US and the Fourth Reich
This week marked the 78th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in May 1945. While the evil Third Reich was vanquished, a deeper monster had not been slain. Nazi Germany was only one version of Western imperialist fascism, a force that reemerged postwar in full strength in the form of the United States of America and its various Western clients.

It is not hyperbole to describe Washington and its Western satellites as the Fourth Reich.

The ad hoc wartime alliance between the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain and other Western allies would promptly give way to the Cold War, even as the ashes of the most destructive war in history were still smoldering. It is staggering to contemplate the deviousness here.

This reconfiguring of Western militarism explains why the United Nations established in 1945 was immediately made a mockery of by the U.S.-led Western powers and the NATO axis formed in 1949 with countless foreign wars of aggression, from the Korean War (1950s) right up to the present war in Ukraine.

The origins of the Cold War in 1945 and of today's confrontation in Ukraine can be traced to the secret relations between the Americans and British and the Nazi Reich at World War Two's end.

Redeploying Nazi War Machine

Declassified American archives, among other sources, attest to the recruitment of tens of thousands of Nazis, SS officers and their murderous collaborators by the United States and Britain. The largely unspoken objective was to redeploy the remnants of the Third Reich's war machine against the Soviet Union.

Ukrainian fascists who had actively participated in the Nazi Final Solution killing millions of Slavic people were recruited by the Western powers to fight a proxy war behind Soviet lines. Mass murderers like Stepan Bandera and Mykola Lebed were protected by the American and British intelligence agencies to continue their nefarious work. Former Nazi spy chief Major General Reinhard Gehlen was assigned to coordinate Ukrainian and Baltic Nazi guerrillas to wage a covert war against the Soviet Union. These are but a few names in a whole clandestine army of agents and paramilitaries deployed by the West across Europe in the decades following World War Two. Many of them were trained in the United States for their commando, terrorist missions to sabotage Soviet societies.

American intelligence chiefs in the wartime Office of Strategic Services (OSS), such as Allen Dulles and James Jesus Angleton, knowingly recruited Nazis in Europe to pursue the anticipated next war against the Soviet Union. Ratlines were created to ensure that Nazi war criminals would evade prosecution and the Western intelligence services not only redeployed thousands of Nazi personnel, they secured lucrative gold and other loot that the Third Reich had amassed during its reign of terror. This dark money would fund covert operations carried out by the U.S. around the world for decades to come, as David Talbot documented in his book, The Devil's Chessboard. See also Christopher Simpson's seminal study, The Splendid Blond Beast.

Here is a merely sample list of CIA coups and subterfuges around the world that connect to the World War Two treachery with Nazis: Italy (1948), Syria (1949), Iran (1953), Guatemala (1954), Congo (1960), Cuba (1961), Dominican Republic (1961), Brazil (1964), Indonesia (1965), and Chile (1973). These are not isolated events or dates. They are a sequence in an American imperialist tapestry of worldwide aggression. And one can continue adding to the list up to Ukraine today.

Wartime Alliance Expedient for Ridding Nazi Rival

A good question is why the Western powers even bothered to form a wartime alliance with the Soviet Union to defeat the Hitler regime? After all, the U.S. and British ruling class and financial elite had been instrumental in building up the Nazi war machine during the 1930s for the purpose of defeating the Soviet Union and communism generally. No doubt, the wartime pact was an expedient arrangement for the West to get rid of the German Reich which had mutated to become an awkward imperial rival. There were also some Western leaders such as President Franklin D Roosevelt who were genuinely opposed to fascism, and who indeed was in danger of being toppled by domestic fascist factions within the establishment.

The postwar treachery of the Western wartime allies went far beyond the recruitment of Nazi personnel. Factions within the Western ruling establishment were actively considering the use of the newly developed atomic bomb against the Soviet Union. General Leslie Groves who oversaw the Manhattan Project openly told Pentagon scientists that the real target of the bomb was Moscow, not Nazi Germany as earlier advertised. There were also actual drawn-up plans such as Operation Unthinkable and Operation Drop Shot for preemptively striking the Soviet Union before it developed its own atomic weapon.

Thus, despite Western media and academic distortions and Hollywood glamorizing, the Cold War can be rightly seen as the continuation of the Second World War. The stealth plans to preemptively hit Moscow with nuclear weapons went hand in hand with on-the-ground deployment of Nazi foot-soldiers across Europe. The Soviet Union which lost at least 27 million people in what it calls the Great Patriotic War was of course aware of the impending Western treachery. Moscow saw how so-called wartime allies were cutting deals with Nazis and violating agreements to hand over war criminals. The Cold War was perhaps the greatest betrayal by the Western powers and an indelible sign of their depth of duplicity and relentless belligerence.

