More than 25,000 lightning strikes were recorded in France over the past day, according to the French storm and thunderbolt observatory on Sunday.

Massive lightning strikes occurred during the stormy weather conditions that started Friday afternoon, Keraunos said on Twitter.

With more than 25,000 strikes in 25 hours, France saw an average of 1,041 lightning strikes per hour.

A total of 69 departments are on yellow alert for the risk of thunderstorms in the country, according to media reports.

Meanwhile, heavy hailstorms were recorded in eastern France amid stormy weather.

Recently, the French meteorological authority warned of severe storms and heavy downpour in many regions.

Despite recent rainy weather, France is among European countries with the driest period.

On Feb. 21, the weather service said France had recorded its driest spell of 31 days without significant rainfall.

The previous record for a winter dry spell in the country was 22 days in 1989.