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Sun, 18 Nov 2018
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'Medicane' Zorba slams into Greece, spawns tornadoes, flash-flooding

medicane zorba greece
The tropical-like cyclone or medicane has made landfall over Peloponnese peninsula, southern Greece this afternoon, September 29. Severe winds, torrential rainfall, flash floods and tornadoes have been reported.

Intense winds and large waves battered the coast of SW Peloponnese peninsula.

Peak sustained winds of up to at least 50 kt ( = 93 km/h), gusts certainly >100 km/h were recorded in today's 8:51 UTC overpass (just before landfall) ASCAT data from METOP-A satellite. Data: NOAA / NESDIS / Center for Satellite Applications and Research.
medicane greece
Torrential rainfall and flash flooding has been reported in parts of the Peloponnese peninsula. Local cumulatives of over 200 mm in just several hours were reported, we will have more precise data in upcoming reports.

As expected, tornadoes have also been reported.

Comment: If you're wondering what on Earth a hurricane is doing slamming into Greece in late summer, so are we!!!


As Barmy Bibi (again) points finger at Iran in UN speech, RT reports on Israel's 'nuclear research'

Benjamin Netanyahu
© Carlo Allegri / Reuters
Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
During his UN General Assembly (UNGA) speech, the Israeli PM was adamant that Tehran has secret nuclear sites. As Israel keeps playing the blame game, let's see if they have their own radioactive skeletons in the closet.

Using his cherished 'presentations,' Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came out with his new revelations on Thursday, showing aerial photographs of Iranian sites allegedly holding nuclear-related material. It did not take long for Tehran to fire back, saying Tel-Aviv is better to look at its own "undeclared nuclear weapons program."

While Israel has never admitted - notably, not denied as well - to possess military nukes, RT's Murad Gazdiev looks at whether Tel Aviv may really be not the right country to point its fingers at others.


James Steele: America's director of death squads in Iraq

james steele

James Steele, CIA butcher of Latin America and Iraq
The following 50 minute documentary provides clear evidence that, in the aftermath of the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, the US government, military and CIA organised death squads of up to 10,000 men for the purpose of sowing terror among the Iraqi population, in an effort to defeat the Iraqi resistance. Did they leave when most US troops left in 2011? Not likely...

Mr. Potato

Trump says he learned about Idlib from supporter at recent rally - and takes credit for stopping offensive

© N. KAMN/AFP | Video: EPV
Trump, during the Wednesday press conference.
U.S. President Donald Trump suggested on Wednesday he had never heard of the rebel-held Syrian region of Idlib under threat from Syrian government and Russian forces until a supporter brought it up at a recent rally about a month ago.

The United Nations says close to 3 million people live in the area, which also has thousands of Islamist fighters, and warned of a humanitarian catastrophe in the event of an offensive by government-backed forces that has been in the pipeline for several months.

A Russian-Turkish agreement last week staved off a threatened government attack by agreeing on the creation of a demilitarized zone between insurgent and government forces in the northwest.

Speaking at a news conference in New York, Trump took credit for convincing Russia, Iran and Syria to hold off on the attack after he warned them in a Sept. 4 Twitter post that they would be making a "grave humanitarian mistake to take part in this potential human tragedy."

Comment: So there you have it folks. President Donald '4D-Chess' Trump knew nothing about Idlib, but once he found out, he just posted a tweet, asked his people to not let it happen, and voilà - the offensive was cancelled. But no one will give him credit for that - what an unfair world we live in!

No, the cancellation (or rather, postponement) of the Idlib offensive had nothing to do with Turkey and Russia coming to an agreement in Sochi; just as ISIS being defeated had nothing to do with Russia, Iran and Syria fighting the real war on terror; and peace in the Korean Peninsula had nothing to do with the efforts of presidents Moon Jae-In and Kim Jong-un. It was The Donald all along! He has a very, very large brain!

It's safe to say at this point in US politics that if a US president doesn't automatically accept the 'deep state' running things, then they are literally locked out of foreign policy. Trump's foreign policy tweets and statements like the above just show that he has accepted this deal. This explains why he sounds increasingly crazy on foreign affairs. He really does have no idea what's going on at specific fronts on the empire's 'frontier', and he couldn't care less.

So from now on, Trump is president of the United States, but not of US foreign policy, which he learns about after the fact like the rest of us.

