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CRH2 China Railways High-speed bullet train as it arrives from Hangzhou, at the Shanghai South Railway Station.
In George Orwell's book 1984, the people are forced to watch a short propaganda movie - like a news documentary - every day. It's called the Two Minutes of Hate. This is exactly what the US does to its geopolitical rivals like Russia and China. While the West's Russophobia of the last decade had a simple goal — to prepare Americans and Europeans for a war against Russia, the disinformation campaign against China is more complex. Here are the six reasons behind America's persistent Yellow Peril propaganda.

Prevent Western Voters' Anger

For the last two decades, vast majority of Americans and Europeans have been facing stagnation in their living standards. The median wage of the American worker has been flat since the 1970s! Almost all European countries have been stuck in a flat line since the 2008 financial crisis.

china productivity
Meanwhile, the "disposable" income — wages after all taxes — have been growing exponentially in China.
China income
And Chinese have decent universal healthcare, (practically) free college, world-class public transportation, clean and safe cities, 40,000km of bullet trains and so on.
china infrastructure
The biggest fear of Western elites is for their voters to ask, "Hey, wait, why can't we have nice things like the Chinese?"

Thus, the best way to avoid this embarrassment is constant anti-China propaganda. It's also quite successful. On social media, you can see people bring up illogical anti-China talking points every time there's a positive fact about China. For example: A photo of a beautiful metro in China will have comments like "Made with slave labor" or "It's going to fall apart soon."

Brainwashing successful!

Discourage Investors and Countries

There are plenty of articles, fake experts (like Peter Zeihan), and sensational YouTube videos about the impending collapse of China's economy. First, they serve the purpose mentioned earlier.

Second, this serves to discourage investors and other countries from investing in China, whether it's buying Chinese bonds/stocks or directing FDI or signing up for infrastructure projects or strategic relations with China.

Obviously, this is not working so well, since 147 countries have signed up for China's Belt and Road Initiative; and as recently UBS' Chief said, "Global bankers are bullish on China. We don't read mainstream media!"

Justify all Immoral and Illegal Activities

America is losing to China in every way possible. Since the US has lost the ability to compete, it has to resort to the "Tonya Harding Strategy" of bashing the kneecap. Thus, the US has placed sanctions on 500+ Chinese tech companies. The US coerces other countries to reject Huawei 5G telecom infrastructure; tells Europe to decouple from China; and even successfully stopped the sale of a small semiconductor German company to China. Such illegal, immoral, anti-capitalist, anti-free market actions can be totally justified if China is portrayed as evil.

Turn Muslims Against China

China is surrounded by many Muslim countries; and China's Silk Road trains go through many Islamic countries. This is why the US endlessly cries crocodile tears about Uyghurs. The goal was to turn the public sentiments in Muslim countries against China. Furthermore, the US can also fund/arm Islamist terrorists against China — like in Pakistan to disrupt the Gwadar seaport built under China's CPEC. Once the public is deeply convinced about China's "genocide," they will view terrorist attacks as justifiable retaliation.

However, this grand plan seems to have failed for the most part. The Organization for Islamic Council (OIC) has consistently supported China. Muslim countries even have Chinese-built infrastructure projects on their currencies!
china infrastructure
And Xi Jinping is in Saudi Arabia this week for an extraordinary and first-ever China-Arab Summit, which will signify an epic change in Middle East geopolitics.

Try Color Revolution

This is America's specialty. From the Tiananmen Square protests to Hong Kong and even the recent anti-COVID lockdown protests, American/European hands have always been the puppet masters to various degrees. The endless anti-CCP/CPC propaganda can always convince some Chinese people to become "freedom icons" and enjoy celebrity status in America. There's also a lot of money to be made for the few lucky leaders of the color revolutions.
taiwan pelosi
China Model is Dangerous of Western Corporatism

The West is controlled and run by banks and corporations. All the politicians are puppets who are bought and paid-for by lobbyists and their corporate masters. In China, the table is turned — the government controls the corporations. This is the core reason and cornerstone of US-China conflict.


The USA and the EU theoretically have freedom, democracy and free-market capitalism. In reality, they have oligarchy, predatory corporatism, neo-feudal economic system, fake elections, and extraordinary (but clever) censorship. This is why their economies are stagnant, the middle class is shrinking, and 75% of Americans and Europeans are saying that their country is moving in the wrong direction.

In 2005, the GDP of China, UK and France were about the same. Then China's economy grew staggering 7-fold, while the British and French economies stayed flat. However, the Europeans are subjected to constant shock-and-awe traumas — financial crisis, COVID, war with Russia, and de-industrialization — and thus are distracted from critical analysis of what's being done to them.
How about the US/EU elites fix their own broken system rather than endlessly demonizing China?
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