Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
An Idaho family was lucky to escape an attack by an angry moose while they were out on their snowmobiles in the Palisades, east of Idaho Falls.

Jeremiah Bigelow posted the incident on his Instagram account, describing how the moose came between him and his brother, who was ahead of him, on the trail they were riding. The moose initially charged Jeremiah, who had his son and other friends behind him. Jeremiah quickly put his snowmobile in reverse but got stuck as his son's snowmobile did not have a reverse gear.

Jeremiah's brother realized that Jeremiah was stuck and tried to draw the moose's attention away from the group, thinking he could quickly speed away. But right as he jumps back on the snowmobile, it dies, and he is forced to dive to his safety, narrowly avoiding the charging moose.

The moose is seen stumbling and falling, but Jeremiah confirms seeing the same moose later, unharmed and walking. Bigelow admits they clearly reacted wrong and should have given the moose more space instead.

Moose can become very dangerous when agitated and have been known to charge at people when they feel threatened. An adult moose can weigh between 800 to 1,200 pounds and can be very dangerous. Due to the deep snowfall this winter, moose have increasingly migrated into lower-elevation areas to look for food.