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Thu, 22 Jun 2017
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35-year-old Indian man kills 14 members of his family with Butcher's knife

© AFP Photo/Punit Paranjpe
A 35-year-old man allegedly murdered 14 members of his family including seven children with a butcher's knife before committing suicide near Mumbai
A 35-year-old man killed 14 members of his family including six children with a butcher's knife before committing suicide in India, with police baffled Sunday about a motive for the attack.

The grisly murders occurred after Hasnin Anwar Warekar and his extended family gathered late on Saturday at a home north of India's financial capital of Mumbai for a family function, police officers said.

"The attacker, Hasnin Anwar Warekar, hung himself after slitting the throats of all other family members including his parents," Gajanan Laxman Kabdule, a police spokesman in Thane, some 32 kilometres (20 miles) from Mumbai, said.

Mumbai: Before murders, an unusual dinner invitation

PRELIMINARY investigations into the killing of 14 members of the Warekar family by Hasnain Warekar in the early hours of Sunday indicate that the 35-year-old had planned the killings in detail, said investigators.
Thane police officers investigating the crime said Hasnain had invited his three married sisters and their children for a family dinner he was hosting on Saturday night, but had specifically requested that their husbands not accompany them.

"This was highly unusual. Hasnain has hosted several daawats before, but this time he clearly separated the men from their wives," said Ayaz Warekar (38), Hasnain's maternal uncle, who incidentally had been invited to join the celebrations on Sunday following the afternoon namaaz. The occasion was to celebrate the his elder daughter's birthday, who had turned five on Friday.
During the course of the investigation, officers were also told that Hasnain had "sedated" his family in the past. "A few years ago, Hasnain gave his sister, his daughter and his parents a solution given to him by a baba. They consumed the drink after dinner and woke up the following afternoon. We panicked when they missed the morning prayers," said Anis Baharanal, a relative who lives in the vicinity. The family was hospitalised upon being woken up.
Hasnain had a golden heart, say neighbours about Thane man who killed 14 family members
The neighbours of the family, Mohammad Zain Mohammad Islam said, "The entire family was very decent and a happy go lucky family. Hasnain along with his sisters came to see us last night as he had invited the entire family for a get together, after he returned from the office."
Rizwan added, "Such things were never expected from Hasnain as from his childhood, he was very simple and a good person with a closed knit of friends. He used to go office, and offer namaz five times a day. A person who used to feel scared while seeing blood can never make such mistakes."

"Hasnain's father Anwar Warekar (65) was a hard working man who worked earlier with the Vera chemical company in Thane and now was the chief trustee of the Anant Nagar Dargah. He was also an estate agent. Anwar and I were close friends from childhood and he was very proud of his son Hasnain for his innocence and dedication towards his job and family. Hasnain as a child used to come to my place to play and we have seen him growing over all these years. His daughter was his life. It is very hard to believe that he has done this," expressed Rizwan Patel (56), friend of Hasnain's father.

However, the police have not ruled out the angle of property dispute which might have provoked Hasnain commit such a crime, but the relatives of the family said, "It cannot be because of the property dispute. The family was very wealthy and Hasnain's love for his sisters was never ending," added Rizwan Warekar (uncle).


Illegal dumping of nuclear waste in Kentucky landfill

© Wikipedia
The West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri, pictured in July 2014.
Radioactive drilling waste was illegally dumped at a landfill in Kentucky, according to state officials. Now, they're issuing warnings and investigating how the nuclear waste ended up at the dump site.

State officials confirmed this week that low-level nuclear waste was illegally dumped at the Blue Ridge Landfill in Irvine, Ky., last year.

The material came from rock and brine extracted in oil and gas drilling operations in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The process concentrated naturally-occurring radionuclicides.

The material was further concentrated after being recycled by Fairmont Brine Processing of West Virginia.

Kentucky Division of Waste Management Director Tony Hatton says this is the material that made its way to Irvine between July and November 2015.

State officials say the material came in 47 sealed boxes each with 25 cubic feet of material.

The Blue Ridge Landfill is not equipped to legally handle even this low-level radioactive material. State officials say they are working with landfill managers to see how the material was handled, and whether any workers or others were affected. A middle school and high school are located across Highway 89 from the landfill.

Hatton doubts there is any ongoing exposure at the dumpsite.

"The best we know, the material has been buried since November," Hatton said.


Polish news site: Scaremongering and scapegoating of Putin is really sign of respect and jealousy

© Dmitry Astakhov / ITAR TASS
The Western media love to paint the Russian president in a negative light, but any reasonable thinking person understands that this is merely a sign of jealousy, and an attempt to mobilize society by inventing an enemy, Polish news website Obserwator Polityczny suggests.

"Scaremongering [the public] using Putin, whose image is constantly spat upon and served up by the propaganda of some Western countries in the worst possible connotation, actually serves to garner respect for the Russian president in the long term" a recent article in the Polish political news and analysis website Obserwator Polityczny suggests.

"The real cause behind this harassment," the paper playfully argues, "is envy and admiration. Many Western politicians would like to be able to govern in the same way that the Russian president does, and many countries would like to be governed in this way, at least in part."

"Therefore, Vladimir Putin is not really an object of hatred, but of envy, admiration and desire," the publication boldly contends.

Comment: What do you think - do folks like Zbigniew Brzezinski and the cuckoo's nest of Washington neocons secretly admire Putin? Or is it just out-and-out hate with no other dimension to it?


Congressman proposes legislation to end bail payments that target the poor

© AP Photo/Mel Evans
A sign is seen outside a bail bondsman across the street from Mercer County criminal courthouse Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014, in Trenton, N.J.
Congressman Ted Lieu introduced the No Money Bail Act of 2016, which prohibits the payment of money as a condition of pretrial release in federal criminal cases, and bars vital federal funding from going to states that impose money bail. If enacted, the legislation could potentially abolish money bail in the United States.

