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© Global Affairs CanadaMinister Freeland speak at the Vancouver Foreign Ministers’ Meeting regarding the Korean Peninsula
Vancouver, Canada held a significant event in the history of Canada on January 16th, 2018. Canada's traditional peace-keeping role in international relations relegated to the historical dustbin, Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland led the 'international community' in a song of war and genocide against North Korea. However, the plan was ultimately not about North Korea, as single-toned as the grouping Freeland gathered tried to make it seem. What was missing were the harmonies a well-trained ear can hear but isn't sung: Russia and China, noticeably missing from the conference despite making great advances in peace on the Korean Peninsula in the months leading up to the Vancouver gathering, were the missing notes.

For those listening, I ask you, the reader, what is behind the one-note song 'North Korea is an existential danger to humanity'? Banging away at your insides, like an annoying pop song that you just cannot get out of your head, you become conscious of what is really going on. For anyone with a 20-year memory, which sadly scarcely exists today in the anti-war movement, Freeland's war song is eerily reminiscent of Tony Blair banging on about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, whispering in the ear of Bush Jr., or Colin Powell's 'yellow cake' song and dance.

Freeland, at this years' war choral, was clearly playing the role of conductor. Her mannerisms at the head table with the other world leaders was uncomfortably out of tune, mostly because of her exaggerated gestures of friendship and geniality.

A few days after Freeland and Tillerson announced the meeting in December 2017 from Ottawa, Freeland headed off to her motherland, Ukraine.

Since we're talking about the possibility of WWIII, I think it might be pertinent to revisit some little-known history from WWII. In the 1960's the Polish government, still reeling from their role as the main course of the European 'meat-sandwich' that was the second world war, went on the hunt for Nazi aiders and abettors who destroyed their people. Contrary to what mainstream readers are allowed to know, WWII Nazi and Waffen SS leaders, Goebbels's publishers and editors (otherwise known as propagandists), willing and outright Nazi collaborators and vicious killers, made their way out of conquered Germany to the United States and to Canada. Canada, under MI-6 direction, took in 2000 of them. Most of them 'made their way' to Ontario and Alberta. One of them even became the President of the University of Alberta. I repeat, one of them EVEN BECAME THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA. Just in case you didn't catch that. It was this former Waffen SS soldier-turned University President who created the Ukrainian Studies department at the U of A, where he set about a Ukrainian revisionist history project, the Ukrainian encyclopedia.

Michael Chomiak, another of these significant Nazi's who were never caught, lived out his days after the war as a farmer in Alberta. His Nazi identification documents were uncovered by the Polish Government in the 1960's. "Chomiak's records show he was trained in Vienna for German espionage and propaganda operations, then promoted to run the German press machine for the Galician region of Ukraine and Poland during the 4-year occupation. So high-ranking and active in the Nazi cause was Chomiak that the Polish intelligence services were actively hunting for Chomiak until the 1980s - without knowing he had fled for safety to an Alberta farm in Canada." [Editing note: Please see link for John Helmer's extensive work on uncovering Freeland's Nazi family history.] Poland was on the hunt but lost the trail because he was well hidden by their WWII 'allies', the British, Canadians, and Americans, unbeknownst to my fellow peaceful Canadians.

What do we have today then, after all these decades? As Pers Anders Rudling's extensive peer-reviewed work has demonstrated, we have a revival of nationalism all over the world. Most pablum-fed mainstream media watchers and upstanding Canadian citizens should be rightly skeptical and incredulous at the news that Canada has a Nazi problem today. How could we not have known about this or seen this coming? SURELY, WE WOULD HAVE BEEN TOLD?! I felt the same way when I discovered that my Winnipeg neighbors' Ukrainian roots were connected to Nazi's, or that my childhood memories of perogies and cabbage rolls were now tainted with the blood of millions of innocents at the hands of the most rancorous and calculating racists the planet has ever known. You should be skeptical. However, I would say that, more, you deserve to know for sure.

Who is Michael Chomiak? He is dead now, but his memory lives on in the minds of his family. With all the revisionist ritualistic ceremonies venerating the memory of these 'freedom fighters' over the decades since the Ukrainian encyclopedia was re-written by the U of A, pitting Stalinist apologists against Hitler apologists, we indeed have more than a Nazi problem in the world and especially in Canada: we have a far-left/far-right problem. There is only ONE way out of this problem. But, I digress.

