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With people being at the point now that they've all but forgotten about Covid (except for Canada), the puppet masters are, no doubt, looking for the next big pandemic they can inflict upon humanity to make us all cower in fear in our homes, unnecessarily disinfect every square inch of our existence, throw muzzles on our faces and isolate ourselves from our loved ones for two years. But which disease will they choose?

While monkeypox is grabbing all the headlines at the moment, it seems unlikely it has the strength or virulence to truly take us down the pandemic path. What about bird flu? With flocks being culled across Europe and the US, all that would be needed is a little species jump to get a pandemic really going! And would you look at that - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has already bought and paid for research that helped that jump along (and they threw in a dash of the 1918 Spanish flu virus just for good measure!)

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health for our pre-game analysis on the inevitable next pandemic. Which disease will reign supreme?

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