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CNN and many other outlets now reporting on air and in print, that Pelosi does plan to visit Taiwan despite her itinerary and the threats from the Chinese Military. CNN claims are basing this off of one Taiwanese government official claiming she has "sources". And CNN claim they have verified it with an unnamed "senior US government official familiar with the matter".

Why would Pelosi, and the Office of the Speaker of the House, lie about the itinerary? It's not like she's going to sneak into Taiwan without the Chinese military finding out. What does she benefit from lying? I don't see how she does.

If Pelosi truly is going, and she is attempting to mask her travel there, wouldn't Taiwan attempt to assist her in keeping her movement incognito? If Taiwan and Pelosi are on the same team, why would Taiwanese government officials expose Nancy's plan? I don't see how Taiwan would gain from leaking this. If she is visiting, and they wanted the word out, why wouldn't they announce it officially?

The only party involved who I could see benefiting from reporting on these unnamed sources, would be the left-wing media and their Deep State overlords who would significantly benefit from China and the US initiating kinetic warfare. And when CNN uses the language "senior US official familiar with the matter"... history tells me those reports are fake news. And the fact the left-wing media are so eager to report on these unsubstantiated "sources", tells me it supports their narrative, otherwise they wouldn't talk about it. Meaning they WANT Pelosi to go to Taiwan, therefore they want WW3.

The only scenario I see that makes sense, is the media are pushing this narrative to try and coax the Chinese into striking Pelosi's plane in an attempt to cause a distraction via WW3, and derail the upcoming red wave in the midterms.

Flight Path Pelosi
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Makes sense for the Deep State. Nancy is 82. She can barely complete a sentence. She's not getting re-elected. If she does, she won't be Speaker. She's done. They have no use for her anymore. So the Deep State send her over to Asia, use media reporting to coerce China to strike her plane while she's touring, global war begins, and they use emergency/wartime powers to prevent midterms and the return of Trump. That's what it appears they are attempting here.

It also makes a lot of sense given Pelosi's flight path. In order to go from Malaysia/Singapore to South Korea/Japan, they would need to fly DIRECTLY over Taiwan. It's almost like the Deep State are offering Pelosi as a sacrifice and dangling the bait in China's face. They are BEGGING China to shoot her down.

One "emergency" on the plane, and Pelosi would be forced to land on Taiwan en route to South Korea/Japan. This would be considered an act of war by China. And given the Deep State's track record of fabricating "emergencies" that benefit them, I don't see why they wouldn't use the same playbook in this situation. They create bioweapons, unleash them on the world populace killing millions, just so they can abuse emergency powers for political gain. So I'd say this is well within the range of possibility.

It's still too early to see the entire picture, but one thing is for certain; the left-wing media are eagerly instigating war between the US and China, and are more than willing to sacrifice Pelosi to do so.