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Mon, 21 Aug 2017
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Joe Quinn on PressTV: Paris Terror Attack - Just In Time For Election

An attack in the heart of Paris has been claimed by Daesh. While no stranger now to such attacks, France has yet to deal with home-grown terrorism, while it also continues supporting foreign governments who spread extremist ideologies and intervening in other nations affairs, as well as playing a double-standard game of good terrorist, bad terrorist. How will the backlash impact the upcoming French Presidential election?


Khan Sheikhun False Flag: Chlorine, not Sarin

© The New Indian Express
Those who blame the Syrian government for the allegedly chemical incident in Khan Sheikhun are now pushing the analysis of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to the front. But the results of the OPCW tests are inconsistent with the observed technical and medical facts of the incident.

The OPCW Director General Ambassador Üzümcü, a Turk, yesterday released its first results of his organization:
The bio-medical samples collected from three victims during their autopsy were analysed at two OPCW designated laboratories. The results of the analysis indicate that the victims were exposed to Sarin or a Sarin-like substance. Bio-medical samples from seven individuals undergoing treatment at hospitals were also analysed in two other OPCW designated laboratories. Similarly, the results of these analyses indicate exposure to Sarin or a Sarin-like substance.

Director-General Üzümcü stated clearly: "The results of these analyses from four OPCW designated laboratories indicate exposure to Sarin or a Sarin-like substance.
That's "Sarin or Sarin-like substance" three times a row. Sarin is also mentioned in the headline. Someone is pushing that meme hard.

Comment: O'Brien's signs you're being fooled by a sarin false flag:
  • People intoxicated with sarin don't look well. Ever. None of them.
  • People intoxicated with sarin don't gasp, cough, cry, or pant.
  • People intoxicated with sarin don't often foam at the mouth.
  • People intoxicated with sarin defecate massively and urinate all over themselves.
  • People intoxicated with sarin will vomit up everything they haven't defecated.
  • People intoxicated with sarin will produce a large volume of tears and a large volume of watery saliva.
  • People intoxicated with sarin turn blue. Always.
  • People intoxicated with sarin never turn pink or red. Never.


Revelations from a former international financier: "I was training to become a psychopath, and I failed"

Ronald Bernard, a former high-powered financier who reveals the hellish world and behavior of those involved in the business of Big Money.
In this time of sudden disclosures and unexpected blatant truths, where 'news' is barely distinguishable from 'fake news', it takes the utmost courage for an 'insider' to come out with the truth based on real facts.

Ronald Bernard, one of the founders of 'B of Joy', is one of these courageous people who dared to tell his story in front of (DVM-TV), De Vrije Media's camera. He unfolds a life story in which he got progressively deeper into the world of the big money, in which he - as he stated himself - had been warned up front that he had to be able to put his conscience in the proverbial freezer, and keep it there at all times.

Eventually this ended in his personal complete breakdown. Ronald does his story candidly and is forthright with his emotions to explain all that had preceded this breaking point. He clarifies the distorted way the world works, in which a small group of elites, numbering between 8000 to 8500 people, who rule the entire world and discloses their 'religious incentives' for doing so. "If only people really knew the ins and outs of the matter and realized what is really going on". When you have seen this interview, you will know. Then automatically the question arises: 'how are we going to fix this, when we no longer look away, but bundle our powers?'

Irma Schiffers,
co-founder De Vrije Media. DVM-TV

Eye 1

What Comes Next?

© Unknown
In a word: change. Very big change.

All that remains to be determined is the nature of the change and its precise timeline.

Of course the threat of major warfare, possibly even nuclear warfare, looms large these days, not least on and around the Korean peninsula. The United States and its allies are right now building up a very large military force, and bruiting their plans to imminently "resolve" the North Korean "problem" via military means, though an objective observer strains to identify even one case of the allegedly war-like North Koreans invading another country, while the USSA has willy-nilly been destabilizing, invading and destroying one nation after another for the better part of two centuries now, directly or in league with proxies and mercenaries, beginning with the Native American peoples of North America, and then continuing on to menace the entire planet: the Philippines, Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Chile, Cambodia, Iraq, Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, the Ukraine, (what used to be) Yugoslavia, Yemen ..... It never ends, and now the USSA is on the verge of launching another major war in East Asia.