Chomiak, as you can ascertain from the links provided, is Chrystia Freeland's grandfather, Canada's current Foreign Minister who is attempting to lead the war chorus against North Korea, who is now attempting to head the same war chorus against Venezuela. I won't repeat that - but I should. Don't be fooled, however. The FM's Meeting in Vancouver on North Korea isn't about North Korea, really, and nor are the sanctions on Venezuela about Venezuela, in the end. Venezuela, North Korea, Syria and many other U.S. theaters of war around the world are really about Russia and China. And Freeland's real enemy is Russia. Is it surprising really? It's in her blood. Any ally of Russia is also on Freeland's hit list.

Venezuela's Russian debt was recently written off, and their oil has now ceased to be traded in USD, but in the Yuan instead. If you follow International Trade and Relations, you will know that the U.S. has been going after Venezuela for decades with much fervor, but no prize - yet. Now with Freeland as Foreign Minister, Canada has been stirring the pot with as much, if not more fervor than the U.S over Venezuela as well as all over Latin America.

As a matter of fact, China and Russia have been successfully tag-teaming in making U.S. and former British Empire bully victims allies all over the world. However, Russia and, more so, China, are using, as their basis of making nations their allies, not with sanctions or war threats or Soros-style color revolutions, but with economic cooperation, respecting nations' sovereignty and building the physical economy for the benefit of the general population of said countries. Russia and China both are doing this through cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), based on the proposal by Lyndon and Helga Zepp-LaRouche (known in China as the New Silk Road Lady). You, the reader, should know that Lyndon LaRouche's economic writings have been studied at various levels of the academic intelligentsia who advise economic policy in Russia, Sergei Glazyev, for example. And in China the EIR's Special Report: The New Silk Road Becomes the World-Landbridge was sponsored and published by the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies which is a partnership of Renmin University, a key academic advisory institution to the Chinese government, and Chongyang Investment Ltd. Further, the BRI is rooted in LaRouche's science of physical economy.

While most people confuse Capitalism with what is a country's physical economy, the physical economy, now desperately and almost irreversibly crushed in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, is the life-breath of any thriving economy. While activists and political organizers of all stripes squabble over the cultural paradoxes that are the left and right paradigms, created by Trump's tweets and Trudeau's feminist ways and kooky socks (I like them actually...), bankers, traders, and Foreign Minister's of the unipolar variety tag-team for hegemony over the economy of already physical-economically deprived populations. (THAT'S US - THE GENERAL POPULATION OF ALL SOCIETES, in case you weren't picking up on that). The West's social safety-net and physical infrastructure is almost irreparable, almost. But there is hope, if not from our own leaders, then from Russia and China, despite the loud raucous rantings of the most ardent far-right free-marketers and far-left Antifa-loving Russia-gater's. Canada's social safety net, we are told, is out of money. Record-high homelessness, increasing contract employment (which fall between the glacier-sized cracks of standard employment and unemployment statistics), failing healthcare, but oh, record corporate profits, which are now on the NAFTA/TPP chopping block, which Freeland is also tasked with keeping alive.

I digress.

I could have opened with 'Freeland is a Nazi', but you likely would have shut down and clicked on 'next'. Instead, I hope that the links I've provided will give you the information you certainly don't want to know but need to understand for the sake of your children, for the sake of your neighbors, and all your loved ones.

The Ukraine: Freeland's Coming War Against Russia

While most in the West know about the U.S.'s sanctions against Russia, or the lesser known Canadian sanctions against Russia, even less people know about Russia's sanctions against the West. These are not economic sanctions, but sanctions against people. One of those sanctioned is Freeland.

Freeland is not allowed in Russia, and neither is George Soros, her current mentor and close friend. However, she does travel to the Ukraine - often. During the Soros and U.S.' NED-funded Maidan coup, she was a featured guest on Canadian radio shows. Listening to her rant on the CBC about how close she was to Obama and ultra-neo-con Victoria Nuland-Kagan (a connection that should make any decent, honest democratically-minded liberal shake their head), getting almost daily briefings from them about the poor 'freedom fighters' against the evil Russia-loving Yanukovych, it was clear, to me at least, that Freeland was either 'in on it' or she had fallen for the well-timed and well-placed propaganda that is now proven time and time again. I wasn't sure yet, so that's when I set about discovering who Chrystia Nuland really is (that is not a typo).

