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Sun, 04 Dec 2016
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Journalism disgraced: The mainstream media bet the farm on Killary - and lost

The MSM has forsaken its duty in a democracy and is a disgrace to investigative, unbiased journalism.

The mainstream media bet the farm on Hillary Clinton, confident that their dismissal of every skeptical inquiry as a "conspiracy" would guarantee her victory. It now appears they have lost their bet. Let's do something radical and be honest for a moment: the mainstream media has smoothed the path to Hillary's coronation in countless often subtle ways.

MSM "opinion" hacks have unleashed unrelenting attacks on legitimate inquiries with accusations of "conspiracy" and obsequious kow-towing headlines such as "Can we please stop talking about Hillary's health?"

Suggestions that the Clinton Foundation engaged in "pay to play" during Hillary's term as secretary of state are glossed over; yes, it looks bad, the MSM reluctantly admits, they then hurry to add that no impropriety can be proven in court.

Given the foundation is run by attorneys who obfuscate the meaning of the word "is," do you really think they're going to leave tracks that can make it to court?

Comment: The Western media has been little more than a lapdog of the elite rulers for some time: See also:
  • WikiLeaks confirmed mainstream media works directly with Hillary, DNC


The Washington Post's open letter to Donald Trump deconstructed

The world is not only about Washington and its interests. Morell and Vickers represent a morbid imperial and colonial mindset.
Deconstructing "Morell and Vickers: An open letter to Donald Trump" - published by the The Washington Post on its opinion page September 10, 2016.

Many years ago, I used to engage in rebutting - paragraph-by-paragraph - the most egregious propaganda nonsense the American media could stoop to. But it is time consuming and maddening. I hate giving time to hateful and small minds. But this op-ed forces me to react. My words are in italics. [SOTT.net: we've removed the italics and placed Lavelle's responses below quoted sections of Morell's piece.]


Breaking news: Experts say Putin injecting journalists with nonsense-inducing substance

Experts believe that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has possibly discovered a substance which, when injected into journalists, causes them to write utter drivel. Suspicions have been growing for some time that Mr Putin has been developing such a chemical, but what once might have been consigned to the realm of conspiracy theories can, according to the experts, no longer be dismissed.

Confirmation that the theory might be true gained credibility after several media outlets published pieces alleging that Mr Putin has managed to poison Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton. The London Metro, for instance, ran a piece entitled, "Trump and Putin poisoned Hillary Clinton, warns top doctor" whilst the Washington Post ran with the headline "The man who discovered CTE thinks Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned," before going on to implicate both Mr Trump and Mr Putin.

Comment: See also: SOTT News Snapshot: September 13 edition - What is Israel doing in Syria? Are Killary's batteries running out?

Fireball 4

18,000 MPH Asteroid Almost Causes Mass Extinction and Nobody Saw it Coming

For the second time in a month, a giant asteroid just missed colliding with Earth and space science programs around the world were completely oblivious to the threat raising concern that our ability to detect such a cataclysmic threat is sorely lacking.


It takes a psychopathic village: The pathocratic agents, military personnel and politicians who helped facilitate and cover-up 9/11 (VIDEOS)

Comment: How could such an event as 9/11 have occurred in some of the best protected airspace in the world - and done with the knowledge of leaders inside of the US - one might ask incredulously. After all, if it were a conspiracy, wouldn't the truth of what happened and who was really responsible be public knowledge already? The fact is, many of these facts are known. But with so many who are so complicit in one way or another, with a media that has failed to ask and investigate the most basic of questions, and with a nation of people who are either too afraid or too uninterested in what the real answers are - we are, 15 years on, still mostly sitting in the dark of the Big Lie.

Kudos to James Corbett of the Corbett Report for putting the following presentations together. The videos below present a valuable look at how various individuals in very different positions of power all "did their part" in helping to bring about, cover up, and benefit from the events of that horrific day; high standing members of the pathocracy all. But as thorough as these videos are, each on a different personality, know that these examinations are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Note: The titles below are links to the transcripts of the videos.