So which country, in reality, most jeopardizes international law and order?

Clearly, it is the USSA which is by far the greater danger, rampaging around the world for well more than a century now, killing, wounding and impoverishing countless millions, as it imposes "peace" and "democracy" sarcasm at gunpoint and repeated carpet bombings.


The Origins and Ultimate Purpose of ISIS: A Brief History of the US-Middle East Proxy War

This is a 5-part report which attempts to detail a history of the rise of ISIS and to explain its true relations to the actors involved in the war theatre. It attempts to show how and why ISIS has been exploited while attempting to answer the question: what has been the groups' ultimate purpose in relation to the dominant powers manipulating the proxy conflict. Then, given what is known historically, it hopes to shed light on what the motivations are behind the current actions against the group and what purpose they serve.

ISIS is Born in Iraq

The origins of ISIS are buried beneath the rubble of the US occupation.

It was out of this crucible of war and invasion that the original grievances were born, leading analysts to conclude that "the basic causes of the birth of ISIS" were the United States' "destructive interventions in the Middle East and the war in Iraq."1

The framework underlying this being the exacerbation of Sunni-Shia tensions in the aftermath of the invasion, which previously have been inflamed through various other foreign interferences. These were highlighted by the sectarian brutality of the post-invasion Iraqi government, which then continued under Maliki later on. Given this, some have concluded that Saddam had simply been replaced by another "repressive and murderous authoritarian state, albeit under a more representative sectarian set up."2


CIA docs: Plans to topple Assad family go back six presidents

© AFP 2017/HO
Former President of Syria, Hafez Assad in 1975 having been elected to his third term.
Sifting through the CIA's database of 11 million+ declassified documents, WikiLeaks has uncovered a report from 1986 on "possible scenarios that could lead to the ouster of President Assad." Pointing to the potential for exploiting sectarian tensions, the report nonetheless ironically explains why the US's current regime change strategy is wrong.

In January, the US Central Intelligence Agency put over 11 million of its declassified files online. On Monday, WikiLeaks discovered that one of these documents includes a secret report involving scenarios for ousting Hafez Assad (Bashar Assad's father) going back all the way to the Reagan administration.

The document, created under the supervision of the Director of Global Issues by the appropriately named Foreign Subversion and Instability Center, and distributed to senior intelligence officials, as well as officials in the State Department, the Pentagon, Reagan Middle East policy advisor Dennis Ross, and William Eagleton, then-US ambassador in Syria. The memorandum casually lays out what the CIA envisions to be the "scenarios that could lead to the ouster of President Hafez al-Assad in Syria." The report makes no bones about its "purposely provocative" nature and tone.

Comment: Interesting bits of history divulge the length and breadth of long-range scheming, giving insight into how a game plan goes through definition and redefinition in order to achieve a predictable result. As citizens we are only privy to the surface action on any given day, not the entrenchment of ideas nor the scope of the manipulation culminating decades later. Within the 'scheme of things', changing plans, swapping scenarios...not so easily done.

Bad Guys

Putin: Idlib 'chemical attack' was false flag to set Assad up, possibly more to come

© Mohamed al-Bakour / AFP
Idlib province, April 4, 2017.
Russia has information of a potential incident similar to the alleged chemical attack in Idlib province, possibly targeting a Damascus suburb, President Vladimir Putin said. The goal is to discredit the government of Syrian President Assad, he added.

"We have reports from multiple sources that false flags like this one - and I cannot call it otherwise - are being prepared in other parts of Syria, including the southern suburbs of Damascus. They plan to plant some chemical there and accuse the Syrian government of an attack," he said at a joint press conference with Italian President Sergio Mattarella in Moscow.

The incident has not been properly investigated as yet, but the US fired dozens of cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase in a demonstration of force over what it labeled a chemical attack by Damascus.

