joe biden extremist speech
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More than 70% of Democrats said it is "acceptable messaging" to brand Trump supporters as violent extremists.

A poll of Americans voters has found that a majority believe that Joe Biden's 'battle for the soul of the nation' speech, during which he was bathed in blood red light and flanked by marines, was purposefully designed to "incite conflict."

The survey, conducted by pollster Trafalgar Group for the conservative group Convention of States Action, found that overall close to 57% of Americans believe the speech constituted a "dangerous escalation in rhetoric."

Further highlighting the polarisation in U.S. politics, over 89% of Republicans and 62% of independents feel the speech was designed to incite conflict, while only 18.7% of Democrats said the messaging is divisive.

More than 70% of Democrats said it is "acceptable" for the Biden to brand "MAGA Republicans" as "an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic."

Mark Meckler, President of the Convention of States commented "These numbers reveal that most voters were sickened and deeply disturbed by what they saw last week. When you couple this finding with previous polling we did indicating a majority of voters also hold President Biden responsible for America's divisions — it's clear that the man who promised to unite the nation has become the most divisive President in American history,"

"When voters tell you they think that the prepared remarks of a sitting President of the United States is a dangerous escalation and was designed to incite conflict, we are living in terrifying times," Meckler continued, adding "Perhaps even more terrifying is the fact that a huge majority of Democrats think this was just a routine, election year stump speech."

Breitbart News reports that the speech was at least in part written by Jon Meacham, a former national affairs editor at Newsweek, who previously attacked Trump supporters as having primitive "lizard brains," and has espoused the virtues of far left ideologies including critical race theory and The 1619 Project.

The findings come as more than a dozen former Defense Secretaries and Joint Chiefs Chairmen penned an open letter warning of a "challenging civil-military environment" following Biden's hell speech in front of the marines.

"There are significant limits on the public role of military personnel in partisan politics, as outlined in longstanding Defense Department policy and regulations," the letter states, adding "Members of the military accept limits on the public expression of their private views — limits that would be unconstitutional if imposed on other citizens. Military and civilian leaders must be diligent about keeping the military separate from partisan political activity."

The fallout of Biden's speech, and his "semi fascist" comments from the previous week, has transferred to the leftist media where announcements of the beginning of a civil war are now routine: