Blanket of ice: U.S. shivers as 49 of 50 states are hit by snow storms

The U.S. is shivering in the grips of a freezing winter with 49 of its 50 states now having snow on the ground.

Two winter storms have dumped several inches of snow in some states and left flights grounded from Texas to the Carolinas.

The only state to avoid the icy conditions was Florida, but even the Sunshine State suffered flight cancellations due to heavy fog.


US: Snow in Every State Except Florida

snow plow
© AP Photo/Rich KareckasAs snow continues to fall a snow sweeper clears the accumulation from in front of an all-night drug store in New York early Wednesday Jan. 12, 2011. The New York area is bracing itself for for it's second major snow fall since Christmas.
Florida was the holdout on Wednesday as the National Weather Service reported all the other 49 states had snow on the ground, MyFoxBoston reports.

Snow covered 69.4 percent of the United States as of Tuesday. The weather service said that is more than double the snow cover from last month.

Hawaii even saw flurries as Hawaii News Now said snow fell on the Mauna Kea volcano on the Big Island.

Because events like this are not tracked by the weather service there's no way to say how rare it is, but it is at least the second time within a year's time.

The Associated Press reported on Feb. 13, 2010, that 49 states had at least some snow cover.Florida had snow while Hawaii and its 13,800-foot Mauna Kea did not.

There are no reports of all 50 states having snow at once. The AP reported that Jan. 19, 1977, had snow in all states but South Carolina.

Colder air is on the way with temperatures up to 25 degrees below average.

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Africa: Storm kills 10, injures seven in Mozambique

A heavy storm killed 10 people and seriously injured seven others in Mozambique's central province of Manica, state-run Mozambique Television said on Wednesday.

The storm on Monday destroyed more than 100 houses and electricity pylons, the broadcaster said.

Seven of the dead were members of a religious sect attending a church meeting under a tree, the broadcaster quoted Conde Adriano, the Mayor of Chimoio, the provincial capital, as saying.

Heavy rains in Mozambique and neighbouring South Africa in the last month have raised fears of a repeat of massive floods of 2000 that killed at least 350 people and displaced a million others in the centre and south of the country.

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Canada: Snowstorms blow into southern British Columbia, Halifax, Toronto

© Brad Robb / MyNews.CTV.caSnow blankets the city of Toronto after a storm rolled through the area, Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2010.
Canadians are in winter's grip across the country today, as Environment Canada warns of snowy conditions in parts of B.C., Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

On the West Coast, forecasters calling for between 10 and 20 centimetres of accumulation overnight issued snow warnings for southern parts of British Columbia. But conditions will worsen through the morning Wednesday as temperatures climb and the snow turns to rain.

CTV weather specialist Jeff Hutcheson says that's going to create some messy conditions.

"With temperatures on the rise, a lot of that snow's going to be washed away in the rain, and a lot of it, because temperatures are going to be 9 and 7 (degrees Celsius) in Victoria and Vancouver today," Hutcheson said on Canada AM.

"This could create some flooding issues as well, as all that snow begins to melt."


Icy weather, sleet force over 100,000 to evacuate in southwest China province

Icy weather and sleet have left one person dead and forced the evacuation of 104,900 people from their homes in southwest China's Guizhou Province since the New Year's Day, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said Wednesday.

As of 8 a.m. Wednesday, the freezing weather had disrupted the lives of more than 4.64 million people in 83 counties of the province, where accumulated ice had caused more than 8,000 homes to collapse, said a statement on the ministry's website.

Economic losses were estimated at 1.28 billion yuan (194 million U.S. dollars).

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US: Storm Pounds Boston After Dumping New Snowfall on New York City

A storm that dropped more than 9 inches of new snow on New York City pounded Boston with blizzard conditions, forcing schools to close and disrupting travel.

Twelve to 20 inches of snow may fall on Boston and parts of New England before the storm moves away late today, forecasters said. Boston officials asked non-essential city workers to stay home and urged other businesses to let employees work from home, according to the city website.