Here is the full press conference that include the statements above (min 54):


Russia and the taming of the Israelis

Russian S-300 missile system
Russia's unexpected decision to supply Syria with S-300 surface-to-air missile systems and to integrate Syria's air defense within the Russian command calls for a quick reassessment of our views. It turned out that Russia is able to learn and respond in an unanticipated way. Yes, in the immediate aftermath of the Il-20 downing, the Russian reaction had been weak. The Russians agreed with Israelis that the plane had been hit by a Syrian S-200 missile. They provided the Israeli military with an opportunity to offer and defend their version of events, while Putin spoke of a "tragic chain of events", apparently exculpating his Israeli partner.

I must admit I had thought that the Russians would accept the Israeli explanations, and the case would rest. This was the view of pro-Kremlin writers and bloggers, and they often know the mind of the Russian authorities. These guys and gals do not get their instructions directly from the Kremlin, nor do they have a consistent view of Russian interests nor an opinion of their own; usually they try to guess what the Kremlin will do next and build a defense line for it. If you watch them, you'll get an idea of what the expectation.

They took a rather pro-Israeli line. Whoever called for a stronger response to the Israeli provocation, was called an "anti-Semite firebrand". This is not as deadly a marker in Russia as it is in the West, but it still is not a great compliment, either. Some pro-Kremlin writers blamed the Syrians; so did the liberal opposition to Putin. Julia Latynina, the pet Russian writer of Western liberals, a Putin nemesis, a recipient of the Defender of Freedom Award, with hundreds of references in the Guardian and the New York Times, called the Syrians - "apes". (The Russian anti-Putin liberals are racist beyond belief but they love Jews).

A pro-Kremlin English-language writer said that the Iranians (sic!) were to be blamed; perhaps they pushed the button and destroyed the Il. And Syrians surely were guilty as hell. He also ferociously attacked the experts who spoke of Israeli responsibility and called them "antisemites". The chief editors of the Russian semi-official media apparently thought Putin wanted to forget about the whole business of the downed Il-20 as fast as possible. They promptly erased it from their agenda. Incredibly, on the next day the Russian media was practically free from any reference to the disaster. Only the hard old men of the opposition grumbled in their marginal online journals: "We are lost," "Putin obeys his oligarchs," "The Jewish lobby in Moscow won", "Putin cares more of his Jewish friends than of the Russian soldiers". But they were premature.


Trump says China respects him because of his 'very, very large brain'

trump brain
US President Donald Trump has revealed why China has so much "respect" for him - drumroll, please - it's because of his "very, very large brain."

Trump made the audacious claim while discussing fraught US-China relations at a press conference in New York on Wednesday. The president declared that he likes China and believes the feeling is mutual before going on to explain why the nation's president, Xi Jinping, respects him.

"If you look at Mr Pillsbury, the leading authority on China... he was saying that China has total respect for Donald Trump and for Donald Trump's very, very large brain," Trump said, speaking of himself in the third person.

Comment: It's safe to say at this point in US politics that if a US president doesn't automatically accept the 'deep state' running things, then they are literally locked out of foreign policy. Trump's foreign policy tweets and statements like the above just show that he has accepted this deal. This explains why he sounds increasingly crazy on foreign affairs. He really does have no idea what's going on at specific fronts on the empire's 'frontier', and he couldn't care less.

So from now on, Trump is president of the United States, but not of US foreign policy, which he learns about after the fact like the rest of us.


Craig Murray: The beyond credible case of Boshirov and Petrov's visas

BoshirovPetrov storefront
© MailOnline
The Metropolitan Police made one statement in the Skripal case which is plainly untrue; they claimed not to know on what kind of visa Boshirov and Petrov were travelling. As they knew the passports they used, and had footage of them coming through the airport, that is impossible. The Border Force could tell them in 30 seconds flat.
NeilClark twit
© Screenshot
To get a UK visa Boshirov and Petrov would have had to attend the UK Visa Application Centre in Moscow. There not only would their photographs be taken, but their fingerprints would have been taken and, if in the last few years, their irises scanned. The Metropolitan Police would naturally have obtained their fingerprints from the Visa Application.