Co-sponsored by Reps. Bonnie Watson Coleman, Brenda Lawrence and Ruben Gallego, the bill is most notable for its efforts to curb the use of money bail in the states, whose jurisdictions oversee the vast majority of inmates in America. Nearly 500,000 of the 2.2 million incarcerated people in America are in local jails and have not been convicted, and many of them are still in jail simply because they can't afford bail.


Scandals surrounding the for-profit college industry: Who's regulating for-profit schools?

Albert C. Grey president of Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, during a Senate hearing in June.
College accreditors have come under scrutiny recently for allowing for-profit schools to collect billions in federal aid despite low graduation and high default rates.

Accreditors are supposed to be watchdogs for college quality. They are not government agencies but colleges need an accreditor's seal of approval so students can qualify for federal loans.

The agency that has received the most heat is the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. ACICS allowed Corinthian Colleges Inc. to keep on operating right up until the for-profit college chain collapsed after evidence emerged that the schools had lured thousands of poor students into predatory loans. The accreditor placed a Corinthian campus on its "honor roll" just months before the Education Department forced the school to shut down.

ACICS, which oversees hundreds of for-profit colleges, is now the target of two government investigations. A ProPublica analysis also found that schools overseen by ACICS had the lowest graduation rates compared with other accreditors.

Comment: It's like leaving the fox in charge of the hen house.


Explosion during rescue effort brings Russian mine disaster death toll to 36

A train drives through a tunnel at the Severnaya coal mine in Russia's icy north.
Russian authorities say the death toll from a mine disaster has risen to 36 after an explosion during an attempt to rescue trapped miners Sunday, according to state-run news agency RIA Novosti.

Sunday's blast killed six people, including five rescue personnel.

In its wake, Russia's Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov told reporters that there was virtually no chance of survival for any of the 26 miners who had been trapped since Thursday in the Severnaya coal mine in the city of Vorkuta.

Three days of mourning have been declared in Komi Republic, the icy region of Russia's polar north where the mine is located, Russia state media reported.


Salt Lake City: Clashes erupt after cop shoots teenager

© Brett Neilson / Wikipedia
Riot police were trying to disperse angry crowds throwing glass and rocks following an officer-involved shooting in downtown Salt Lake City. A 16 year-old was shot four times by intervening police after an altercation with another man. Witnesses say excessive force was used.

Shots were fired in the Rio Grande St. area of Salt Lake city on Saturday night, police said. According to reports, the shooting involved two police officers. The current condition of the teenager is unknown. He has been taken to a local hospital.

Salt Lake Police detective Greg Wilking told KSL: "There was an altercation taking place, and our officers intervened into that altercation.


Crimean official laughs off Kiev's 'braggart' threats to regain Crimea

© Kremlin.ru
Sergei Menyailo (left) in meeting with Russian President Putin
What have the glue-huffers in Kiev been up to lately? Oh, you know, the usual:
"We have nothing. We need a new army, a new National Guard, a new police force. This is what the government of Ukraine is working on right now. We must restore all of this, and then, with enough will, Crimea will be ours," Arsen Avakov, Ukraine's Interior Minister, told the Ukrainian 1+1 TV Channel, asserting, "I have no doubt of that."

In fact, the Ukrainian minister said that Kiev is presently training a special force, separate within the National Guard. "We are training some guys with the help of Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov (Crimean Tatar activists in Ukraine)," he said, while giving no details, adding, "We are working on a project that will prepare us to regain Crimea."

Comment: There may not be a more incompetent, corrupt, and pathological leadership on the face of this planet than the one the US put in power in Ukraine. Their utter depravity, combined with their hubris, makes them a very dangerous neighbor indeed.

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Bad Guys

Shameful: Alabama, second poorest US state bans increases in minimum wage

© Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
Alabama, the second poorest state in the US, has effectively banned local governments from increasing the minimum wage. The governor and legislature approved legislation that retroactively prevents Birmingham from setting a minimum wage of $10.10 an hour.

On Thursday, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed a bill that blocked Alabama cities from setting their own minimum wage or require employers to provide leave or health benefits.

The bill, AL HB174, not only prevents local governments from setting a higher minimum wage than federally required, but also bars them from mandating benefits and leave, solidifying Alabama's reputation as a right-to-work state. Right-to-work laws prohibit union security agreements and abolish requirements forcing workers in certain occupations to join unions. As a result, jobs that are frequently unionized are no longer protected.

Comment: The elites in the US have no concept of the struggles of the working poor, and it's becoming clear that they couldn't care less.


Get lost: French farmers boo Hollande over devastating farm policies, Russian sanctions

Livestock farmers have given President Francois Hollande, along with Agricultural Minister Stephane Le Foll, a raucous, but not so heart-warming welcome at an annual agricultural fair in Paris. They also tore down a government stand.

Farmers frustrated with the "worst crisis ever" met the officials with cries of "Resign!" and "Get lost!" as the officials were trying to make their way through the exhibition center at Porte de Versailles on Saturday, according to AFP. The video shows the crowd whistling and screaming: "Shame on you, you are lazy" as the President addressed the farmers.

Hollande then chatted with one young farmer for some 20 minutes, to whom he noted, "If youngsters are not getting into agriculture, there will be no renewal, no investments."

The youngster quickly retorted by saying, "But it is hard for young farmers to start. We should stop buying meat from abroad."

Comment: The European people have been paying the price for policies enacted by their gutless politicians who are simply following the dictates of their US masters, and it appears they have clearly had enough!