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Tue, 28 Mar 2017
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Cowardly cops claim tasering 8 year-old was justified

The mother of an 8-year-old Native American girl is suing police who maintain that they were justified in using a taser on the child. The family lives in Pierre, South Dakota and belong to the Rosebud Sioux community. Four police officers decided that this young girl who had a small paring knife was "a danger to herself," requiring them to taser her.

But her mother says that the officers should have used non-violent means to neutralize the threat they believed the 70-pound girl posed. It all happened back in October of 2013, but since then family members have obtained attorneys Dana Hanna and Patrick Duffy and their tribe has released public statements against the incident of irrational police brutality.

"Within seconds," the officer's electroshock weapon discharged snares into the chest of the 70-pound girl, the lawsuit reads.

"The force of the electricity shot through her body, lifted her, and threw her against a wall. After the officers had stunned (the girl) into high voltage submission, they pulled the fish-hook like Taser darts from her chest, gave her emergency medical attention, bandaged the holes left by the razor-sharp hooks, and called the ambulance."

Pierre Police Chief Bob Granpre, however, says that the police acted properly, and a two-month long investigate claims the same thing (PDF).

Comment: Another fine example of what happens when you call the police.

Wine n Glass

Cop with history of drunk driving who posted shot pics before killing people in drunken car crash says he was drugged

A police officer who killed two people in a drunken crash while he was driving the wrong way down the road is now claiming that he is not to blame for the accident because he suspects that he was drugged by strippers. However, it was documented that at the time of the accident the officer had a blood alcohol level of three times the legal limit.

The off-duty officer who was driving the car had posted a photo on his Instagram hours earlier of three shot glasses full of alcohol. In his Instagram post, Officer Pedro Abad identifies the drinks in the photos as "Jack Daniels Fire." He was at a strip club with a number of other police officers for several hours until they eventually left in a car together and crashed into a tractor trailer going the wrong way down a one-way street.

Comment: This man isn't responsible enough to know when he's too drunk to drive, but he's somehow responsible enough to be given a badge and a gun?


Protecting their own: Cops allow sheriff's deputy to flee after being arrested for gun and drug charges

Arrested three times within the last week for gun and drug charges, a sheriff's deputy was recently caught on video escaping from custody as his arresting officers stood next to him in the parking lot and allowed their colleague to flee. Although the deputy was found high on meth and accused of aiming his gun at children, his arresting officers claim he's a criminal mastermind capable of outwitting Harry Houdini.

On Saturday night, Kern County Sheriff's Deputy Edward Tucker was arrested after allegedly pulling a gun on a group of children at a birthday party. According to a witness, Tucker told a group of girls that he was being chased and was looking for a woman on a bicycle before pulling out his gun. When the girls denied seeing anything, Tucker reportedly aimed his firearm at each of them.

"He pointed the gun straight at them, at their chest, each one individually, and told them, 'You're lying to me,'" the resident described.

As deputies arrived on the scene, Tucker hid inside his car and waited for them to arrest him. After placing Tucker in custody, deputies found five handguns, two shotguns, and an assault rifle in his vehicle. They also found a small amount of methamphetamine in his car and suspected Tucker of being under the influence.

Bad Guys

Young Britons face worst economic prospects in generations, human rights study finds

© Cathal McNaughton / Reuters
Young people in the UK are at risk of becoming a lost generation, a new report has found, with economic prospects for Britons under the age of 34 at their lowest level for several generations.

The report, published on Friday by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), concluded the average income of a young person had fallen dramatically in the past five years, and more barriers were preventing them from gaining economic independence.

Comment: It seems rather obvious that this situation is by design, otherwise the UK government would ensure all workers are guaranteed the same minimum wage. This is one of the consequences of allowing psychopaths to hold positions of power.

Arrow Up

Compassionate teacher shows a better way to respond to students in difficult situations

© Twitter
A South Carolina police officer is seen accosting a student at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, in video online.
A post on Twitter by user Damito Jo (@kiaspeakes) showed on Thursday how the violent incident at Spring Valley High School — in which an white "school safety" officer brutalized a teenage black girl — could have gone differently.

"A former co-worker just shared this," wrote Damita Jo. "This is how good teachers respond to what happened at #springvalleyhigh."