Killary's 'hacking fits' are out of control: Questions about her health status are legitimate

© The American Mirror
At last.....the real culprit behind 'cough a lot' Clinton is finally revealed....

Comment: The Duran's Alex Christoforou summed it up nicely:
Maybe Hillary Clinton's terrible cough is not a sickness or lingering symptom from her stroke and blood clot in the brain. Maybe Hillary's cough is psychosomatic. Maybe Hillary's cough is a physical symptoms occurring for psychological reasons. Maybe Hilary's cough is her "tell"...a physical reaction to the ridiculous, dangerous lies that come out of her mouth. Maybe her body begins to cough uncontrollably as a warning signal to her (and to us) that lies have consequences. Maybe Hillary is human, does have a conscience...and the cough is the last remnants of that conscience remaining in what has become a rotting and corrupt shell of a body.

Yesterday Hillary lasted for all but 7 questions from the press (on board her shiny new plane), until her coughing surfaced again...forcing Hillary to abruptly excuse herself. The cause of her coughing...more lies about Russian hacking, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Hillary's cough will go away for good when she does these four things:
  1. Admits that the Russian hacking story was a made up thing, created by her marketing team to divert attention away from her cheating during the Democratic primaries
  2. Admits that Vladimir Putin is a democratically elected statesman, and one of the few leaders trying to enforce international law and geo-political stability
  3. Admits that the Clinton Foundation is a pay-to-play slush fund that took in billions in exchange for political favors
  4. Admits that she murdered Gaddafi, destroyed Libya, funded ISIS terrorists, invaded Syria with jihadist radicals, and instigated a coup in Honduras.
Once Hillary Clinton comes clean and admits to her crimes, then her cough will finally go away. No lozenges or cough syrup will help Hillary. Only the truth can cure this psychosomatic disorder. Until then, every time Hillary spews out dangerous lies, this will happen...

When questions were raised about Barack Obama's birth, and whether he was actually eligible to be president of the United States, he brushed the questions aside as if answering them was beneath the dignity of a prince of the crown. He let the questions fester for years before putting them to rest.

It's still not clear why he did that. He preferred to accuse inquiring minds that wanted to know of racism and bigotry, as if the peasants had no right to ask questions about the crown prince. The presidency is the most precious honor Americans can bestow on one of their own, but Mr. Obama treated the gift as nothing more than a trinket he was entitled to, and who were these uppity people to question him?

Only racists, bigots, mean-spirited zealots, right-wing fanatics and white Christians who couldn't appreciate the heavenly music of the call to evening prayer at the mosque would do that. Even the mildest criticism, of the sort that every president before him had to endure, was dismissed as disrespect, even racism.

Comment: Killary has a long history of health issues, including a fall in June 2009, in which she broke her elbow, requiring surgery. She is known as a hard drinker, which might explain some of the balance issues she exhibits. (According to Patti Solis Doyle, a close confidante, she likes wine and that Russian-communist favorite: vodka.) She has also been on a variety of blood-thinning medications since 1998 to combat deep vein thrombosis (first Lovenox, then Coumadin, side-effects of which include blurred vision and confusion, not to mention increased risk from minor injuries due to excessive bleeding). This became especially serious after developing a clot in her neck after a fall and a concussion she suffered in December 2012.

The most recent speculations are over Killary's recent string of coughing fits (follow the link to see a chronological list of 8 hacking fits from this year, with videos, if you have the tolerance for that much Killary). After the latest, yesterday, Clinton jokingly blamed Trump: "Every time I think about Trump I get allergic." (Too kind - it was probably Putin-weaponized Russian flower pollen...) The media has been strangely protective of these episodes, cutting away when they go on.

Those who raise questions in the mainstream media such as Dr. Drew Pinsky who had a show on CNN and David Seaman who wrote for Huffington Post have been censored. David Seamean's articles have been scrubbed from the web and his articles are not longer being accepted at HuffPo. Dr. Pinsky's show was canceled one week after raising concerns about Hillary's dodgy health.

