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Thu, 28 Jul 2016
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Signs of Change: Earth changes, extreme weather and meteor fireballs in March and April 2016

© Hawkkey Davis, YouTube

Warning: This video contains graphic content - Viewer discretion advised

Hawkkey Davis is back with another video documenting extreme weather, earth changes, and meteor fireball events from around the world in March and April 2016.

This series does not mean to suggest that the world is ending, but that what is happening across the world is leading to bigger 'earth changes'.

If you're following the series, then you're seeing the signs. It's much more than one video; check out previous installments here.

Real Earth Changes have been taken place in recent weeks... Thanks for watching and stay safe... Links are posted here.

Comment: To gain further understanding as to how and why these events are occurring, read:

Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection: The Secret History of the World - Book 3 by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk


BRICS under attack: Russia targeted by Western banks, governments and the price of oil

© www.thecommonsenseshow.com
"The Grand Chessboard" and the Master
Russia is the target of a multi-faceted, asymmetric campaign of destabilization that has employed economic, political, and psychological forms of warfare — each of which has been specifically designed to inflict maximum damage on the Kremlin.

This article is part of a series on Western meddling to foment unrest and destabilize BRICS nations in an effort to ensure the continuation of Western economic and political control over the Global South. The first two parts, focusing on Brazil and South Africa, can be found here and here. Up next: Part II on the assault on Russia, which focuses on the political, psychological and military aspects that run in tandem with the economic war on Moscow.

The U.S.-NATO Empire, with its centers of power in Washington, on Wall Street, and in the city of London, is on the offensive against the BRICS countries. This assault takes many forms, each tailored to its specific target.

The ongoing soft coup in Brazil has recently entered a new stage with the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff of the left-wing Workers' Party. Simultaneously, the destabilization of the ANC-led government in South Africa continues as political forces align to remove President Jacob Zuma. These two situations illustrate clearly the very potent forms of subversion via Western-funded political formations and movements being employed against Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the bloc of emerging economies also known as BRICS.

However, when it comes to a country as large as Russia, with its vast military capabilities, consolidated and wildly popular political leadership, and growing antagonism toward the West, the tools available to the Empire to undermine and destabilize are in some ways more limited. Indeed, in the context of Russia, the popular mobilization pretext does not apply, and so that weapon in the imperial arsenal is blunted considerably. But there are other, equally potent (and equally dangerous) methods to achieve the desired effect.

Russia is the target of a multi-faceted, asymmetric campaign of destabilization that has employed economic, political, and psychological forms of warfare, each of which has been specifically designed to inflict maximum damage on the Kremlin. While the results of this multi-pronged assault have been mixed, and their ultimate effect being the subject of much debate, Moscow is, without a doubt, ground zero in a global assault against the BRICS nations.

Comment: The take-down of Russia depends on long-term/far-reaching strategies that involve unexpected moves, multiple layering of seemingly unconnected maneuvers, trusted co-conspirators in several - even unrelated - sectors, effective propaganda, deceit and lies. Subversion is never a straight line, nor is it ever completely discovered and the dots connected until the damage has been done and new chess moves have been set in motion.

Is Putin up to the task? So far, it appears so.

Gold Seal

Pepe Escobar: US nixed OPEC oil deal by threatening to reveal Saudi role in 9/11

Michael Moore exposed the Saudi connections to 9/11 in his documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, released back in 2004. US State Department staffers apparently finally got around to watching it just recently.
US President Barack Obama landed in Saudi Arabia for a GCC petrodollar summit and to proverbially "reassure Gulf allies" amidst the oiliest of storms.

The Doha summit this past weekend that was supposed to enshrine a cut in oil production by OPEC, in tandem with Russia - it was practically a done deal - ended up literally in the dust.

The City of London - via the FT - wants to convey the impression to global public opinion that it all boiled down to a dispute between Prince Mohammed bin Salman - the conductor of the illegal war on Yemen — and Saudi Oil Minister Ali Al-Naimi. The son of — ailing — King Salman has been dubbed "the unpredictable new voice of the kingdom's energy policy."

A famous 3 am call did take place in Doha on Sunday. The young Salman called the Saudi delegation and told them the deal was off. Every other energy market player was stunned by the reversion.

Yet the true story, according to a financial source with very close links to the House of Saud, is that "the United States threatened the Prince that night with the most dire consequences if he did not back down on the oil price freeze."

So - predictably — this goes way beyond an internal Saudi matter, or the Prince's "erratic" behavior, even as the House of Saud is indeed racked by multiple instances of fear and paranoia, as I analysed here.

As the source explains, an oil production cut would have "hindered the US goal of bankrupting Russia via an oil price war, which is what this is all about. Even the Prince is not that erratic."