The post said:
About 90 minutes ago, I was observed by my principal. A student had his phone out, I asked him quietly to put it away. He told me he couldn't. I immediately thought about "the situation." I asked him if he was ok, he told me no and burst into tears. He walked out of the room, I contemplated following him. I was being observed after all. I followed my heart though. The young man's brother was killed last night. I told him to write me a letter and express all his pain and use whatever words he wanted to express. He did it and I wrote back. It took me two minutes. When he walked out today, he said "I love you, Mrs. Turner-Swift. Thanks for listening to me." I really only gave him maybe five minutes of my time. That's all he needed; that's why I teach!

Comment: It's heartening to know that there are still teachers who have the compassion and humanity to care about their students. In a society that was not dominated by a psychopathic mindset, this teacher's behavior would be the norm. Hopefully her kind gesture will inspire more people to follow her example.


Horrific treatment at Texas immigration detention center forces women to begin hunger strike

© Jorge Cabrera / Reuters
Nearly 30 women at an immigration detention facility in Texas have begun a hunger strike. In their letters, made public by a civil rights group, they highlight "grave injustices," detentions of up to 18 months, inedible food, and "little or no security."

"There are grave injustices being committed, detentions spanning eight months, 10 months, a year, a year and a half, so in the end we are being told we have no rights and will be deported, with offensive words and gestures that make us feel worthless," Magdrola, from Guatemala, wrote in her letter, published by Grassroots Leadership along with 16 letters from other detainees.

According to the rights group, at least 27 women are hunger striking at the T Don Hutto residential center in Taylor, near Austin, asking for immediate release.

Comment: The US destruction of many Latin American countries in pursuit of regime change and their support of drug lords has created the conditions that have forced these women to seek refuge from hunger, poverty and violence.The treatment of these vulnerable women is unconscionable, and it shows the dearth of humanity inherent in a culture dominated by psychopaths.

Black Cat

FBI fabricates false 'war on cops': If you wear a Halloween mask, you are a suspect

© www.playbuzz.com
Trick? or Treat? ...it's all in how you look at it.
The FBI is helping police nation-wide get into the Halloween spirit by concocting a scary story that is every bit as implausible as the seasonal fare offered on television and movie screens. The Bureau claims that an obscure, previously unknown "anarchist" group supposedly called the National Liberation Militia is planning to use Halloween festivities to ambush police officers.

According to the New York Post, the "extremist group ... has proposed a 'Halloween Revolt' that encourages supporters to cause a disturbance to attract police and then viciously attack them... The group has recommended that members wear typical Halloween masks and use weapons such as bricks, bottles, and firearms, according to the release. No details are offered to corroborate the alleged plot or even the existence of the group that is supposedly behind it. As it stands, the FBI's advisory merely provides police nation-wide with a ready-made "officer safety" rationale for treating "typical Halloween masks" as an indicator of "suspicious activity."

The FBI's tale of the "Halloween Revolt" is a seasonally-adapted version of the apparently deathless "war on police" myth, which is incessantly flogged by police unions and retailed by media outlets like the New York Post and Fox News. In his recent address to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, FBI Director James Comey peddled a related idea - namely, that violent crime is escalating because of police timidity induced by the "Ferguson Effect" (also known as the "YouTube Effect"). Expanding distrust of police has led to "a crisis of violent crime in some of our major cities in this country, and in those cities in some of our more vulnerable neighborhoods."

Comment: Distrust of police...gosh, what is their first clue here?
In fact, violent crime is waning. Over the past 25 years, the tide of crime and violence seemed to simply recede. Crime is about half of what it was at its peak in 1991. Violent crime plummeted 51 percent. Property crime fell 43 percent. Homicides are down 54 percent. In 1985, there were 1,384 murders in New York City. Last year there were 333. The country is an undeniably safer place and it has nothing to do with an increase in incarceration.

Comment: Halloween masks ruin that facial recognition thingy the PTB have going for them. (Is Santa Claus the next terrorist suspect?) Become a cop and be given an automatic license to kill, with immunity, under the mask of "law and order."

And, from the article, this line bears repeating: Whether in the early 1970s or today, the actions carried out in the name of "authority" are far scarier than any of the stories used to justify its exercise.