Comment: Syrian intel intercepts jihadist plots to commit war crimes, frame Syrian government, and wait for new US missiles

More Putin comments on Trump's strike: "This is boring, ladies."
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the current situation around Syria is reminiscent of the events preceding the beginning of the US military campaign in Iraq.

According to the President, he discussed this issue with his Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella at the meeting, which was held on Tuesday.

"I said this is strongly reminiscent of the events of 2003, when representatives of the United States in the security Council (UN) have demonstrated, allegedly, chemical weapons discovered in Iraq. Then began a clear campaign in Iraq, and it ended with the destruction of the country, the growth of the terrorist threat and the emergence of ISIS on the international stage, no more, no less." — said Putin.

In his opinion, the same thing is happening now.

"And again their partners nod in agreement. Citing our wonderful [comedy] writers Ilf and Petrov, I want to say: "This is boring, ladies." We have all seen and watched this before." — said Putin.


Putin leaves door ajar to work with Trump

© New Stateman
In the Russian political culture, written word subsumes the spoken word. And when it is the Kremlin's written word, it is the ultimate gospel. Therefore, the articulation of the Russian reaction to the US missile strike on Syria on Thursday on the Kremlin website, here, merits very careful study and analysis.

On the whole, the Kremlin statement can be taken as surprisingly mild under the circumstances.

There is no attempt to defend Syria as an "ally" - an expression used by Presidential spokesman Dmirty Peskov in the press briefing - or voice carte-blanche Russian backing for Damascus to counter US "aggression" (The Russian MOD had claimed that Russia proposes to take "a series of steps... in the immediate future to reinforce and raise the effectiveness of the Syrian armed forces' air defence system".)

Without doubt, President Vladimir Putin leaves the door open to future discussions with the US on the establishment of an international counter-terrorism coalition. The Kremlin says that Thursday's US attack creates "a major obstacle" but it is not an insurmountable obstacle by any means — certainly, it isn't a case of door being slammed shut and key thrown away.

Comment: Interpretation is the mother of invention, a seemingly limitless exercise in prognosis and justification. At this point, theories abound. The above aspects, hopefully, are still within the realm of possibility.


DISTURBING IMAGES: 'White Helmets' caught faking rescues and doctoring dead children in PR stunt to portray Assad as 'butcher'

White Helmets have been caught faking rescues and doctoring dead children.

The White Helmets are adored by western audiences, but loathed by those who have done their due diligence to recognized that the group is nothing more than ISIS in an NGO disguise.

Now a bombshell analysis from the Swedish NGO Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR) accuses the Syria Civil Defense (aka the White Helmets), of falsifying information about its "humanitarian work" in Syria.

According to Swedish human rights activists, so-called "rescue" procedures filmed in White Helmets propaganda videos, is a complete staged hoax.

The procedures in the video and photos below have been carefully analyzed to show that they were carried out on a dead child, who may have been killed by the White Helmets in order to film the footage.

Comment: See also: Zakharova: "A child is pretty much murdered under the camera lights" - Swedish doctors denounce White Helmets snuff films

This is beyond revolting.

Do you see now how low they are prepared to stoop to portray their 'dictator-du-jour' as evil incarnate?

From reports about babies being 'thrown out of incubators' by Saddam's soldiers back in 1990, Western 'psy-ops' now take dead babies and use them as props.

For all we know, they may even be kidnapping and killing them first.

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Joe Quinn on Press TV: US airstrikes weak response to defuse globalists' warmongering and relentless pressure on Trump

© Press TV / You Tube
US airstrikes in Syria on 7 April targeted an airbase in the western province of Homs. The US claims the attack was in response to a 'chemical attack' allegedly carried out by Syrian government forces in Idlib earlier this week. Damascus has rejected the allegations and called the US attack a blatant aggression, which makes the US "a partner of the terrorists." Washington's move could further escalate tensions in the war-ravaged country. Sott.net's Joe Quinn recently weighed in on PressTV...