At the time, the Society for the New Humanist Paradigm, put out a leaflet entitled 'Canada's Nazi Problem', as it was becoming clear that we indeed had a lot of Ukrainian Nazi supporters inside Canada. As disturbing as this was then and now, I could not look away - train-wreck - eyes fixed. Canada, like any country, does not just have fringe Nazi ideologues hiding swastikas behind fanboy posters, but ACTUAL Nazi's were brought to Canada from Germany and the Ukraine (the worst purveyors of crimes against humanity), after WWII?? I could not and would not ever eat another perogy again. The thought of it made me sick to my stomach. Just as you are probably saying now, I said to myself "HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?" What's worse now, more than then, is that the grand-daughter of a Goebbels's-hired propagandist is our Foreign Minister and is stoking the flames of war in North Korea, the Ukraine, Venezuela and god knows where else??

So, the question needs to be asked, when following Tillerson and Freeland's latest co-adventures, who is really wagging the dog here?

I attended an event hosted by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress here in Vancouver last year. It was a public meeting advertised on Facebook. I clicked on 'Going' and made my way to the meeting. The meeting was set to hear the Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada and the Canadian Ambassador to the Ukraine report on the ongoing 'Russian aggression' in East Ukraine. Canada has the highest population of Ukrainians outside of Ukraine, with smatterings of immigration periods spread out over the last 100 years or so.

After I cautiously fixed myself in a seat (train-wreck-watching type of 'fixed') with a coffee and Ukrainian dessert in hand, making as little small talk as possible with attendees in English, the meeting commenced entirely in Ukrainian. A poster was at the front with 'Slava Ukraine' in big, writing-styled letters. A pre-recorded message to the audience (in English) was played of Chrystia Freeland, then Canada's Trade Minister, speaking about her 'love' for the 'freedom fighters' fighting big bad Putin in Eastern Ukraine. Despite growing up with Ukrainians I do not speak the language so, after fixedly watching the UCC parade Ukrainian-flagged military-garbed speakers in front of the audience, nodding in approval and support, I can only assume they were either heading to or coming back from the Ukraine. At this point, I felt like I was in the lion's den. Good advice I was given and will give to you now: if you are ever outnumbered in a room full of fascists - get out right away! I made my way to the back of the room, walked up to the organizer and prepared my early leave. I lied, telling the organizer that "...I was here to do something about 'Russian aggression' but I do not speak Ukrainian. Why is this meeting not in English? Canada has only two official languages, neither of which is being used to present??" While this was a lie, it is a useful point that many Canadians should be rightly pointing out to our professed leaders. Furthermore, my transfixed minds' eye was more concerned than ever for the state of Canada and how much support for Nazi's there really is here. Again, HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED TO MY COUNTRY?

There is more to this and other confrontations I've had with Right Sector groupies, Ukraine-supporting anti-Russian MLA's, even anti-Russian Russians here in Canada. Perhaps another time. The point here is that the entrenchment of pro-Nazi, anti-Russian, and now more than ever, anti-China rhetoric in Canada is both frightening and gruesome to behold. Especially ghastly is watching this happen while Russia and China both are changing the world with a New Paradigm that ends geopolitics, develops the 3rd world, offering an open hand to both their friends and their enemies, while not retaliating for outright military aggression on their borders or for sanctions, sanctions, and more sanctions. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has the potential to change the world in the most dramatic, historic and breathtaking way, an offer extended to Canada and the U.S., by the way - but you are not allowed to know this either. Backing up this horrific anti-Russia and anti-China rhetoric, is our Foreign Minister's sycophantic manipulations to the unipolar 'international community', singing a war song to fetch the U.S. into a humanity-ending war in our modern age of nuclear weapons at the behest of Soros, the bankers, the oligarchy, and all neo-con fascists who stand in direct opposition to the BRI. To be honest, these people believe they have no other choice at this point - god forbid, peace and development and cooperation 'break out'.

Tokyo, Japan has held 4 nuclear war preparation drills for its people in the recent period. Their government understand the dangers of the direction international relations is heading; 'unipolar' versus the beautiful multipolar world Russia and China are working fast to create, and successfully I would add. (Japan has close relations with Russia, and recently invited China to partner in developing Africa.) What is not explained to most mainstream readers is that North Korea's nuclear weapons proliferation program is not for offensive capabilities against South Koreans. ICBM's are not required to kill an enemy when that enemy is only miles away, especially when the DPRK have tens of thousands of offensive and defensive heavy weaponries in their arsenal. Does this possibly mean that the THAAD 'defense' system installed by the U.S., on a brand new enormous U.S. controlled military base inside South Korea with estimates between 28,500 - 36,000 (probably much more) U.S. army, air force, and navy troops, are possibly, just maybe, NOT there to defend South Korea from North Korea?? Maybe?? Could it be that the DPRK is yet another bullied nation that just doesn't want to get bullied anymore??