If in her supposed "right mind", Killary is a warmongering harpy at the service of the elite, poised to plunge the world into total war, imagine the horror of a brain-damaged, drugged-up Killary in the Oval Office.

Eye 1

Pathology, incorporated: The facade of American democracy

With the rigged Democratic presidential nomination behind us, the US election reality show continues. The mass media is creating sensations around what has become a national embarrassment with this contest of the lesser of the two crazies. On the one hand we have Donald Trump, depicted as a quintessential narcissist and on the other, Hillary Clinton who is often portrayed as a sociopath. Hype is created by putting these labels on the candidates, pitting one personality disorder against the other.

This is a corporate sponsored election charade doing business as usual and distracting people from the real power behind the veil. In The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profits and Power, filmmaker and law professor Joel Bakan (2004) examined the consistent character attributes of corporations and concludes that if they were a human, they are a textbook example of a psychopath.


Hillary Clinton: Political psychopath, career criminal, root of all corruption (VIDEOS)

Throughout her entire private and public career, Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be a perfect politician. In other words, she has shown herself to have no moral scruples, to be duplicitous, corrupt, arrogant, greedy, aggressive, self-serving. She is a pathological liar, an inveterate cheat, a war-loving political murderer, and an opportunistic shill who makes herself available to the highest bidder. These two videos from Anonymous's YouTube channel are devastating.

Comment: Further reading:


Putin Derangement Syndrome: The August 2016 propaganda roundup

In which I collect all the examples of this strange mental defect that have caught my attention in the month of August in the seventeenth year of The New American Century.

© National Review
Vladimir Nosferatuvich Putin
A new meme?

Vladimir Nosferatuvich Putin

Putin is winning the U.S. election

Hillary Clinton says "We know that Russian intelligence services, which is part of the Russian government which is under the firm control of Vladimir Putin, hacked into the DNC. And we know that he arranged for a lot of those e-mails to be released." (Director of National Intelligence James Clapper would call this "hyperventilating" but what's he know?).

Anne Applebaum informs us : "This time the goal is to disrupt the American election, discredit the process and, if possible, elect Donald Trump as President of the United States.All available evidence now points to Russian involvement in a thorough hack of the Democratic National Committee."

Speaking of "all available evidence", the WaPo tells us the lack of "fingerprints" is the evidence; CBS says the presence of "fingerprints" is the evidence. One or the other, I guess: but it's all "evidence", isn't it?

A "scholar of Russian espionage and political subversion" informs us" "For the first time since the 1950s, Russian subversion of the American political process has become a presidential campaign issue.

Jill Stein of the Green Party has been contaminated by Putin.

They're everywhere: "Putin's Pawns: Beware the Hillary Clinton-Loathing, Donald Trump-Loving Useful Idiots of the Left ."

Comment: When collected together, the orchestrated smearing of Russia and its leader in the media is pretty obvious.


Flores interview: Turkey's Syria gambit is fourth-generation warfare at its finest

Comment: Flores offers a great analysis of the situation in Syria re: Turkey. Not only that, he makes clear the major challenges inherent in any analysis of geopolitical events. We are always dealing with incomplete information. That doesn't make analysis impossible, but it definitely inspires humility.

Turkey's seizure of multiple villages from the so-called "Syrian Democratic Forces," i.e., US-backed Kurds has put into question the fate of Kurdish forces in and around Aleppo. What's more, discussion has opened as to whether or not Damascus and Ankara have reached a deal trading "Kurds and terrorists for Aleppo," thus heightening cooperation between the two countries in attaining strategic objectives which were diametrically opposed just several months ago.

Analysts have been split in their assessments of Euphrates Shield operation and its implications for Turkish-Russian rapprochement and the dynamics on the ground in Syria. While some appraised Turkey's adventure, its involvement of "FSA" forces, and its supposed backing by the US coalition represented by Joe Biden as signs of post-coup Turkish treachery, others suggested that the campaign could not have begun, much less advanced so far, without coordination and at least tacit agreement with Damascus, Moscow, and Tehran.

Comment: Further reading: