Floods in Amambay, Paraguay
© SEN Paraguay
Floods in Amambay, Paraguay after the overflow of the Aquidabán river, February 2023.
Overflowing rivers in the department of Amambay in northeastern Paraguay have damaged roads and bridges and affected 700 indigenous families in the area.

Paraguya's National Emergency Secretariat (SEN) said the Aquidabán river in Amambay Department broke its banks on 16 February. Several people had to be rescued by helicopter. Photos shared by SEN showed floodwater up to roof height. The flooding caused significant material damage and many residents have lost all their belongings, local media reported.

SEN are carrying out rescue and relief operations, delivering humanitarian aid including mattresses and food to the affected communities using helicopters, trucks and boats.

Paraguay's Ministry of Public Works and Communications reported multiple bridges and roads have been damaged or destroyed, leaving many communities isolated.

The Aquidabán River flows east-to-west to eventually merge into the Paraguay River just north of Concepción.