the nonprofit Lightning Safety Institute in Denver. When a lightning bolt hits, it jumps from one object to the next on its way to the ground, and it is drawn to human bodies because of their high saltwater content, experts said.