Comment: Indeed, explicit threats are hollow.

Still, it's a hoot watching the psychos turn on each other!

Eye 2

Brzezinski details the elites' desperate and hopeless imperial strategy against Russia and China

Zbigniew Brzezinski
Famous American political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski once again frightened mankind by saying that "the end of America's global role ... would most probably be global chaos". To avoid this, the supporter of the American hegemony of the United States suggested Global Realignment. That's the name of his article in the Journal The American Interest. So, what is the American Interest according to Brzezinski?

To briefly summarize the content of Brzezinski's article, it boils down to two theses:

1) The United States is no longer a global imperial power.

2) As was already mentioned above - the probable chaos as a result of the collapse of the US imperial hegemony. In order for the United States to maintain its power, Brzezinski offers several recipes:

War Whore

Addicted to war: Since 1776, US has been at war 93% of the time - That's 222 out of 239 years!

© www.cnbc.com
The U.S. has only been at peace for 21 years total since its birth

In 2011, Danios wrote:
Below, I have reproduced a year-by-year timeline of America's wars, which reveals something quite interesting: since the United States was founded in 1776, she has been at war during 214 out of her 235 calendar years of existence. In other words, there were only 21 calendar years in which the U.S. did not wage any wars.

To put this in perspective:

* Pick any year since 1776 and there is about a 91% chance that America was involved in some war during that calendar year.

* No U.S. president truly qualifies as a peacetime president. Instead, all U.S. presidents can technically be considered "war presidents."

* The U.S. has never gone a decade without war.

* The only time the U.S. went five years without war (1935-40) was during the isolationist period of the Great Depression.
For a year-by-year timeline of America's major wars (1776-2011) go here.

Comment: Rather staggering, don't you think? Also, for many of the war years, the US had multiple opponents. After all this war practice, we might rightly expect a simple bombing raid on ISIS to produce results. But, win or lose, the American Military Industrial Complex just keeps cranking out war profits in a permanently war-driven economy, for a permanently imperialistic and mechanically self-serving society.

Better Earth

The missing ingredient of happiness: Conscious evolution, collective values

It was an ideal British summer festival evening, courtesy of the most desirable star at any outdoors gathering in the Albion - the Sun (the celestial body not the tabloid paper). Though it had already jetted off from the festival grounds, el sol's rare presence was still felt and seen everywhere - precious warmth was lingering in the air and splashes of crimson and gold turned the sky into an abstract painting you'd actually love having on your wall. Cocooned in the refined luxuries of one of the most middle-class festivals in Britain, if not the world, a mix of human content were aggregating politely around the main stage, where a hot new folkotronica band were blasting out their experimental sounds. Slightly away from all the action, my six-year-old son and I were sitting cross-legged on the grass, facing each other, while my husband and our 3 year-old daughter went off to get some food.

Having exposed our urbanite children to a day of telluric activities such as stone-carving, basket weaving and bow making, I felt quite satisfied with myself as a parent. Being more used to scooting alongside busy city streets inhaling exhaust fumes, it was a welcome change to see our children run around a quaint village fête environment. We pretty much gave up on trying to see any bands during the day, so that our kids could craft their hearts out and delight in organic ice-creams, while we praised their creative efforts and hovered nearby, away from all the musical fun, ready to attend to their whims. Sometimes being a parent feels like being someone's slave, only instead of hating your master, you absolutely love them. At the end of the day, all that was required from my son to continue feeding my self-image of a good parent doing the best for him is to just look happy. When you make sacrifices you need to know they are worth it. Unfortunately, to my disappointment my son's expression was not as jolly as I would have expected it to be.


Putinophobia: Vladimir Putin, West's bogeyman extraordinaire, sells just about anything

© Unknown
In a fear and smear campaign being waged across NATO-dominated real estate, the Russian president is being portrayed as the personification of evil in an effort to hawk everything from military expansion to music videos.

George Orwell, in his timeless novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, demonstrated that the most effective method for keeping people under the jackboot of bureaucratic control is to foist upon them an enemy - even an imaginary one - that requires the 'benevolent' intervention of liberty-crushing government agencies and legislation.

Human nature being what it is, however, some less ethical readers interpreted Orwell's message more as an instruction manual than the warning it was meant to be.

Comment: Also see:
Putin is here, there and everywhere
Putin's epic style: "I thought, I came, I won, I left'

Bad Guys

Syrian 'rebel' sponsors order a new round of defeat: Ceasefire broken, talks failing, fighting resuming

The Obama administration has obviously decided to restart the war in Syria. Thousands of tons of new weapons have been purchased and delivered to the Jihadists including anti-air MANPADs of U.S. (full text) and Chinese origin. Half of the weapons the "rebel" mercenaries are given by their sponsors regularly end up in the hands of Al-Qaeda in Syria. We will not be surprised when a few weeks from now a civilian passenger plane will be hit and come down in Turkey or elsewhere.