One thing of which we can be certain is that their fingerprints are not on the perfume bottle or packaging found in Charlie Rowley's home. We can be certain of that because no charges have been brought against the two in relation to the death of Dawn Sturgess, and we know the police have their fingerprints. The fact of there being no credible evidence, according to either the Metropolitan Police or the Crown Prosecution Service, to link them to the Amesbury poisoning, has profound implications.

Comment: See also:


Syria to get powerful Russian S-300 system - 'Steps everyone will notice'

Sergei Shoigu
On September 22, Robert Bridge wrote about how an Israeli incursion into Syria that ended with the downing of a Russian IL-20 plane and fifteen crewmen was an incident that the Russian Federation's Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said: "The actions of the Israeli military were not in keeping with the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership, so we reserve the right to respond."

And the Israelis are concerned, as they should be. After what they did, and their subsequent blame game, trying to pin the responsibility for this incident on the Syrian forces (which are backed by Russia), now the payback has arrived.

Comment: Shoigu's statement:

See also:


America's history of chemical weapons use and complicity in war crimes

nikki haley

Before pointing the finger at Russia and Syria, the U.S. should answer for its own record
The world is once again witnessing the height of U.S. hypocrisy as members of the U.S. State Department ratchet up anti-Russian and anti-Syrian rhetoric surrounding the use of chemical weapons in Syria and the UK. Ambassador Nikki Haley has warned Syria, Iran and Russia that they will be held accountable for their pre-determined use of chemical weapons in Idlib on innocent civilians. No evidence was provided to support her threats. The United States carried out cruise missile strikes on two previous occasions, and each time provided no evidence to prove their assertion that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in attacking civilians, nor was any rational reason given for such an obviously irrational decision on the part of the Syrian state. No evidence has ever been provided to justify the clear international crime of aggression committed by the United States on these two earlier occasions. Now, the UK and the U.S. are both attempting to accuse the Russian government of using chemical weapons in an alleged attempted assassination of a Russian national on UK soil. Once again, no real evidence has been presented, only assertions and hearsay.

On Thursday September 13th, Assistant Secretary of State Manisha Singh declared before the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee that the United States would level the most severe of sanctions against Russia, including breaking all diplomatic ties, if Russia refused to admit its guilt in perpetrating the Skripal assassination fiasco and refused to submit to International inspections by the OPCW of its alleged chemical weapons and biological weapons programs. She stated that Russia would have to meet this requirement by an arbitrary November 4th deadline, set by the United States in accordance with a U.S. law, not an international law. H.R. 1724 - Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991 specifies in part:

Comment: See also: American forces guilty of genocide in the Korean War according to 1952 IADL report

Russian Flag

Russian MOD's full video report on IL-20 downing off Syrian coast: Israel culpable

syria map

Map of the incident on September 17 in Syria provided by the Russian defense ministry.
A minute-by-minute account of the Il-20 downing shows Israel's culpability and either its military bosses' lack of appreciation of relations with Moscow, or their control of commanding officers, the Russian defense ministry said.

"We believe that the blame for the Russian Il-20 aircraft tragedy lies entirely with the Israeli Air Force," said spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov, before revealing a detailed account of events leading to the downing of the Russian Il-20 military aircraft on September 17. The plane was shot down by the Syrian air defense units as Israeli's F-16s effectively used it as a cover during the attack on its neighbor.

The report featured previously undisclosed radar data and details of communications between Russian and Israeli militaries, and concluded that "the military leadership of Israel either has no appreciation for the level of relations with Russia, or has no control over individual commands or commanding officers who understood that their actions would lead to tragedy."

On the evening of September 17, the Russian Ilyushin IL-20 with 15 crew on board was circling over the Idlib de-escalation zone on a special reconnaissance mission, when four Israeli F-16 fighter jets left their country's airspace and flew over the neutral Mediterranean waters towards the Syrian coast. The Israeli Air Force gave the Russian side less than a minute's warning before dropping the precision-guided glide bombs, leaving virtually no time for any safety maneuvers, Konashenkov said, calling such actions "a clear violation of the 2015 Russian-Israeli agreements."

Comment: Not only is Israel responsible, they tried to blame Assad, Hezbollah AND Iran for their own criminal actions. And then the IDF lied, saying the jets weren't even in the region when the Il-20 was downed:

Liars, thieves, criminals: that's the IDF and Israeli leadership.