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The 'Covid Origins Story' reemerged recently with FBI Director Christopher Wray stating that the pandemic "most likely" stemmed from a "lab incident" in Wuhan, China. This energized Republicans' Covid probes, resulting in unanimous Congressional support for "publishing all government files on Covid's origins."

If such happens, you can bet that all resulting "revelations" will be "dynamically shaped" to smear China. Together with "Balloon-gate," this is grist to the mill of "containing China," something President Xi of China this week, for the first time, explicitly stated is the US' "grand geopolitical strategy" for thwarting China's rise.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has brokered a tentative peace agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, something the US had nothing to do with, and which signals diminishing American influence in the Middle East, the "energy spigot" of the whole world...

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