As we are constantly reminded by the droning on of mainstream media, North Korea's ICBM's, if capable, will hit the U.S. mainland...however, is it not reasonable for one to ponder that the DPRK's missiles might be aimed at Guam or Hawaii, or at U.S. occupied countries with U.S. military bases, like Japan? If so, wouldn't that tell you why preparedness drills are taking place in Tokyo?? At this point, you really need to ask yourself, is North Korea really the threat here?? Is that enough thought-provoking questions for you?

The THAAD 'defense' system is designed to be offensive as well as defensive, if deemed 'necessary' by policy and decision makers. Perhaps some poor soul in Hawaii started to realize all this as well, to prepare his fellow citizens of the REAL and PRESENT danger posed, not by Kim Jong-un, but by their own leaders, with the recent 'false flag' warning which frightened Hawaiians out of their skins.

Worse, while Trump's tweets and SOTU address are filled with English-language ending sentence fragments and gaping holes in addressing the horrific reality for which he was elected to change, a vacuum is being created for the neo-cons in the U.S. and Canadian military, and NATO forces, in Syria and the Ukraine.

Trumps outrageous, and mostly truthful tweets aside, eco-anti-development neo-liberal identity politics voices talk about Trudeau's socks and windmills, despite the fact that our un-Prime Minister and cabinet is as neo-con as we have ever seen, and worse than Harper ever was: Neo-liberal LGTB policies at home, and support of LGTB killers abroad in Saudi Arabia, 'rehabilitating ISIS soldiers', regular public support of Right Sector and open Nazi's in Ukraine, and Freeland's plans with John McCain to rescue LGTB's in Chechnya (laughable, I know - I spit out my coffee when I read that...), which is actually a plan to 'rescue' anti-Russian Chechnyan terrorist assets. That's right - you neo-liberal, pro-Trudeau, identity politics, eco-fascists (I mean that last moniker for a very specific group of people, by the way...) - you can choke now.

Trump himself is not the issue. The issue is the people's will to overcome the propaganda, and to keep their eyes on the prize: repatriating our economy from Wall Street and the City of London, love of humanity by pushing for policies that create the space for Peace through Development. Just like the Moon-Putin plan by which North Korea has agreed to freeze their nuclear program if conditions around the world were agreeable. We can do this in Canada and the U.S. by insisting that President Trump institute Glass Steagall (bank separation to protect commercial banking) as he promised, bring back national banking, and focus our economy and efforts back on the current broken economic conditions created by economic fascists like George Soros, Larry Summer, Alan Greenspan, the BIS, the IMF and the World Bank. Canada and the U.S. can and must join in the New Paradigm by joining with the Peace through Development plan of which China and Russia have invited us - to stop the threat of humanity-ending nuclear war. Moreover, China and Russia's invitation was really meant for you and me, not our leaders, who no longer have legitimacy, accountability, nor do they speak for us. China has lifted more than 500 million of their own people out of poverty in the last decade and are continuing to do the same for Africa. They want us to do the same for ourselves and are giving us the opportunity, because the only other alternative for the planet, at this time, now, is where our 'leaders' are taking us, to nuclear war with Russia and China, while Russia still holds the 'dead hand' at their ready.

The Economist, the mouthpiece for the 'unipolar' one-note 'international community', is not sure if Trump is willing to go along with their plan, as they recently wrote, despite Tillerson's recent moves in Latin America, following in lock-step with Freeland. The Economist names Russia and China as the enemy, outright. The National Defense Strategy delivered by 'Mad-Dog' Mattis, also directly names Russia and China's economic interests (aka, the BRI) as the enemy. Trump, if he indeed has the intention of representing the forgotten man, as he stated in his inaugural address, will listen to his base of support and has proven he will work with Democrats on such issues - despite democrat-posing neo-cons blocking him at every turn. This MUST be the policy Trump hears his support base wants. Canada could institute Glass Steagall and join the BRI tomorrow, such is the lack of actual democracy we have here in the North. However, Canada's economy, so tied to the U.S., could not survive resistance to such a policy shift if the U.S. goes in this direction, without a banker's money-tree propping up the war policy. While Canada's identity politics' victims and disadvantaged fall through the cracks of our system, we 'found' enough money before WWII to go to that avoidable war, and rest-assured, with WWIII around the corner, the bankers have enough money for genocide abroad and fascism at home, today.