Public official behind L'Aquila earthquake advice to stand trial in Italy

The earthquake devastated the city of L'Aquila and many surrounding villages
A high-ranking public official who sent a group of scientists to L'Aquila to assess seismic risk ahead of the deadly earthquake that struck the city in 2009 is to stand trial on charges of manslaughter, a judge ruled today. His trial follows the October 2012 conviction and sentencing to 6 years in prison of the seven experts, and the acquittal of all bar one of them last November.

Guido Bertolaso, who at the time of the earthquake was head of Italy's civil protection department, set up a meeting of the experts as full or acting members of an official panel known as the National Commission for the Forecast and Prevention of Major Risks on 31 March 2009, ostensibly to analyze the risk posed by a series of small- and medium-sized earthquakes that had been shaking the region around L'Aquila for several months. But following the earthquake, which struck 6 days later leaving 309 dead, the scientists were accused of having provided the public with a false and fatal sense of security.

The experts—Bertolaso's deputy together with three seismologists, a volcanologist, and two seismic engineers—were put on trial in L'Aquila in September 2011 and charged with having carried out a superficial risk analysis during their 2009 meeting. The prosecution alleged that they made a series of unjustifiably reassuring statements that led some people to abandon traditional precaution and remain indoors during the quake.

Comment: For more information on this case, see:

Scientists Are the New Witches: Italy jails six seismologists for failing to predict earthquake

Italy: Seismologists Tried for Manslaughter Over Quake


Bullies with badges: Incompetent cops arrest innocent deaf woman, kidnap, sedate, and humiliate her

New York, NY — After an NYPD officer lied about a deaf woman's disability and refused to provide a legally mandated translator before wrongfully arresting her, the woman reached a $750,000 settlement this week. Although the inept cop was responsible for wrongfully arresting the deaf woman and violating the Americans With Disabilities Act, taxpayers will bear the burden of the settlement instead of the incompetent officer.

On September 11, 2011, Diana Williams and her husband, Chris Williams, who are both deaf, attempted to evict tenants who had failed to pay rent. After the tenant's boyfriend allegedly gestured that he had a gun, Chris called for the police using a video relay service that should have tipped off the dispatcher to send a translator along with the responding officers. When NYPD arrived at the scene without a translator, they began questioning the people that could talk while ignoring the deaf people.

Instead of judging both sides of the story, Officer Christopher Romano and his partner only spoke to the tenant's hearing roommate and her boyfriend while ignoring Williams and her husband.Even though the cops were on the scene for 45 minutes, Romano never bothered to request for a translator. Although several deaf tenants in the building offered to translate for Williams, who cannot hear, speak English, or read lips, Romano rejected their help and decided to arrest her based on the false account from the tenant's boyfriend.

After cuffing Williams' hands behind her back, Romano was unable to explain the arrest to her deaf family members before taking her away. Although Williams clearly needed an interpreter, Romano checked the "No" box on the arrest report asking if an interpreter was required. He also checked "No" on separate paperwork asking if Williams had a disability.

In a deposition, Romano falsely insisted that he spoke with Williams - who cannot hear, speak English, or read lips - before arresting her.

With Williams detained, her husband arrived at the precinct with a sign language interpreter, but the NYPD threatened to arrest them if they didn't leave. As Williams stood for several hours with her arm shackled to the wall, officers continued to ignore the deaf woman's pleas as she began hyperventilating. While the cops transferred her to another precinct, Williams desperately attempted to write "Hospital" on the dirty window of the patrol car with her finger but only managed to spell out "HOSP."


School cop punches 16-year-old student in the face for not having a hall pass

A school resource officer was recently arrested after he was caught assaulting a student on a surveillance recording. The student had reportedly been in the hallway without a pass, and after he was confronted by officer Thomas Jaha, he went to get a drink of water.

Since he did not leave the hallway immediately and go directly back to class, Jaha went into a rage and attacked the 16-year old boy. Jaha is now facing a misdemeanor assault charge.

Jaha says that the student took an "aggressive stance" so he began to strike the boy, and it was all caught on the school's video surveillance camera.

"He struck a student twice in the head after this student got in an aggressive stance and faced the master sergeant," Capt. Paco Balderrama of the Oklahoma City Police Department said.