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Fri, 18 Jan 2019
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Fire in the Sky


MYSTERY SOUND: Was big bang a sonic boom?

A MYSTERIOUS big bang which shook a town and villages could have been a sonic boom caused by an aircraft flying too fast, it has been claimed.

People across Spalding and as far as Eye, near Peterborough (Southern England), were left reeling after the boom, which was heard and felt at about 2pm on Thursday, January 12 2006.

Today, January 13, the cause of the noise is unclear, although many suspect it was a sonic boom, caused by a jet breaking through the sound barrier. But nobody can give a definite answer to the questions.

Stuart Green, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence, said: "There is a channel for military aircraft off the east of England, and, occasionally, pilots go through it too fast.

"RAF pilots go to a lot of trouble not to make sonic bangs, and they don't like it when aircraft from other countries go too fast."

David Galloway, assistant seismologist at the British Geological Survey, said: "We have national and regional monitors which would normally trace something like a sonic boom. But I checked for half an hour either side of the time the noise was reported and nothing came up."

Comment: Comment: Would anyone care to offer a theory as to what these booms, that have been regularly heard around the globe in recent years, are? In most cases, they are obviously not sonic booms. So what are they?


SOTT Reader Meteorite Sighting

Signs Team,

I'm currently living in a town named Chelmsford in Essex, UK. Usually I would be hesitant to give this information out, but I felt that some people here may be interested in the odd report from time to time of strange meteoric activity in the skies over this area of the UK.

Last night on 11th January 2006 at roughly 19:10hours I witnessed a descending meteoric phenomena which, if I were to hazard a guess, was a small meteor breaking up to the NE of my position.

I'd guess no more than 3-6 miles from my position as the view I had was clear enough to see a glittering trail of sparks and colour descending with it, although there was no impact sound, I didn't really expect any. It was in my view for around 1.5 - 3 seconds, so I hadn't seen it descend from a great distance and my view was obscured quickly by other houses.

Fireball 5

Meteor brightens EUP skies (Michigan, USA)

A smattering of early risers across a wide area of the Eastern Upper Peninsula were startled by the brilliant light from a falling meteor or some "space junk" in the northern sky about 6:05 a.m. today.

The bright light traced a lightning-fast path over the northern horizon from west to east, briefly and silently illuminating the dark winter sky for a few seconds in the pre-dawn cold.

One witness, Dixie MacArthur, said the object's path appeared to skim the treeline from west to east, making no sound as it flashed through the sky. Other similar reports were made by the few other observers up and out of doors when the brightly-burning object crossed the sky.

A spokesman for the National Weather Service in Gaylord was not aware of the early morning sighting today. He said the object would not register on U.S. weather radar, since meteors usually burn up in earth's atmosphere at an altitude of 40 to 70 miles, far above the reach of weather radar.

Comment: That's right, just because meteors "usually burn up" high in the atmosphere, we should all therefore ignore the plethora of recent fireballs all around the globe that have been creating massive booms or actually impacting the ground. Nothig to see here.

Magic Wand

Fireball lights up Yukon morning

Commuters coming into Whitehorse were treated to some free fireworks Thursday morning, as a meteoroid streaked across the sky.


Meteorite lights up Western Australian skies

A spectacular meteorite fireball has lit up the sky over a wide area of Western Australia.

The spectacle is reported to have been in the north of the state, also as far east as Kalgoorlie, nearly 500km from Perth, and in the south at Albany, which is just over 400km from the capital.


Meteor Falls Toward Earth

Meteor falling in Western AustraliaA huge ball of light and fire filled the night sky as a meteor streaked toward Earth.

Residents in Perth, Australia, saw the spectacular light show Saturday night. The meteor left a bright tail in its wake.

Karun Cowper, who was enjoying a meal with his family at Halls Head, caught the meteor on his video camera.


Flashback: Blasts not related to seismic activity: IMD

Jamnagar: Even as mysterious blasts and tremors continue to rock villages in Lalpur and Jamnagar talukas, the IMD team camping in the region has not been able to draw any conclusion. Declaring that the blasts are not related to seismic activity, the IMD team said that from now on geologists should observe the disturbances.

Senior IMD team member K C Kondal said, "Our observation suggests that the blast and jerks experienced in the region are not related to any earthquake." Elaborating further, Kondal said, "An earthquake produces waves from which its epicentre and intensity can be measured. But here, the phenomenon is localised and superficial. Jerks observed here are limited to small areas and often not recorded."


Flashback: People feel houses shake; experts report no seismic activity

It sounded and felt like an earthquake, but what exactly caused houses in Ontario, Wayne County to shake Monday night. People in several neighborhoods say they felt the ground moving and think an earthquake hit their town. New York State does have fault lines but there are none in Wayne County.

Around 7:00 p.m. Monday, some people in Wayne County say they thought they were in the twilight zone. "I think I walked down the hallway over here and I heard bah-boom and the house shook. The house actually shook in the front," Joan Sharpstene of Ontario said. She was handing out candy to trick-or-treaters when this phenomenon happened. "It felt like a tremor like the whole house actually shook in the front," Sharpstene said.


Mysterious 'booms' rattle homes

Residents report hearing loud blasts in different parts of country, claim their homes shook as result; IDF says in response no unusual military activity that may have caused blasts detected, Seismology Institute says no earthquakes recorded; Rita from Herzliya: I don't buy it. They should just tell us what is causing these shockwaves and blastsRaanan Ben-Zur

Just three weeks after dozens of readers from across Israel told Ynet about unusually loud “booms” and tremors throughout the night, residents again reported hearing loud boom-like sounds in different parts of the country Tuesday, mainly in coastal regions, claiming their homes shook as a result.

Police officials confirmed people reported they heard “explosions,” but added that the source remains unknown.


Space rock puts Arkansan on cloud

Man hopes 1,430-pound meteorite will land him seven-figure payout

Bunch said he had spotted a meteor himself the other evening. It streaked across the sky while he was smoking a cigarette on his porch. Bunch, the breed of smalltown banker who wears overalls and rides a Harley-Davidson, has come to view such phenomena with new appreciation.

Kingston - When Steve Arnold heard that grapefruitsized meteorites were pelting a Chicago suburb two years ago, he rushed to the scene and stayed 44 days, meticulously plotting strike points and sweeping streets curb to curb with a detector fashioned from a magnet and broomstick.

He got some funny looks, but he left with 113 meteorites.

In the deserts of Oman on a similar excursion, Arnold and wife, Qynne, bounced over the sands in a Jeep looking for cosmic treasures. "We'd see a black spot on the horizon, and it would either be camel poop or a meteorite," Arnold said. They scooped up 151 of the rocks. Of the 6.4 billion people who live on Earth, no more than two dozen are full-time meteorite hunters. Arnold, 39, of Kingston, has been one since 1990, earning enough to finance his adventures and to sustain a rustic lifestyle for his family.