Two week ago the foreign-supported "rebels" already broke the ceasefire when they took part in a large al-Qaeda attack south of Aleppo city. Several "rebel" attacks took place against the Kurdish quarter in Aleppo city with over a hundred civilian deaths. Other attacks took place in north Latakia.

Comment: They blame the Syrian Army for breaking the ceasefire in Aleppo, but that's nonsense, as Lavrov pointed out:
[Our] American partners within our consultations as the co-chair of the International Support Syria Group raise various issues, including that in the area of Aleppo government forces are violating the cessation of hostilities. But the government troops that are supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria are not working against that part of the opposition that has accepted the conditions of the ceasefire ... [they are] working against terrorists.
The head of the Damascus delegation, Bashar Jaafari, concurred:
"According to resolution 2254, there are two tracks — political and military, on combating terrorists. So combating terrorism is a fully legitimate action taken by the Syrian army and its allies in accordance with the resolution," Jaafari said. Asked whether Damascus would consider suspending a military operation in Aleppo, Jaafari said, "No." " The so-called accusations by Riyadh group are false, they have no foundation and are baseless," Jaafari said.

Today the "rebels" announced a full return to open war and more fronts were reopened including in north Hama where Uighur "Turkmen" Jihadis used two suicide bombers against the Syrian government positions.

Comment: According to SyrPer's Ziad Fadel, the average Syrian response to news of the break-down of the Geneva talks is muted:
My. My. With all the talk about the Geneva negotiations falling apart you'd think there would be many disappointed faces in Damascus. In actuality, nobody cares. Yeah. Yeah. Articles do appear in state media extolling Dr. Al-Ja'fari's noble positions in the face of preposterous demands from the Saudi-financed pimps and procurers who infest the ranks of the exiled "opposition", but, in the final analysis nobody is reading the articles because everybody knows this is another fool's errand and we'd just as soon see Dr. Al-Ja'fari back in NYC fighting the good fight in the hallowed halls of the United Nations.


Digging in their heels: The Obama admin's illusory 'credibility' maintained by a series of big lies

The Obama administration protects its "credibility" by refusing to budge on its claims about the 2013 Syria-sarin case or the 2014 plane shoot-down in eastern Ukraine even as the evidence shifts, writes Robert Parry.

What surprised me most about the Iraq War wasn't how wrong the expectation of happy Iraqis showering American troops with flowers was or even how badly the war would turn out - all that was predictable and indeed was predicted. But what I didn't expect was that the U.S. government would ever admit that there were no WMD stockpiles.

I assumed that the U.S. government would do what it usually does: continue the lie to protect its "credibility." Because that is what "credibility" has become, powerful institutions and people maintaining the aura of being right even when they're completely wrong.

There is even a national security argument to be made: If the U.S. government must justify its actions to the American people and the world with propaganda themes, it can't simply admit that previous ones were lies because then it would lose all "credibility." The next time, the public might not be as open to the propaganda. The people might catch on.

Comment: The U.S. government lives in a world of fairy tales and make believe. One day al-Qaeda is the bad guy; the next it is a force of 'moderate opposition'. Rarely if ever is one narrative actively refuted. Instead, they exist in something like a state of quantum uncertainty, where opposites are implicitly held to be true at the same time. "We've always been at war with Eastasia."
There was, of course, no admission that any change had taken place. Merely it became known, with extreme suddenness and everywhere at once, that Eastasia and not Eurasia was the enemy. --George Orwell, 1984


The American Empire: slouching towards its end

I'm here to talk about the end of the American empire. But before I do I want to note that one of our most charming characteristics as Americans is our amnesia. I mean, we are so good at forgetting what we've done and where we did it that we can hide our own Easter eggs.

I'm reminded of the geezer—someone about my age—who was sitting in his living room having a drink with his friend while his wife made dinner.

He said to his friend, "you know, we went to a really terrific restaurant last week. You'd like it. Great atmosphere. Delicious food. Wonderful service."

"What's the name of it?" his friend asked.

He scratched his head. "Ah, ah. Ah. What do you call those red flowers you give to women you love?"

His friend hesitated. "A rose?"

"Right. Um, hey, Rose! What was the name of that restaurant we went to last week?"

Americans like to forget we ever had an empire or to claim that, if we did, we never really wanted one. But the momentum of Manifest Destiny made us an imperial power. It carried us well beyond the shores of the continent we seized from its original aboriginal and Mexican owners. The Monroe Doctrine proclaimed an American sphere of influence in the Western Hemisphere. But the American empire was never limited to that sphere.