"A common theme [of the book] is the CIA's ability to deceive and propagandize the American public through its impenetrable government-sanctioned shield of official secrecy and plausible deniability.

Book Description, Douglas Valentine, "The CIA As Organized Crime"
The CIA As Organized Crime
Valentine's book, The CIA As Organized Crime, was published November 28, 2016. This author is a serious journalist who started investigating the agency when "when [then-] CIA Director William Colby gave him free access to interview CIA officials who had been involved in various aspects of the Phoenix program in South Vietnam."

This is not the work of a conspiracy theorist or part-time hobbyist speculating about Ukraine. Valentine is not only a published author, but a serious and respected researcher. Parts of his work, per the book description, "are archived at Texas Tech University's Vietnam Center, at John Jay College, and at the National Security Archive, in both a Vietnam Collection and a separate Drug Enforcement Collection."

With that background, here are some highlights from this interview segment with Valentine concerning the CIA's corrupt takeover of Ukraine. Once you understand that they have done this, and that they use the media to legitimize their crimes, you also understand that the current conflict and the unnecessary suffering of millions of Ukrainians was directly caused by the CIA and should immediately be brought to a halt by the United States.

More broadly, Valentine's research into historical context is extremely useful in understanding the demonization of Russia, the latitude given to far-right violent militias in Ukraine, and perhaps most importantly, the fact that "Ukraine" is really a front for a lawless, greedy and out-of-control CIA operating in a manner detached from the interests of American citizens themselves, and they're doing it for money not nationalism, with the active collusion of the media.
  1. Post-World War II the Soviet Union became a reason for the U.S. to hire Nazis. They worked on a number of projects.
  2. Nazi military intelligence officer Reinhard Gehlen was hired to spy on the Soviet Union. He headed Eastern European efforts for the CIA in this regard. He used the same people as in World War II to do the spying, except now they worked for the U.S. His area of operations included Ukraine.
  3. What this means is that "the CIA has been developing fascist assets in the Ukraine for 70 years." The focus of these individuals is to take Russia down.
  4. "Sleeper agents have been in place for decades and they're all working against Russia which is why nowadays it's so hard for the mainstream media and the government to shift and even consider for a moment having good relations with with Russia."
  5. The purpose of NATO is to subdue Russia and Ukraine is at the "cutting edge, vanguard of this effort."
  6. Thus the context for events in Ukraine is the CIA's decades-long work "to recruit Ukrainian politicians, Ukrainian businessmen who are sympathetic and compatible with Western American ideas and values and and interests of fighting against the Russians" [note from me: of course for the Gehlen Nazis, Russia as an implacable, dangerous enemy must continue to exist-otherwise they have no value as intelligence agents].
  7. The CIA has not only recruited Ukrainians but also provided "paramilitary training" and post-2014 revolution, "installed a pro-American, anti-Russian government"
  8. In addition, the CIA "already had had security services and military people in place who were able to create private militias that would then work against individuals in the Ukraine who were pro-Russian."
  9. "The United States occupies Ukraine, its government...an occupation government that's supported and funded and directed by the United States, and the businessmen and the military people and the politicians that support the Americans benefit and those who don't are put on hit lists and they're targeted and and that's basically the history and the summary of what's going on in the Ukraine."
  10. "The CIA through its agent operations which have been in place for 70 years is at the vanguard of that operation...also to steal Ukraine's...natural resources."
  11. "I mean it's it's capitalism, it's...American nationalists who [are] businessmen. I mean as soon as the CIA arranged that coup and installed a pro-American government, Joe Biden's son became the head of one of the biggest oil companies, I think it was, in the Ukraine." [Indeed, the younger Biden joined Burisma in 2014.]
  12. "American businessmen just swooped down like vultures to take over...like Mafia dons and mafia gangsters, that they could steal everything from, and and that's exactly what they're doing and especially in eastern Ukraine where a lot of the natural resource industries are based."
  13. "The CIA through its assets in private industry is trying to bring all those people who are considered compatible into the American fold... blackmailing people, extorting people....using its underworld context to squeeze these people and to force them out of business and to make life miserable for them so that they give up their associations with Russians and Russian businessmen. That's what's going on at the very basic level."
  14. "Militias are being formed to terrorize anybody who's supporting Russia...like in Donbass and places like that...just read the books to see how the the CIA has relationships with the security services in Ukraine and as soon as the coup was launched it took over control of those security services and it started drawing of the hit lists of targeting people that it could go after."
  15. "It's targeting the people...sitting on natural resources that American businessmen want. It's not going after, you know, plumbers and carpenters. It's going after major businessmen. And that's what the CIA does. It paves the way for American business interests by using illegal methods...to install politicians in the Ukraine that will follow the American line....that you don't know about...and that you're not told about by the media, which I should add, is well aware of what's going on but just doesn't tell you because it's good for their business."