Eat Ze Bugs
Well, now we know how they are going to get us to eat ze bugs - and (they hope) take the drugs. They are going to use the excuse of "containing" the bird flu to kill the birds - chickens - and cattle, too. In this way, they'll have succeeded in reducing the "emissions" of carbon dioxide emanating from the animals we eat - without having to convince us to stop eating meat.

John Kerry
There just won't be any to eat.

Not for us, that is. The "elite" - as the agglutinators of power who like to use it to control others like to think of themselves - will have all they can eat. Just the same as they have and will continue to have private jets and 10,000 square-foot homes with thousands-of-gallons of liquid hydrocarbon fuels on hand to power their homes and keep their meat cool in the Viking 'fridges they've got that most of us can't afford - and cook their meat on gas ranges they've decided we're not going to be allowed to have.

Nikola Tesla
Evil can be ingenious. Or at least, devilishly clever. It's an important distinction. The ingenious invent things that change things for the better; Nikola Tesla is an example of an ingenious man. Elon Musk is an example of a clever man. He knows how to game the system - using Tesla's name. Tesla understood alternating current and developed practical uses for it it that included literally lighting up the world.

The next clever thing is the same old thing - again. Another "pandemic" - only this time one that requires killing-off poultry flocks and cattle herds rather than staying six feet apart and wearing "masks" to "stop the spread" - though no doubt those things will be back again, too. They are necessary props for the success of the theater. There will be "testing" - so as to generate "cases" - which will be used to impose "masking" - all the rest of it, again.

Just in time for the almost-here-selection, again.

Climate Change Contributors
But the pending "pandemic" - already here, actually; the "spread" having already started - will serve the additional purpose that's been stymied thus far of getting most of us to stop eating meat and start eating ze bugs. The "elite" have tried to get us to eat them voluntarily; that hasn't been working. They have tried guilting us to eat them, telling us that eating meat results in "emissions" - of a piece with the tactics they've been using (successfully) to drive the car out of the showroom in favor of the device.

But it's been much harder to get people to give up chicken and beef (and milk and cheese and everything else that's made using milk). People like eating meat - and most do not like the idea of giving it up for a plate of crickets or a smoothie made of liquified maggots. There is also the problem of people who do not need stores to get meat - or milk. Or eggs. These people are a big problem for the "elites" because they are far less controllable. People who are not starving being harder to control.

The bird flu/cow pox - or whatever they'll eventually decide to call it - will solve that problem by turning it into a "public health" problem. Of a piece with way - last time - small businesses were put out of business so that big businesses that were allowed to stay open, so as to agglutinate into the coffers of big business the money that had kept small businesses open. And to drive independent small business owners into dependent employees of the big businesses
Chief Psycho
many of them ended up having to go to work for, after their small businesses were put out of business.

The "elites" will no longer have to rely on no-long-selling claptrap about the "climate changing" because cows are farting. They will instead say people are dying - or going to - if "we" (meaning they) don't "do something" to "stop the spread" (again). And - the scary part - they just might actually die this time.

You have probably heard them say so. The new "pandemic" - they tell us - will be much worse than the last one; in which case it might actually be a pandemic. And people would be scared. And scared people are much easier to control, as H.L. Mencken observed more than a century ago.

Much more receptive, too, to a cricket cracker slathered with maggot spread. Especially when that's all there is left to eat.