More than 2,000 flights were canceled, mostly in the Northeast, according to airline reports compiled by Bloomberg. Amtrak suspended service between New York and Boston after a tree fell on an overhead power line near Sharon, Massachusetts, and the National Weather Service reported downed trees and power lines across the area.

"As the storm bombs out off the New England coast, the winds will pick up and basically create blizzard-like conditions," said Carl Erickson, a senior meteorologist with AccuWeather Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania.

Cities across the U.S. Northeast deployed thousands of plows and sand-spreaders to tackle the second major snowstorm in a little more than two weeks.

New York City declared a weather emergency, urging people to stay off the roads, as the storm moved in. Public schools remained open.

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US: Winter Snowstorm: 'Weather Bomb' Slams Into Northeast

The powerful winter storm that left 11 dead and snarled travel across the Southeast moved overnight in the Northeast.

The "weather bomb" arrived in the Northeast late Tuesday after combining with snow from the Midwest.

Forecasters described this storm as a "weather bomb" -- a fast-moving, severe winter storm where air pressure drops quickly and an unusually far south jet stream brings in moisture, causing heavy snows and winds.


Major Winter Storm Wallops U.S. Northeast

© David Tulis/Athens Banner-HeraldSteven Smith, president of Verity Bank, shovels snow and ice from the bank parking lot in Winder, Ga., after a weekend snowstorm.
The U.S. Northeast was hit by its second major winter storm of the season, which was expected to dump up to a foot of snow on New York City by Wednesday evening and create chaos for commuters and travelers.

Airlines pre-emptively canceled hundreds of flights and companies were advising some employees to work from home, while oil prices jumped 2 percent on expectations the cold weather would boost demand for heating oil.

The storm could give New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg a chance to make up for his much-criticized response to the blizzard that paralyzed New York less than two weeks ago.

He declared a weather emergency late Tuesday that urged the public to avoid driving, granted authorities the right to tow cars blocking snow plows and allowed emergency services to "take all appropriate and necessary steps" to ensure safety.

"We didn't do the job that New Yorkers rightly expect of us in the last storm and we intend to make sure that that does not happen again," Bloomberg told a news conference.

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Thunderstorms Shoot Antimatter Beams Into Space

"This is a fundamental new discovery about how our planet works," expert says.

© J. Dwyer/FIT, NASAAn illustration shows high-energy electrons and positrons from Earth traveling into space.
Thunderstorms can shoot beams of antimatter into space - and the beams are so intense they can be spotted by spacecraft thousands of miles away, scientists have announced.

Most so-called normal matter is made of subatomic particles such as electrons and protons. Antimatter, on the other hand, is made of particles that have the same masses and spins as their counterparts but with opposite charges and magnetic properties.

Recently, radiation detectors on NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope lighted up for about 30 milliseconds with the distinctive signature of positrons, the antimatter counterparts of electrons.

Scientists were able to trace the concentrated burst of radiation to a lightning flash over Namibia, at least 3,000 miles (5,000 kilometers) away from the Earth-orbiting telescope, which was passing above Egypt at the time.

"This is a fundamental new discovery about how our planet works," said Steven Cummer, a lightning researcher from Duke University who was not part of the study team.

Snowflake Cold

Best of the Web: US: Snow In 49 States Right Now (MAP)

A map of snowfall in the United States is revealing right now: 49 states have snow on this 1/11/11 and only one does not.

From the southern snow storm heading north, which is affecting air travel, to the pending storm in New York City, and flurries out west, there's plenty of white stuff going around.

The lone state without a flake? It's the Sunshine State...Florida. Locals are celebrating the fact, though interestingly, parts of the state saw snow just days ago.

Even Hawaii has snow, in Mauna Kea on the Big Island.

Have a look at the map for yourself:

© Google
CNN meteorologist Angela Fritz calls this "extremely unusual," though notes that statistics aren't generally kept on how many states have snow at the same time.