Freeland is more than a Nazi. She is a globalist hell-bent on a unipolar world, the likes of which her masters at Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, the CFR, the billionaires and all their forebears she represents have been planning for a long time.

When China adopted LaRouche's early 1990's Eurasian Landbridge proposal in 2013, the Western neo-liberal oligarchy kicked into high gear. When it was clear that Putin's Russia would also join China in this world-changing plan, the Ukrainian Orange Revolution/fascist putsch took place, one year earlier than originally planned. Freeland was the perfect candidate to become Canada's Foreign Minister, and Trudeau was the perfect submissive puppet to be her minion in the aftermath. As disgusting and duplicitous a person Freeland herself is (dominatrix inference aside), her family history and personal pedigree places her in the context of where humanity stands at this dangerous point of history. One can only imagine that her hatred of Russia was fomented around the kitchen table with her Grandfather, Chomiak. Freeland's mother wrote the current constitution of the Ukraine. I am sure that as much amorality that Soros represents, helping Nazi's confiscate his fellow Jews' property during WWII, Freeland's grandfather's legacy holds more value to her than she knows she could admit in public. The 'Minister of Everything', is putting herself in a prime position to foment her master's planned humanity-ending war with Russia and China. If the Liberals lose the next Federal election and Freeland does not win her current mission, I am making a prediction that Freeland will cross the floor to whatever side it appears might be winning. While we have never had a truly people and labour-centered NDP government in Federal power before, one similar to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership in the U.K. of which I'm not sure is possible in Canada, Freeland's position as Liberal Foreign Minister, and Trudeau allowing her in this position, needs to be protested as widely and loudly as possible by a capable and driven anti-war movement until she is removed from elected office. (Trudeau may want to remove his doodads from her purse before he lets her walk out the door). Also, extremely important, for ours and the next generation, she needs to be kept at a contagious disease-like distance from politics in Canada and anywhere else in the world where politics naturally attracts scorpions like Freeland.

During WWII, it was Canadian intelligence who trained most of the allies' special forces and spies. While the history of the Canadian military has waxed and waned over the decades since then, the war in Afghanistan put Canada on the military intelligence map once again, as its' administrative and coordination capabilities vastly improved along with greater U.S./Canada military integration abroad. A key figure who helped make this happen during the U.S. war in Afghanistan was current Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan. Today, with Canadian troops well-placed in Latvia, Estonia, and the Ukraine by Freeland's former faux-foe, Stephen Harper, Canada's sought-after intelligence and military administrative/coordination capabilities that are already fully U.S. and NATO integrated, is now quietly situated at the center of the coming war with Russia.

The question remains, while Trump is sending out distracting tweets and being distracted by Russia-gate, does he know who Freeland is? Do people who truly understand and are actively working to stop the danger humanity faces, know how dangerous Canada under Freeland's command, really is?

If you're having troubles digesting and internalizing what I've written here, don't re-categorize its elements into justifiable pieces that don't connect or make sense in its entirety. Don't turn away. Don't let history take away your children's future. Take your time. Digest it, as a whole. Let it sit with you - as a ONE - just like the proper harmonies of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

As Michel Chossudovsky said recently at an event, on the day of the FM's meeting in Vancouver, the Anti-War Movement is dead. We need to re-group and re-define the anti-war movement into a self-funded project. No more covert amoral Soros funded 'revolutions' or CIA sponsored coups and uprisings. I wholeheartedly agree. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. NOW. IN CANADA AND THE U.S.

Canada, and, in fact, the world, despite the inevitable denunciations and vitriolic trolling knee-jerk reactions I expect to this article's publication, has an ACTUAL Nazi problem, not a faux-right wing problem. George Orwell's world where 'War is Peace', 'Freedom is slavery' IS here. Instead, repeat this song: 'Freeland IS a Neo-Con', 'Sanctions ARE war', 'My children are NOT safe', 'I must FIGHT fascism'.

Cameron Pike studied Philosophy and Communications at the University of Winnipeg, and has worked in a variety of Corporate fields in management before becoming Director at the Society for the New Humanist Paradigm, a Not For Profit, in Vancouver, Canada.