Western Elites Criminalizing Victory Day

Nearly eight decades on, across Europe this week was the occasion of surreal events. Russia held its annual Victory Day parade against Nazi Germany with the traditional pomp and ceremony, while in Western states there were no major official commemorations. The European elite like European Commission President - and Nazi scion - Ursula von der Leyen prefer to celebrate the newly fashioned "Europe Day" and ignore Victory Day. Indeed, they are going further and criminalizing those who celebrate Victory Day.

How weird is that? Well, only perhaps weird given the Western mainstream falsifying accounts and omissions about World War Two. But not weird for those who understand the deeper imperial intrigues of that war and its sinister aftermath.

Indeed, several events organized by citizens in European states to commemorate Victory Day were blocked by authorities. Police in Germany, the Baltics and other European states banned citizens from displaying Soviet flags at war memorials to honor the victory of the Red Army in Berlin. Yet, in these countries, supporters of Ukrainian fascists were permitted to wave their flags and harass members of the public who wanted to pay homage to the Red Army and mark the defeat of Nazism.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address at the Red Square parade correctly noted that an undeclared war is being waged once again against Russia. It is truly astounding that this is happening within living memory of the horrors of WWII. To any rational, moral person this may seem shockingly depraved. But if the nature of the imperialist, fascist beast is properly understood then one can readily appreciate that the beast must be fed with blood and flesh. It is uncontrollable, until it is slain.

Ukraine Battlefield in Bigger War

The conflict in Ukraine is but a battlefield in a bigger war between the U.S.-led NATO military axis and Russia. The world, as Putin noted, is at another historic juncture of existential implications for the future of the planet and life on Earth.

This week saw yet more weapons being supplied to the Kiev regime by the NATO powers. The U.S. committed another $1.2 billion in arms (on top of an already dispatched $30-50 billion over the past year); Britain announced the supply of long-range cruise missiles capable of striking deep into Russian territory; while Germany's top military commander General Carsten Breuer inspected Ukrainian troops and gave assessments about an anticipated counteroffensive. The entire NATO axis is de facto at war against Russia. This is no longer a proxy war and it is heading inexorably to an all-out war. The danger of a nuclear conflagration has never been so perilous, comparable to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Make no mistake, the abysmal situation has been created by Washington and its Western clients from their refusal of diplomacy and dialogue on Moscow's proposed security accords.

The odious Kiev regime, which came to power in a CIA-backed violent coup in 2014, every week honors some Nazi figure or another from the past by renaming streets in their memory. The regime was purposed in 2014 to develop as a catspaw against Russia with NATO weapons and military trainers, as NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg disclosed again this week in a media interview.

The Americans and British recruited the Third Reich remnants at the end of World War Two because within the ranks of the Western ruling establishment were numerous fascists or "exceptionalists" who believe in a divine right of American superiority and world dominance. This is a mindset that has become endemic in Washington. The American OSS which went on to become the CIA in 1947 under the orders of President Harry Truman (the atomic bomber of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) was the embodiment of American fascism along with the Pentagon's military-industrial complex (MIC). The CIA, the MIC, Wall Street banks and the corporate elite of American capitalism represent the deep state or corporatist state that is fascism. The electoral process is but a fig leaf of "democracy". The same can be said for most Western states and their phoney elections. The real power resides in an unelected oligarchy. In short, the Western states are inherently fascist with a veneer of democracy, like lipstick on a pig.

The CIA would use its acquired Nazi expertise along with the British to terrorize the world with assassinations, coups and wars in the subsequent decades of the Cold War. The fascist American elite even assassinated one of its own presidents, John F Kennedy, on November 22, 1963, owing to his growing peaceful intentions with the Soviet Union and his refusal to countenance a preemptive nuclear attack on Moscow, as General Curtis LeMay and other Pentagon chiefs were demanding.

Why Supposed End of Cold War Brought No Peace

This decades-long continuity in fascist history explains why the supposed end of the Cold War in 1991, more than three decades ago following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, did not lead to greater peace and security in international relations.

The fascist Western powers led primarily by the U.S. ruling elite cannot be at peace with the rest of the world because their system of capitalist imperialism is predicated on total hegemony and dominance. That fundamental condition of inequality in human relations must be underpinned by militarism, aggression, state terrorism and war.

Nazi Germany's defeat in 1945 has proven to be only a pause in a longer historical struggle against fascism. We are seeing that struggle playing out in Ukraine, and with Washington's madcap psychopathic aggression toward Russia, China, Iran, and any other nation that does bow down in subservience to its dictates.

No wonder the Western elites do not even pretend now to celebrate Victory Day. It means nothing to them. They betrayed not only the Russian people but millions of Western citizens who also gave their lives in sacrifice to defeat Nazi fascism.